What Are The Best Jensen Record Players? (REVIEW)

Jensen have been around for a long time - over 100 years - and in that time they’ve learnt a thing or two about how to put together a damn good record player.

The trick is deciding which of them is right for you.

So today we’ve decided to compare a few of the best Jensen record players and see what made them stand out. No matter what your budget is, we guarantee that you’ll find you a turntable you’ll be more than happy with.

We know that storing your record players can be a pain so check out this article on the best record player consoles​! Ensuring you keep your records clean is also essential!

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Best Jensen Record Players On The Market

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Ok let's look at each product in more detail. To make things easier for you, we've added pros and cons for each one, as well as a video demonstration so you can see them in action. So without further ado, let’s take a look...

5 Best Jensen Record Players 

1. Jensen JTA-230

Jensen JTA-230

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One of their entry level models - it’s had a strong hand in making vinyl accessible to a new generation of audiophiles and is a great way to start exploring the world of record players and vintage sound equipment.

  • Great Value-for-Money thanks to its low price and decent sound quality
  • Has a USB output for digitizing vinyls so that you can enjoy them on your phone or MP3 player
  • Can play all three speeds
  • The built-in speakers are quite weak and it performs much better when connected to external speakers
  • It’s quite flimsy, so superficial cosmetic damage is something you’ll need to keep an eye on if you plan on selling this to upgrade to a higher-end record player
  • As an entry level record player, the JTA-230 doesn’t have the same purity of sound compared to the more expensive options.

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2. Jensen JTA-220

Jensen JTA-220

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One of the cheapest record players you can buy. Unlike others in the same price category there’s no risk of damaging your precious vinyls (provided you take the time to perform regular maintenance)

  • Has a dust cover that you can close whilst playing records
  • You get a built-in AM/FM radio
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack for silent listening
  • Starting with the cheapest turntable you can find is going to make you eager to find out what kind of difference a better one can make - and you’ll need to decide whether it might be worth skipping the entry level stage altogether
  • Can’t digitize vinyls like the JTA-230
  • The internal speakers have fairly low volume and poor EQ

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3. Jensen JTA-222 (Editor's Choice)

Jensen JTA-222

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In many ways the JTA-222 is simply a pared down 220. The features are predominantly the same, the primary difference is in the appearance and a control layout.

  • One of the smallest Jensen record players, making it easier to fit in with your existing audio gear
  • The vintage wood design gives it a much better aesthetic than other Jensen record players
  • Like the others, it can play all 3 speeds and has a radio receiver
  • No internal speakers
  • Can’t digitize vinyl to MP3 or other formats
  • Noticeable hum and distortion at higher volumes

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4. Jensen JTA-460

Jensen JTA-460

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This is a more self-contained unit than the previous Jensen turntables. It packs most of the same features and has a slightly better level of sound quality to boot.

  • Digitizing vinyls is all done internally, so you don’t need to hook it up to your laptop with a USB and use extra software
  • Is shipped ready to use, so apart from a few minor tweaks here and there you can get started listening to music straight away
  • Has a remote so you can simply relax and listen rather than having to move over to the record player to switch between radio, recording and vinyl listening
  • More expensive than the 200 series Jensen record players
  • The MP3 encoding records the whole album into one sound file, and you can’t use other sound formats that don’t reduce quality through compression
  • Doesn’t offer a sound quality that’s much greater than other Jensen’s that cost less

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5. Jensen JTA-475

Jensen JTA-475

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More of a sound-system than a straight up record player - this is a sound system that can cater for all of your old formats, including cassettes, CD’s and vinyl.

  • No matter what format your favourite music is on, you can play it with the JTA-475 as well as digitizing it so that even rare records can be preserved forever
  • Comes with external speakers that are much better than the internal speakers built into the most basic Jensen models
  • Can be operated by remote
  • It’s a lot bigger than other record players due to the extra formats it can play
  • The included speakers are not the best, so they’re only useful if you don’t already own a set or don’t want to spend the extra money on getting them
  • It’s one of the most expensive Jensen record players - especially if you don’t need the additional capabilities of being able to play cassette or receive radio

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So What Are The Best Jensen Record Players?

If the only thing you need is something that can play a vinyl record of any type, the JTA-222 offers the best looking package that doesn’t have any unnecessary features. The lack of internal speakers in this Jensen can be both a blessing and a curse. Internal speakers can cause distortion due to the vibration they create, but if you don’t have a set of speakers that you can use with your new record player, but still want to keep the budget as low as possible, the JTA-230 will be the best Jensen record player for you.

The JTA-460 and JTA-475 offer a minor upgrade in terms of quality - but the increase in price doesn’t accurately reflect the difference. The in-built MP3 encoding is arguably worse than doing it through your computer and third party software such as audacity - even if that method does take a little more work on your part.

The inclusion of radio into most of the Jensen record players is a good move - and gives you more variety if you’re just starting a vinyl collection from scratch. Since nearly all of the record players on this round-up have that feature, you’re free to choose any apart from the JTA-222 if that’s a dealbreaker for you.​

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