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11 day

Jazz Guitar Improvisation 

  • 11 days of step-by-step video lessons covering triads, rhythms, patterns, arpeggios and much more.
  • One lesson per day, for 11 days
  • Lessons taught by Scandinavian Guitar sensation Mikko Karhula (that's him in the pic)
11 days of video coaching that will teach you a simple system for how to improvise on the guitar.
and the best bit....?

It's absolutely free...

The trainer for this series is no other than Finnish Guitar sensation Mikko Karhula. We wanted to bring our readers at zinginstruments something special. We think you're going to love this.

Here's Mikko in action playing Autumn Leaves (he's awesome)

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Ready to dive right in?

11 Days Jazz Guitar Bootcamp  - what you'll learn

Day 1: Learning The Blues

Duration: 35m

The foundation of all improvisation, we start with the blues. We cover how to play a 12 bar blues, the A minor pentatonic scales and some easy licks to get you started.

Day 3: Major Triads​

Duration: 30m

We study major triads in root, first, second and octave inversions and take a look at the classic I-IV-V chord jazz progression​.

Day 5: II-V in Major key​

Duration: 55m

II-V-I progression in seven major keys with an accompaniment example of jazz standard Satin Doll​.

Day 7: Guide Tones

Duration: 55m

What are Guide tones of II-V-I, examples of guide lines in different chord progressions and some examples of rhythmic guide lines.

Day 9: Four-chord arpeggios​

Duration: 45m

Four-chord arpeggios, chord progressions and playing solos with four-chord arpeggios.​

Day 11: Learning licks and pattern​s

Duration: 35m

Different jazz licks with analysis of scales and chord degrees.​ Wrapping it all up.

Day 2: First own improvisation

Duration: 30m

In Day 2 we cover rhythm patterns, melodic patterns, and how to choose notes the right notes to play over both.

Day 4: Minor Triads

Duration: 1h 30m

Minor triads in root, first, second and octave inversions​, with a look at Im-IVm-V7 in different keys and different positions.

Day 6: II-V in Minor key

Duration: 35m

II-V-I progression in seven minor keys​ with an accompaniment example of Alone Together​.

Day 8: Triad Arpeggios

Duration: 35m

Major and minor arpeggios​, Dm7, G7 and Cmaj7 chords showed with triads, plus Dm7-G7-Cmaj7 improvisation example using triads​​.

Day 10: Chord and Scale Relation​

Duration: 1h 35m

All chord degrees of diatonic key in C and F. All that was explained above in theory and one solo example​​