37 Best K-Pop Songs, The Music of South Korea

K-pop, pop music from South Korea, is an immensely popular genre full of high-energy songs influenced by many different styles.

Hyper-pop, R&B, hip-hop, pure pop, and electronic dance music are just a few of the common elements in this genre, but each track has a style of its own. The genre is known for k-pop groups, but there are plenty of solo artists, too!

One common thing across K-pop songs is their guaranteed danceability—you will definitely have lots of fun with all the best K-pop songs on this list!

Dynamite – BTS

‘Dynamite’ was a huge hit for BTS, and it also made history, becoming the first song from a Korean band to ever hit the top of the Hot 100. The explosive track is full of catchy melodies and radiant beats. With lots of puns about dynamite, this song is just pure energy, working to lift spirits and get you dancing.

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Oppa is Just My Style (Gangnam Style 2) – PSY ft. Hyuna

PSY remixed the iconic hit ‘Gangnam Style’ with the help of Hyuna, who is part of the group 4minute, to create this mesmerizing song. The song takes on a more female perspective, singing about what kind of people best fit each other in a relationship. The high-energy tune is enough to get anyone on their feet.

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This song is intense and unforgettable and full of powerful attitude. The K-pop girl group BLACKPINK sings about how dedicated they are to achieving success and how nothing will stop them. Even if they look sweet, people pleasing is the least of their concerns—”I only smile easily for myself.” The track has lots of fun beat drops and driving melodies.

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This track starts out pretty stripped back and slowly builds throughout the song. It matches the heartbreaking emotions that iKON sings about. The narrator has recently gone through a breakup and is feeling it hard. The pair doesn’t seem to have had a messy breakup, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

The Feels – TWICE

If you’ve got a crush and you’re thinking about telling them your true feelings, this song can help pump you up! Admitting feelings for someone is scary, but this electric track reminds you that hiding your feelings is even worse. ‘The Feels’ is fun and hopeful as TWICE sings about hoping a boy likes them back.

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This is the ultimate self-love song, using a captivating beat and electronic instruments to build your confidence. The entire track has a great mentality about self-acceptance, saying that you should never dull yourself down just to make others comfortable! No matter how you act, not everyone will like it, so you might as well do what you want.

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On the Ground – Rosé

Rosé gets vulnerable in this song, reflecting on how she feels like she’s worked so hard to try and make other people like her and now realizes it’s not worth the emotional effort. She thought she wanted to be so successful that it would feel like she would never come down, but now she says, “everything I need is on the ground.”

Growl – EXO

This song has a grooving bass and classic beat, talking about the animalistic nature of sexual attraction. The narrator is so into this girl that he finds himself growling, being overtaken by her presence. The track builds just like his infatuation builds, and he shows how powerless he is around her with lines like “my breath keeps stopping.”

Next Level – Aespa

If you ever need a song to boost your confidence, this one should be at the top of your list. The heavy beat and attitude-filled vocals make this a track that would be so fun to strut to, giving you a feeling that you are unstoppable. These women are truly on the ‘Next Level.’

Crooked – G-Dragon

The harsh beat of this track and the aggressive vocal delivery make it clear the depth of emotion that the narrator is experiencing. He seems to be reeling from the end of a relationship, deciding to let go of his inhibitions for one night and act as crookedly as he wants.

I Am the Best – 2NE1

One of the things that are common among K-pop songs is the theme of having pride in yourself. This song champions the narrator as “the best,” and it’s a mentality we all strive for. Being able to say “I’m the best” and actually believe it is hard! But this electronic track might help you adopt that coveted perspective.

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Red Flavor – Red Velvet

This quick tempo of this track immediately provides a ton of fun movement to the song, which compares getting intimate to tasting a sweet red candy. With lines like “red flavor, I’m curious, honey,” you can tell the track is flirtatious and inviting, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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Enthralling melodies and anticipatory drums give this song a special kind of fun. The song ebbs and flows in a way that leaves no room for relaxation—you’re trapped in the amazing beat of ‘LOVE DIVE’ for the entire two minutes and fifty-seven seconds. It’ll have you diving into love in no time!

After School – Weeekly

Young love has a special beauty to it, and ‘After School’ is full of that innocent passion. Deep bass and synth riffs give the track its edge as Weeekly sings about meeting their crush after the school day ends. The narrator is full of anticipation for when the day is officially over, and she will be free to meet up with this person.

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Energetic – Wanna One

Stripped back piano and building electronic riffs recreate the feeling of falling recklessly into love. The track is a hype one, taking these romantic feelings to a new level. Lines like “make me feel so high, I’m going crazy, I can’t stop” explain how love can take over your mind and make you lose control.

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MANIAC – Stray Kids

This song has an inspirational perspective on embracing your authenticity—even if you’re a complete maniac. The track opens with a line that translates to “relax everyone, stop pretending to be normal.” It’s an anthem for weirdos everywhere, reassuring us that every single one of us is a weirdo in some way. This song falls into a subgenre of “noise music,” which is quite fitting for the song’s message!

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FEARLESS – Le Sserafim

A heavy production style captures the fearless vibe of this song. The women of Le Sserafim embrace their power and claim their confidence in this track. The line “acting like I’m humble, that’s done” puts the theme of the song into one line—the time for meekness and humility is over!

