37 Best Reggaeton Songs That Will Get You Dancing

Reggaeton is a form of dance music that blends many other genres, such as reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop. The genre was popularized in Puerto Rico and widespread in Latin countries.

There is no shortage of great beats and notable rappers within this genre, but this list contains some of the best! Time to get down and dance to the best reggaeton songs!

Despacito – Luis Fonsi

‘Despacito’ was a huge hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for 16 weeks. It’s fun, catchy, and addicting. Each verse has a new rhythm, which keeps you hooked and gives you new melodies to dance to. The song is about how the narrator wants to be with his girl. It gets explicit, but love is the underlying theme through it all.

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Gasolina – Daddy Yankee

An amazing song to dance to at a party, ‘Gasolina’ was one of the first reggaeton songs to go mainstream worldwide. The track is packed with high energy, describing a woman who loves to go out. The hook line in the chorus, which translates to “I like gasoline, give me more gasoline,” is a prevalent saying in Puerto Rico.

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Mi Gente – Willy William and J Balvin

‘Mi Gente’ is an iconic track, and you are almost guaranteed to hear it on any club night out. The electronic rhythmic hook is infectious, and the lyrics champion a sense of community. J Balvin was inspired to write the song in response to former President Trump announcing his plans to build a wall along the Mexico border, singing “my music doesn’t discriminate against anyone” in retaliation.

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Te Bote – Bad Bunny, Casper Mágico, and Nio Garcia

This catchy track is all about a breakup, with the title translating to “I dumped you” in English. The song gives some great advice on moving on from a relationship, discussing how the past is the past. Getting back together isn’t an option, and the song’s quick beat and uplifting feel show dedication to a clean break.

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Mayores – Becky G

Becky G gets flirtatious and cheeky on this track, stepping into her power and singing about how she likes older, mature men. Bad Bunny, featured on the track, plays the role of a guy trying to convince Becky G that he can be good enough for her, even though he isn’t the older type she likes. Becky G holds steady, singing, “I do not want a child who does not know anything.”

Me Rehúso – Danny Ocean

Danny Ocean wrote this song for all the people with obstacles in their relationship that force the love to end. This is always difficult to go through, but even more so when it’s out of your control. Ocean has to leave his girl but desperately wants to return to her one day. He says, “I refuse to give you one last kiss, so save it,” to make sure she knows this goodbye is not their last.

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Andas En Mi Cabeza – Chino & Nacho

When you’re in love, often your biggest fear becomes losing the person you love. When you have something so good, it’s terrifying to think about that thing ending. ‘Andas En Mi Cabeza,’ which translates to “you’re in my head,” is about that fear, featuring lines about the inescapable pain the narrator would feel if his love left him. The music video shows a bunch of sweet proposals that capture the joy of not having to fear the end anymore.

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Reggaeton Lento – CNCO

The tempo of this track is a bit slower than many reggaeton tracks, which makes sense since the title translates to “slow reggaeton.” The narrator spots a woman he likes and invites her to dance, claiming the night is one made for slow dancing. It certainly sounds like a song you could fall in love to.

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Hasta El Amanecer – Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam finds himself infatuated with a woman in this song and seems unaware of anything except how much he wants her. He doesn’t even know her name but hopes to stay with her through the night and into the dawn. The swaying rhythm and sultry vocal delivery add to the intimate feel of the track.

Como Yo Le Doy – Don Miguelo and Pitbull

This jumping song is full of teasing lyrics and sexual themes. Don Miguelo and Pitbull sing about a purely physical relationship; the woman continuously claims that her feelings have nothing to do with romance. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for the guy, though, as the intimate nights together are more than enough.

Tusa – Karol G and Nicki Minaj

Karol G sings about the pain of a post-breakup world, where even the simplest things, like a song, can trigger a wave of heartache. “Tusa” is a word used to describe the loneliness and sadness we experience after a breakup. This track captures all of the complexities of those emotions well.

