5 Best Guitar Pedalboards – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you’ve got more than one guitar pedal in your arsenal, you’re going to need a pedalboard. They’re the best way to keep those expensive bits of equipment organised, safe and ready to use.

Pedalboards might seem pretty simple, after all, aren’t they just a bit of wood?

Not quite!

The best guitar pedalboards are definitely worth investing in.

Here’s their true beauty:

Whether you’re playing at home or gigging, a proper pedalboard can save you tons of time setting up, keeps the area free of a hundred different power cables, and helps you keep track of which pedal leads into which. So here are the 5 best guitar pedalboards according to us. 

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Best Guitar Pedalboards On The Market

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Buyer's Tips: What to look for when choosing the right pedalboard

  • The ideal pedalboard has a built in power supply, or a place to put one out of sight, so that only need one cable running to the mains.
  • Even better ones also come with some kind of case or cover, so that they can protect your pedals (at least one of which is likely to be ridiculously expensive) from damage
  • Choose one that can hold all the pedals you need. Not necessarily every pedal you own. If you absolutely need more space, you can always sell your old one and upgrade to a larger version.
  • Make sure you have the right power supply and cables for all of your pedals. If some are 9v DC, and others aren’t, you’re going to have to factor this in.

Now that we’ve considered a few aspects of how guitar pedalboards work, let’s take a look at some actual boards and what separates the best from the rest.

The 5 Best Guitar Pedalboards 

To make things easier for you, we've added pros and cons for each one, as well as a video demonstration so you can see them in action. So without further ado, let’s take a look...​

1. Pedaltrain Nano (Budget Choice)

Pedaltrain Nano PT-Nano-SC

A 14” pedalboard that works well for a small collection of pedals, (about 3 - 5 pedals depending on their specific size).

  • Comes with a soft carry bag that can clip to your guitar bag
  • Has space underneath for a power supply to be hidden
  • Extremely low price
  • No internal power supply
  • No extra pockets on the carry bag
  • With the addition of cables, room for a sophisticated pedal chain becomes an issue

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2. Boss BCB-60

Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case

What happens when you combine a briefcase, a bombproof bunker and a pedalboard? This pedalboard, that’s what! It has room for about 5 - 6 pedals. This is one of the best pedalboards with regards to hardcases.

  • Hard shell case that’s virtually impossible to damage, keeping all of your expensive and fragile pedals perfectly safe
  • Built in power supply
  • Internal mono and stereo outputs for further control of where exactly the pedals kick in
  • For all of the features, it packs a hefty price tag
  • The handle is the weakest point of the pedalboard, and can snap off if handled too roughly.
  • If the internal power supply fails, it can be difficult to replace, although the inside can be easily reconfigured to accommodate a replacement.

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3. Behringer Pedal Board PB600  (Editor's Choice)

Everything the Boss BCB-60 offers, but at a lower price. It nominally fits 5 or 6 standard pedals, but removing the panels can easily increase that number to 10 or more depending on the shape and size of your pedals.

  • Internal power supply
  • Long profile makes it good for stuffing it full of pedals
  • Mono/Stereo outputs built in
  • Has a noticeable hum from the power supply
  • If you remove the panels, there’s no easy way to attach velcro for extra stability
  • The panels don’t make the best use of the available space, more variety in shape and size would be an improvement (you could modify them or purchase custom panels if needed)

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4. Pedaltrain Pro

PT-CLP-SC Pedaltrain Classic PRO w/soft case

An absolute mammoth of a pedalboard at 32 inches, the Pedaltrain Pro should be able to fit just about any combination of pedals you could possibly need for one gig. It’s made from aluminium so it’s quite light, and solid enough to take a decent beating over the years.

  • The frame has a small L-shape so you can easily store a power supply underneath and have the pedals all angled towards you
  • The gargantuan size makes it extremely easy to arrange all of your pedals neatly, and the soft carry case has extra pockets for spare cables and other necessities
  • There is the option of buying a hardshell case if you’re paranoid about your pedals being damaged when travelling (and rightly so!)
  • The hardshell case is extremely expensive when factoring in the price of the pedalboard on top.
  • The quality of the velcro strips is somewhat lackluster, so if you have a tendency to get rough with your pedals, one could go flying off into the darkest corner of the venue.
  • For nothing more than a bunch of metal strips, you might find it’s overpriced. Chances are you could make a replica yourself for much less if you have access to materials and the right tools

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5. SKB PS-8 Powered Pedalboard

SKB 8-port Powered Pedalboard - 9VDC power, Includes Gigbag

A great design that uses a single flat face that’s entirely velcro, letting you arrange your pedals in any configuration you can think of. It’s got inputs for up to 8 pedals, and hooks up to the mains through a single adaptor.

  • The velcro face is a handy touch as it completely stops pedals slipping and sliding
  • Powering 8 pedals at once with only one cable running away from the board helps to keep things tidy
  • The velcro surface lets you arrange your pedals in any position for easier chaining
  • Power supply “hums” quite loudly
  • Only has a soft case, so if you need something more heavy duty you’ll have to try and find something that fits and hope for the best
  • The board is flat, rather than angled towards you

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So which should I buy?

By now you’ve probably realised what a difference the right pedalboard can make. But if you’re still struggling to choose, here’s our best picks.

The Behringer pedal Board PB600 offers the best of everything. Built in power, hardcase, stereo & mono outputs alongside a cheaper price tag than the more or less identical Boss BCB-60 makes it an ideal choice.

If you still need more space than the Behringer offers, then the best guitar pedalboard for your needs is going to be the Pedaltrain pro. There are tradeoffs, as you won’t get the power supply built in.

Ged is Founder and Editor-in-chief at Zing Instruments. He’s a guitarist for London based gypsy jazz band ‘Django Mango’ and a lover of all things music. When he’s not ripping up and down the fretboard, he’s tinkering with his ’79 Campervan.

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