Best Double Bass Drum Pedals – Buying Guide and Reviews

An often overlooked piece of hardware for drums are pedals – and yet without having the best double bass drum pedals you can find, you can unknowingly hinder your sound. But how do you separate the okay from the great?

At a Glance – Our Choice Of The Best Double Bass Drum Pedals On The Market

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Buyer’s Guide – Key Considerations

The mechanism of the pedal drive can determine the smoothness of the pedal. Chain drives are common and popular, but one downside is that they can overshoot on the up-swing, causing you to lose control momentarily. You also can’t see the effects of wear and tear over time, so if your chain drive snaps it will be at an unexpected moment.

Belt drives are another option, and they are increasingly secure. They offer a more ‘solid’ connection to the beaters. You can also see any damage accumulating on the belt, allowing you to swap it out before it’s too late.

Direct drives offer the most control over the pedal, which is key when speed and precision are needed at the same time.

However, you may find that depending on your style of playing (heel up v. heel down) it can actually be more difficult when using a direct drive pedal. Direct drives tend to be preferred by heel-down players.

The cam, which attaches the beater and the drive together, comes in two basic forms: Linear and Offset.

  • Linear cams give you the same angle or radius of movement throughout the entire movement.
  • Offset pedals will increase the speed and strength of the pedal as it gets closer to being fully depressed.

With a double bass pedal, the spring tension needs to be even for both pedals, to ensure you don’t end up working one foot harder than the other (as this can make it difficult to keep time). Check that the pedal you choose can be adjusted, ideally with a standard drum key.

Product Round-up & Reviews – Best Double Bass Drum Pedals

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide

Tama TAMHP900PSWN Iron Cobra Coil Sliding Glide Twin Bass Drum Pedal

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A very reliable pedal, and although not as expensive as boutique pedals it can easily cost more than the entirety of a 5-piece beginner drum set. It uses a single chain drive, and you can adjust the spring tension and the beaters, as well as change the weights. You really can set it up according to your preferences.

There’s a cool ‘cobra coil’ which makes the playing feel loads easier and more natural, and this pedal also boasts the benefit of multiple beaters to choose from.


  • Adjustable ‘cobra coil’ works to push the pedal back against your foot, giving you a greater connection with the pedal
  • Offset cam provides smooth acceleration of the beater, making hard blast beats surprisingly easy
  • The pedal has a rubber clamp to hold it to the drum hoop without risking any damage


  • The cost is going to be a serious factor, but when compared to cheaper alternatives the difference is palpable
  • The cobra coil can be an unwanted resistance for some players, particularly those who have spent a long time playing without encountering similar designs
  • The Iron Cobra shares a common problem with the majority of double bass pedals – it requires the drummer to sit at an off-center angle, which can cause discomfort for those used to a single pedal

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive

Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

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A highly regarded double bass pedal, partly due to its ease of playability and multiple adjustments, partly because of its strong, aluminum build, and partly due to the silence and precision offered with its ‘Ninja’ bearings.

This sturdy addition to your kit will last, but you may need to replace the beaters after a while of heavy playing!


  • The direct drive ensures there is no loss of control whilst playing (especially if you’re in the middle of an intense blast beat, this is the last thing you want to happen!)
  • Can be converted from a double pedal into two single pedals
  • Many of the components can be repositioned in order to best fit your body, rather than you having to accommodate the shape of the pedal


  • Comes with felt beaters that wear out quickly
  • Anchors for the secondary pedal need to be bought separately
  • Grip dots on the footboard provide little additional grip

DW 9000

DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal w/Bag

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DW’s most famed double bass pedal. This pedal’s equipped with a large number of patented components to deliver a unique pedal that’s easy to customize for the best fit and feel.

It’s durable, responsive, and the price tag is a little less scary than the Pearl pedal.


  • Extremely durable, able to withstand long-term use.
  • Very smooth action.
  • Huge range of adjustments allowing you to get the perfect set up.
  • Available in a lefty version.


  • The beaters can become unaligned.
  • The price is a little steep but is a fair reflection of the extremely high quality.
  • The pedal can disconnect from the drum hoop, but this is easily solved with proper use of the angle adjustment setting or gratuitous use of duct tape.