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Otro Trago – Sech

This track takes on ballad elements, mostly at the song’s beginning. It starts with just a vocal and piano, letting us know that the track will cover some heavy topics. The beat eventually kicks in, picking up energy and matching the lyrics about a DJ playing music. The song’s subject is a girl who drinks away her troubles, and it’s a vulnerable look at someone in this state of mind.

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La Modelo – Cardi B and Ozuna

Ozuna and Cardi B sing about falling in love with each other in this rhythmic track. Each is infatuated with the other, both emotionally and physically. This song shows a new side of Cardi B’s vocals, as she sings in a softer, more melodic cadence than the harsher rap in many of her big hits.

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Perdóname – Eddy Lover and La Factoria

The soft and intimate vocals towards the song’s beginning show the vulnerable position the narrator has put himself in as he asks for forgiveness. It seems he has cheated on his love, but she is not quick to forgive him. She is rightfully indignant, asking how she could ever possibly trust him again.

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Pepas – Farruko

Get into the party mindset with this riveting track! Group vocals and EDM-esque riffs make it feel like you’re out at the club, and when those horns come in, the energy spikes even more. Farruko sings about getting wild on a night out. He might be on an unhealthy amount of substances, but at least he’s having fun!

Atrévete-Te-Te – Calle 13

This song was a huge hit and was even nominated for a Grammy. A wailing clarinet opens the song, a unique instrument to use as the main rhythm, making this song even more special. The song is self-aware, knowing how catchy it is and claiming it with a line about how reggaeton can work its way into your intestines.

Safaera – Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy, and Ñengo Flow

‘Safaera’ leaves nothing to the imagination, using suggestive language about how desperate the narrator is to get intimate. The word “safaera” is a Puerto Rican term used to describe wild promiscuity, so all the lyrics certainly live up to the name. It’s a catchy track filled with desire, and the singers aren’t afraid to get graphic.

Desesperados – Chencho Corleone and Rauw Alejandro

The beat of this song is super danceable, but that doesn’t distract from the emotionally introspective themes of the song. ‘Desesperados’ is about two people who are in love but have been separated. They try to get back to each other and are so overcome with each other that they struggle even to make it to their hotel.

Dile Que Tu Me Quieres – Ozuna

The narrator is willing to rebel against authority for his love, even if that means directly disrespecting the girl’s parents. He knows they disapprove of him, but whether it’s because of his looks or his lifestyle, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to hide this love and begs his girl to be honest about how she loves him.

Dile – Don Omar

Hollow drums make this song feel huge, and it’s a unique groove for a unique song. Don Omar seems to be “the other man” in a relationship but is proud of it. He wants the woman to admit to her boyfriend that she cheated and that Omar is the far superior choice. Omar flaunts all the ways he charmed this woman, knowing he will win her over soon.

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Sexy Movimiento – Wisin & Yandel

‘Sexy Movimiento’ was a big hit due to its intense vocals and engrossing rhythms, and it landed at the top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks in the US in 2008. The song is about a tantalizing woman who moves in a way that grabs the attention of everyone in the room.

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Yo Te Lo Dije – J Balvin

Strictly sexual relationships never seem to end well, and this song is just one example of the potentially disastrous outcomes. J Balvin has been hooking up with a woman, and even though they both agreed not to get attached, it seems she is falling for him. He tries to remind her that he doesn’t want a relationship and won’t change his mind.

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Pa’ Que Retozen – Tego Calderón

Tego Calderón made this song specifically for his listeners to have a good time, opening the track with a line that roughly translates to “this is for y’all, so y’all can enjoy yourselves.” And he did a perfect job! Steady rhythms and fun riffs make it easy to dance to this song.

Si No Le Contesto – Plan B

Plan B seems to be dating someone who is a bit insecure. He talks about how she is always calling him, suspicious of if he is flirting with other girls. He knows if he doesn’t answer, she will assume the worst. It can be tiring to be in a relationship like this, and Plan B expresses his frustration while still trying to accommodate her.