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“Bae” is modern slang for a partner. The narrator of this track sings to his bae, talking about the unbelievable beauty of his love. He is so overwhelmed by how amazing this person is that he asks them, “are you a human or an angel?” The production is pretty laid-back but still catchy, letting the reverent lyrics shine.

Up&Down – EXID

Horn-like riffing immediately sets the tone of the riveting song, and vocal modulation on some lines makes the song extra interesting. The track talks about the ups and downs of a toxic relationship. Nothing is ever stable—some days, they’re on top of the world, and other days, they have no idea if the love is even real.

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Bubble Pop! – HyunA

Though this song has a quick tempo and upbeat feel, a look into the lyrics shows it’s not as heartwarming as it sounds. HyunA compares her boyfriend’s lies to bubbles—eventually, they all pop, revealing the lies to her. An instrumental breakdown sounds like bubbles popping and also gives the song a unique EDM feel.

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Sorry, Sorry – Super Junior

Repetitive melodies and mesmerizing instrumental elements draw the listener into the song, captivating us just like the narrator is captivated by a beautiful woman. He sings about how he is completely at her mercy and wants no one but her, saying, “I will never think of looking at anyone else.”

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‘LION’ is a cinematic-sounding song with ambient instrumentation, a driving kick drum, and passionate vocals. The song was used in a reality TV survival show, which (G)I-DLE participated in, called Queendom, giving extra meaning to lines like “the young lion takes its crown.” Though the group didn’t win the show, they certainly are champions for making this awesome song.


IU’s vocals in this song are soft and sweet, and her range is impressive. This is a layered song about the bitterness of getting older, especially as a famous woman. IU is worried her fans will abandon her as she gets older and the industry pushes her out, asking them, “love me only ’til this spring,” so she can feel the connection at least a little longer.

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HOT – Seventeen

This track has tons of spirit, with each section bringing something new and fresh to the song. There is never a boring moment in ‘HOT,’ a song about being on fire (in a good way). The guys of Seventeen bring life to every party and are always ready to drop it like it’s hot.

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Sticker – NCT 127

The deep synth in ‘Sticker’ gives the song a dark edge and adds an extra layer of intimacy to its affectionate lyrics. The muse of the song is “the main character” in the narrator’s life. They are drawn to each other, and he wants her to stay with him forever like a sticker.


‘FEVER’ is a swaying track with sultry undertones, setting the mood for a love-filled song. Love can be complicated, but the narrator of this song says he will burn for this love no matter what. A line that translates to “push me away, but my firе still burns” captures the sentiment that this person has lit an undying love in him.

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True love can be a light in the dark when it feels like your world is falling apart. Having someone to lean on no matter what is happening around you is a beautiful thing, and this song puts all of those emotions into its lovely lyrics and dazzling beat.

Gee – Girls’ Generation

Bubblegum pop is often used to describe catchy and lighthearted songs, and this one fits the bill nicely. It has innocent lyrics about falling in love that is sweet and relatable, describing all of the warm and nerve-wracking feelings of realizing you are in love with someone for the first time.


We’ve all probably asked the universe to give us our soulmate at one point or another. When we feel lonely, it’s natural to long for a partner to fill the empty space. STAYC wants a soulmate to walk into their lives ‘ASAP,’ hoping this person will understand them and love them for who they are.

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The upbeat vibe of this track is fun but works in contrast with the mournful lyrics. GFRIEND sings about one of those relationships where the people just keep missing each other. Even though they like one another, the timing is never right, or something else stands in their way. It’s like they are “parallel lines” that can’t cross.

You Can’t Sit with Us – Sunmi

Sunmi gathers her girls to help her stand proud in the face of someone she hates. It seems like this person is an ex that broke her heart, and now she isn’t shy about admitting that she hates him. She only acknowledges him to say, “you can’t sit with us. I hate you. Who do you think you are?”

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This gritty track has heavy guitar riffs that follow the band members’ descent into their bad-boy era. They are sick of being hurt and sad and decide to succumb to their negative emotions and switch to the dark side. The music video shows this progression, ending with boys staring ominously down into a grave.


Electronic synth and crashing drums lay the background for the awesome layered vocals of this track. ‘STEP’ follows the narrator saying goodbye to her tears and sadness, deciding to move on from an ex and stop ruminating on her heartbreak. It follows that inspirational mentality of knowing every day is new and can always be better than yesterday.

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INVU – Taeyeon

Unrequited love is the worst, to put it simply. Your heart doesn’t listen to your head telling you to move on, often continuing to love someone who will never return those feelings. Taeyeon gets vulnerable about how envious she is of the person she loves, wishing she could stop caring for them just like they don’t care for her.

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Sherlock – SHINee

This song was a lead single for SHINee’s fourth album, which makes opening with the lyrics “SHINee’s back” have an even more dramatic impact. The track is a creative and energetic combination of two other tracks (‘Clue’ and ‘Note’) and is often credited as the first hybrid remix in K-pop!

Um Oh Ah Yeh – Mamamoo

This catchy track has a unique narrative and a great message for accepting different sexualities. The narrator is infatuated with this man and finds herself falling for him. But she eventually finds out this person is a woman. The shock doesn’t last long though, and she falls for her anyway.

Bicycle – Chungha

Chungha embraces her power in this track, claiming her intimate fantasies and fearlessly displaying her confidence. She knows the other person is obsessed with her, and she’s not surprised. When they are together, “the air is burning up.” Flirtatious melodies and a dynamic beat make the listener obsessed with her too!

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