weezer cover

Top 14 Weezer Songs, Beloved Nerd-Rockers

After Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, heartbroken grunge fans needed a new hero. Enter Rivers Cuomo, the bespectacled loner whose band Weezer arrived a month later to fill the void with distortion-heavy, melodic guitar rock. Here’s our pick of their best tracks

Kurt Vile Cover

Top 12 Kurt Vile Songs, Folk-Infused Psych-Pop Maestro

From lo-fi, self-recorded CDs to masterfully produced, country-soaked guitar records, Kurt Vile has strolled his own meandering route towards the table of great American songwriters. We’re zoning out and honing in on a dozen picks from the master of folk-infused psych-pop

violent femmes vinyl

10 Best Violent Femmes Songs, Folk-Punk Pioneers

Capturing the fiery angst of teenage life, Violent Femmes write raucous rebel songs for the alienated, bashing out snotty, angry tales of love and lust. We’re unpacking the best picks from Milwaukee’s proudest antiheroes

Gorillaz vinyl

Virtual Brilliance – 13 Best Gorillaz Songs

Blending rap, electronica and funk with stunning hand-drawn characters, Gorillaz quickly rose from cult collaboration to global phenomenon. We’re taking a closer look at the world’s biggest virtual band

radiohead the bends vinyl

12 Best Radiohead Songs, Expansive Alt-Rockers

Built around Thom Yorke’s introspective, moody songwriting, genre-defining alt-rock band Radiohead have pushed the musical envelope over their remarkable career. Here we look at 12 of their finest compositions

pavement slanted and enchanted vinyl

10 Best Pavement Songs, Indie-Rock Veterans

Fronted by the charismatic Stephen Malkmus, Pavement are the champions of an indie-rock movement that emerged in ‘90s America and won the hearts of slackers everywhere. They effortlessly walked a tightrope between loose, shambolic guitar noise and country-tinged pop. We’ve picked 10 songs from their seminal discography

new order vinyl

12 Best New Order Songs

Merging synths with their post-punk roots to create pensive, poppy electronica, we take a closer look at some of New Order’s best songs

sonic youth vinyl

12 Best Sonic Youth Songs, New York’s Noise-Rock Pioneers

For 30 years, Sonic Youth were the champions of experimental rock music. Hailing from New York City, they flouted the rules of what it meant to be in a band, blazing a new trail on the back of the ‘70s punk explosion. Check out 12 jams from a catalog that birthed a thousand wannabees

modest mouse good news

12 Best Modest Mouse Songs, Warped Folk-Rock Stalwarts

Led by the prolific Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse have carved out a reputation as one of indie rock’s most reliable outfits, delivering a genre-bending fusion of folk, punk-pop, psyche and everything in between. We’ve put together a dozen of their best