Hawái – Maluma and The Weeknd

The Weeknd hops on this reggaeton track with his alluring vocals to sing about the pain of seeing an ex move on. He laments over the reason the relationship ended, saying that just because he didn’t want marriage, the other guy now gets to be her “heaven.” The beat is stripped back, and stable as the vocals dejectedly sing about heartache.

Down – R.K.M & Ken-Y

Right after a breakup, waking up and realizing it really happened is so depressing. Each morning you have to face the new reality that the pair of you are no longer together. ‘Down’ talks about how the sudden lack of love from that person is a feeling that is hard to grapple with.

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Zun Da Da – Zion

Gorgeous strings build tension at the song’s beginning and set the scene for a cinematic experience. Zion is head over heels for this woman, obsessed with her looks and presence. He offers all of himself to her, hoping to build a world meant just for the two of them.

5 Letras – Alexis & Fido

The intense production style of this song makes it captivating, with clattering drums and synths surrounding you. The anticipatory feeling of the song mirrors the anticipation of the intimate night the narrator is about to have. It’s a build-up to something you know will be amazing, and ‘5 Letras’ does not disappoint.

Chulin Culin Chunfly – Julio Voltio

The sounds of an airhorn at the beginning of this song let you know it will be a good one. Julio Voltio describes his nights with his girl, and it gets a bit explicit! Even if you don’t understand Spanish, though, you can tell that the song is a sexually charged one due to its seductive beat.

Baila Morena – Hector & Tito

This rhythmic jam is an ode to a “morena,” a complimentary term used to describe a woman with a darker skin tone. The narrator wants to see this woman on the dance floor because she is so mesmerizing. The repetitive vocals and steady beat of the song do a great job of mesmerizing us as well.

Oye Mi Canto – N.O.R.E.

The heavy vocal delivery and shouting background vocals heat up the energy and get you on your feet. Each verse celebrates the reggaeton genre and its importance to Latin culture. ‘Oye Mi Canto’ encourages everyone to sing along and celebrate “no matter your race, because today you Latino.”

Ven Báilalo – Angel & Khriz

If you’re ever feeling the urge to dance away your troubles, this is the perfect song to do just that. Angel & Khriz encourages you to come dance, giving you a riveting and high-energy track that anyone can groove to. They’ve got their priorities straight, singing, “we came to have fun and not to sleep.”

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No Te Veo – Casa de Leones

The harsh kick-snare rhythm raises the energy of this song to the roof. In some sections, the beat completely cuts out, building tension and giving a satisfying beat drop when the drums come back in. The narrator is plotting his way into the heart of the subject of the song, who dances like no other.

Esta Noche De Travesuras – DJ Nelson

Call and response sections and building instrumentation give this jam tons of energy and an awesome beat to dance to. Each section brings something new to the song, whether it’s a melodic or lyrical idea, an interesting instrument, or an electronic riff. The title, which translates to “night of mischief,” immediately lets you know this song is a good time.

Tu Pum Pum – El General

Production-wise, this song is pretty simple, featuring a sick beat and some subtle horns. A lot of the rhythm is carried in the melodies of El General’s rapping, which is quick and captivating throughout the whole song. Some repetitive sections help you get into the groove of the song, but then things switch up to keep it interesting.

Siente El Boom – Randy Nota Loca and Tito El Bambino

Reggaeton is known for its ability to get anyone and everyone to feel the rhythm. With steady drums and vocals complimenting swaying moves, it’s hard not to get down to songs like ‘Siente El Boom.’ Dancing is a love language, after all, so maybe your moves will even win someone over!

Aparentemente – Yaga & Mackie

This song has some R&B elements as well as reggaeton, working in melodic deliveries and call-and-response sections over the driving beat. The track talks about the difficulties of being in a relationship when the other person’s parents disapprove of the pairing. Apparently, this girl’s parents are not big fans of the narrator.

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