11 Best Album Storage Options – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

It’s important that you choose the best album storage options for your collection. Vinyls can warp if not kept in upright storage away from sunlight - rendering them completely unusable and making it impossible to sell them on if you decide to reduce your collection.

They’re also pretty big, so you can’t just stick them in a small rack like you would with a CD collection. You’ll need a storage option that can handle the dimensions of an album.

And finally, you should consider how the album storage option you choose is going to fit into your existing decor. If you’ve got an ultra-modern studio, then having a rustic old wooden cabinet probably isn’t going to work that well. If you’re going to keep your record collection in your living room, then you might want something that can also hold your turntable too.

With all of this in mind, take a look at the broad collection of vinyl album storage options we’ve found. There’s something for everyone, so if it’s been impossible for you to find an option that works with your home your search should be over at last!

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At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 11 Best Album Storage Options On The Market

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11 Best Album Storage Options

1. Ikea Kallax

IKEA 202.758.85 Kallax Shelf

The Ikea Kallax is fairly ubiquitous. It’s one of the most popular vinyl storage options, as it has enough room for an album to stand upright in each of the cubes. It’s also very modular, and can be expanded as needed. The units come in various sizes, so you can start with as much or as little space as you need and work upwards from there if you buy more albums, or get rid of some of the units if you decide to have a clear out.

2. Line Phono Turntable Station

Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand + Vinyl Record Storage, Made in The USA - Carbon Colorway

The Line Phono Turntable Station has two shelves for up to 200 albums in total. It also has another two shelves that are perfect for placing your turntable and amplifier on. To help reduce vibrations and keep your turntable isolated, it has height adjustable steel and rubber feet.

3. Prepac Fremont Stacked 4-Bin Storage Cubby

Prepac Fremont Stacked 4-Bin Storage Cubby, Brown

The Prepac Fremont is better for storing singles rather than albums, as the opening size has a height of only 9.25”. Despite this, it’s pretty handy for albums too if you don’t fill it up all the way. They can be stacked on top of each other if you need to expand, and can be bought in various unit sizes.

4. Foremost 327606 Modular Open Cube Storage System

Foremost 327606 Modular Open Cube for Modular Storage System, Vinyl Storage, Bookcase, Black

Each cube is 15 x 15 x 15 inches, so it has plenty of room for every album. They fit perfectly in an office or home that has a modern aesthetic. They’re great for expanding collections, as you can easily stack them as needed. If you want something that fits with your existing wood furniture, the cubes are available in multiple finishes.

5. Sefour RS300 500 LP Vinyl Storage Unit

Sefour RS300 500 LP Vinyl Storage Unit Tobacco Walnut

Many album storage options require a lot of horizontal space. The RS300 goes for height rather than width, so it can better fit into a home where space is at a premium. It’s capable of holding up to 500 albums, and is very secure and sturdy.

6. Crosley Everett Media Console

Crosley Furniture Everett Media Console - Mahogany

Although Crosley are a bit of a joke when it comes to turntables and other quality equipment, their Everett Media Console is an excellent way to safely store all of your vinyl records. It has a bit of an old-fashioned look to it, like something from the 50’s or 60’s. The sliding cabinet doors make it easier for you to slot it into any nook you can find that’ll fit it, and it also has a concealed top compartment for your turntable to live in without being subject to the dust particles floating around your home.

7. Simpli Home Acadian Medium Storage Cabinet

Simpli Home Acadian Solid Wood Medium Storage Cabinet, Black

Available in plain black or tobacco brown, this is an elegant looking cabinet for album storage thanks to its glass panelled doors. It’s also available in five configurations, although only four of them are suitable for album storage. If you do use this, make sure that the front isn’t facing direct sunlight as this can warp your vinyls.

8. Nexera Elegance Curio Cabinet 200317

Elegance Curio Cabinet 200317 from Nexera, Espresso

Like the Simpli Home Acadian, this cabinet features glass doors that give it a nice look but also mean you need to keep it facing away from sunlight. There are three adjustable shelves in the top half, so you can easily store vinyls of any size. It also has a drawer that’s useful for keeping other equipment, like spare components for your turntable, cleaning supplies for your vinyls and more. Below this is another two shelves for even more album storage.

9. Asense 5-Tier Ladder Shelf

Asense Wood Bookcase ladder 5-Tier Ladder Shelf, White

This is also available in a 3-tier option, and you can choose between a dark brown/black and white colours.. It’s great if you like to keep your albums within easy access and on display for others to admire. It doesn’t look out of place in a home, studio or office either. Unfortunately, it’s not modular so you can’t expand as needed if you start with the 3-tier model.

10. KAIU Vinyl Record Storage

KAIU Vinyl Record Storage - Solid Wood with Crystal Clear Acrylic Holder - Premium Design, Perfect 12' LPs or 7' Singles Display Unit - Stores and Supports up to 50 Albums (Natural)

If you don’t have space for a free standing piece of furniture in your home, then the KAIU Vinyl Record Storage is perfect. It can hold up to 50 albums, and has a grooved surface to keep your albums standing neatly. It has a fairly odd look, but wouldn’t be out of place in most homes. It also makes it easier to display the album artwork through the minimalist design.

11. AlbumMount

Album Mount Vinyl Record Shelf Stand and Wall Mount, Invisible and Adjustable, 1 Pack

If you don’t even have the space for a KAIU Vinyl Record Storage, then the AlbumMount has you covered. Instead of relying on floor or desk space, the AlbumMount allows you to store your vinyls on the wall. This is perfect for prominently displaying your most treasured albums or decorating your home in a way that shows off your personal taste in music.

We hope you got something out of this roundup of best album storage options. If you've found a better alternative (or even a DIY option) let us know in the comments. 

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