5 Best Drum Sets for Kids – Buying Guide and Reviews

Best Drum Sets For Kids

Encouraging your kids to learn an instrument is always a great idea. But here's the thing: it’s much easier for them to stick with an instrument if they feel comfortable playing it.

The best drum sets for kids are designed with their smaller statures in mind and are much cheaper than full sized sets - which makes it easier for you as a parent to invest the money without worrying about your kids sticking with drumming.

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Best Drum Sets For Kids On The Market

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Buyer's Tips: What to look for when buying the best drum sets for kids

  • A good drum set is one that can be adjusted for height and angles, allowing it to “grow” with your child as they get older and taller
  • Drum sets aimed at kids will rarely have more than 5 pieces. 3 and 4 piece kits are also common. Some portable drum sets also double up well as kids sets.
  • Many “drum sets” for kids are actually just toys, and are in no way comparable to instruments, and will likely fall apart and be made of cheap materials that cannot be tuned or even produce a pleasing tone. A proper drum set aimed at children is simply a drum set that has been scaled down to be a better fit
  • Cymbals included with most drum sets for kids will be of poor quality. Investing in cymbals separately will benefit your child’s drumming progression immensely
  • Properly tuning the drums will vastly improve the sound quality and is easy to learn how. Learn how to tune drums here: https://youtu.be/KyjgdZh_hxs
  • Replacing the stock drum heads with after market versions is cheap and is another way to easily boost the sound quality of any junior drum set

Ok let's look at each product in more detail. To make things easier for you, we've added pros and cons for each one, as well as a video demonstration so you can see them in action. So without further ado, let’s take a look...

5 Best Drum Sets For Kids

Many drum sets aimed at children are unsuitable for those taller than 5ft. Past this point, it is reasonable to progress to a full sized drum set using the drum shells with a smaller radius if necessary.

1. Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set

 Ludwig Junior

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An exact replica of a full sized adult drum set, the Ludwig Junior is one of the best drum sets for kids as it will allow them to learn the right movements, how to set up the drums and tune them right from the start.

  • Very sturdy hardware will keep it in playable condition for a long time
  • Comes with everything needed, such as sticks and a learning DVD
  • 1 year warranty against any defects
  • More expensive than comparable junior drum sets
  • Low quality cymbals (although kids likely won’t notice or even care)
  • Poor assembly instructions (better guides including videos can be found online)

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2. Gammon Percussion Junior Drum Set

 Gammon Percussion Junior

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This is a practical set for young aspiring drummers, and even comes with a pink version for girls. However, there are a number of issues with this drum set, but is highly recommended by many drumming tutors.

  • Reasonable price
  • Being able to buy a pink version can be a powerful motivator for girls to try out drumming. It might seem like an outdated stereotype, but it works!
  • Good sound quality when properly tuned
  • The crash symbol is fixed to the center of the drum set, rather than on a stand which would normally be placed behind the set, which can lead to young drummers needing to unlearn certain habits and motions as they progress to a set that has a standard set up
  • This set is only suitable for children up to 5ft tall
  • Hardware is of lower quality compared to the Ludwig

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3. Mendini Junior 5-Piece Drum Set

Mendini Junior 5-Piece Drum Set

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Very similar to the Gammon in terms of quality, but is available in 6 rather than 4 colours, and allowing your child to choose a set in their favourite colour can go a long way to encouraging them to practice more.

  • Decent quality drum shells, which can be further improved by replacing the heads
  • Easier to tune to get a good tone than other junior drum sets
  • Value for money is very high
  • The bass drum is the worst sounding part of the set, aside from the usual cymbal problems, but can be fixed with new heads and a muffler (a pillow is a suitable DIY option)
  • Only suitable for children up to 5ft
  • Crash cymbal is mounted on the bass like the Gammon percussion junior set

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4. Pyle PED041 - 7 Piece Electronic Drum Set

Pyle PED041 - 7 Piece Electronic Drum Set

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A low-budget electronic kit, in many ways an electronic kit can be preferable as they allow for silent practice and have a much wider array of sounds available for your child to experiment and play with.

  • The frame is adjustable, allowing your child to use it as they grow older and is also suitable for adults
  • Ability to record and playback sessions to target key areas for improvement
  • One of the cheapest electronic drum kits
  • Small sound bank compared to more expensive electronic drums
  • Doesn’t have lights to teach drumming patterns like some other electronic kits do
  • Pad layout has a very linear configuration compared to traditional drum layouts

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5. Pearl Road Show 5-piece Drum Set

Pearl Road Show 5-piece Drum Set

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This kit is more suitable for pre teens and older, as it is a full sized kit. However, it’s reasonably high quality for an entry level drum set, and can be upgraded further without costing too much more. There are also a range of videos available on Pearl’s website demonstrating how to configure and tune the set for the first time.

The kit includes: 22” bass, 10”, 12” and 16” toms, 14” snare and two cymbals, 14” hi-hat and a 16” crash plus all hardware.

  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Good quality materials is a step up from the other acoustic junior sets
  • Cymbals stands are of high quality
  • Although the cymbals stands will stick with you for a long time, the cymbals themselve need upgrading immediately
  • As a full sized set, this isn’t suitable for children under 5ft
  • The drum heads should be replaced with higher quality heads, which is very inexpensive

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Super Awesome Bonus: The World’s Best Drum Set for Very Young Children

Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set

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The world’s most advanced drum set aimed specifically at children too young for using conventionally designed drums sets for kids.

Some pots and pans and a pair of wooden spoons!

  • You already have them
  • You can make food after they’re done playing
  • Doesn’t take up a large amount of space
  • Headaches from loud noises
  • Spoons gone missing
  • Cat gets frightened

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So What Are The Best Drum Sets For Kids?

​For children under 5ft, the Ludwig Junior Outfit Set presents the highest quality sound, but in terms of value for money the Gammon Percussion Set is the better choice. The best drum sets for kids under this height will depend mostly on your budget, but with correct tuning both are good instruments, but the layout of the Ludwig is better for fostering correct technique early.

For older children, the Pearl Road Show is a great entry level kit that’s budget friendly and easily upgraded - although chances are that if your child is a serious drummer they will soon want a much higher quality drum set.

As the only electronic kit we’ve included on the list, the Pyle PED041 7-Piece is an interesting choice that will allow your child the freedom to practice at home whilst causing minimal disturbance. However, the layout and playing technique are very different from an acoustic set, so this should be kept in mind if it’s going to be the only drum set for your child to learn on at first, as it could cause difficulty if they transition to an acoustic set.

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