Trick Pro 1-V Double Detonator

Trick Drums Pro 1-V Detonator Double-Bass Drum Pedal

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The result of combining aerospace engineering materials and designs with a drum pedal, the Trick Pro 1-V is among the best double bass drum pedals.

Of course, the price tag reflects this, but it’s the most responsive, easy to use and easy to adjust pedal out there. You don’t even need a drum key to make the adjustments! Just your fingers and thumbs 🙂


  • Exceptionally smooth, even compared to the DW9000 thanks to the extremely precise designs.
  • Can be separated into two single pedals.
  • Multiple options for adjustments, which are easy to do without needing to bust out the toolkit.


  • One of, if not the most expensive drum pedals on the market.
  • The case will need to be purchased separately (and there is no way you would want to risk any damage to these pedals, so getting a case is an absolute must).
  • The design causes the beaters to be asymmetrically aligned around the kick center, and on a 20” the difference becomes more pronounced.

Trick Drums Dominator

Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal

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If you’ve gotten excited about the sound of the Trick Pro 1-V but then realized it was too much money, the Dominator is the next best thing and is much more affordable. The obvious pride they take in their name shows itself in this budget-friendly version of a ‘Trick’ double bass pedal.


  • The bearings are of the same standard as the Pro 1-V, giving very smooth action.
  • Beaters can be adjusted vertically and the cams can be angled as required.
  • Much lighter than the Pro 1-V.


  • The pedal is liable to slip as the velcro is not as effective as a spike anchor.
  • Only available in right-foot and longboard version.
  • The spring is more exposed and of lighter construction compared to the Pro 1-V, which also makes it less durable.

Mapex Armory Series P800TW Response Drive

Mapex P800TW Armory Double Bass Drum Pedal, Black

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The Mapex P800TW is responsive, controllable and smooth. Its torque-free spring system is great for speedy playing and comes with a variety of weights to choose from and try out.

It’s not as easy to adjust as some other pedals: you’ll need your drum key for this one, but the option to adjust is there, so you can get this pedal suited to your preferences without much difficulty.


  • Torque-free spring system, for ultimate speed.
  • Interchangeable weights, so you can choose the right heaviness for you and your feet.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not as easy to adjust as some other pedals.
  • Less durable than some other pedals.

ddrum RXDP RX Series

ddrum RXDP RX Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

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The ddrum pedal is a budget-friendly choice that won’t disappoint.

It is highly adjustable – though adjustments may take some time with this model(!) – and it’s sturdy and smooth.

This pedal makes it easy to play fast, and you needn’t worry about making any excess noise if you’re recording – its chain is lined with felt to make this pedal pretty much silent.


  • Highly adjustable beaters.
  • The chain is lined with felt to eliminate unwanted noise.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Takes a while to set up as you like it.
  • Doesn’t come with a manual.
  • Less resistant to wear and tear than some other pedals.

Axis Longboards X

Axis Longboard X Double Bass Drum Pedal

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The Axis Longboards is a pedal of superior quality. If you have big feet, it’s also the one for you – as the foot pedal is about 2 inches longer than usual, making it much easier to play heel to toe.

It feels natural, is easy to adjust and to use, and is an undoubtedly professional product.


  • Made from extremely high-quality aluminum and steel.
  • Easy to use.
  • Longer than average foot pedal – making it easier to play with big feet.


  • It will hurt your wallet.
  • The sensitivity of this pedal may take some getting used to.

So, Which is the Best?

Without a doubt, the best double bass drum pedal is the Trick Pro 1-V. It is of exceptionally high quality, but sadly such a standard comes at an exclusive price.

It is for this reason that we’ve chosen the Trick Dominator is our favorite. It’s not far off the Pro 1-V in terms of function, it’s designed by the same people, and the price is much lower! Sure, if you can afford the Pro 1-V then it’s no issue, but the Dominator for us really does dominate the list in terms of affordability, adjustability and – most importantly – playability.

All of the pedals on this list are real contenders. The Tama Iron Cobra is spectacularly stylish, the Pearl is exceptionally sturdy, and the DW is remarkably responsive.

The Mapex is great for speed, the ddrum model is budget-friendly, and the Axis is the choice for those with larger-than-average feet!

Whichever drum pedal suits you the best, we know you’ll have a blast with it.