7 Best Short Scale Electric Guitars In 2018 – Our Top Picks

It goes without saying that short scale guitars are perfect for the younger player, or the player with petite palms! These guitars can do wonders for a kid’s confidence, and transform a struggling player into a smooth, natural rock master! However, a short scale might be right for you, too! 

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 7 Best Short Scale Electric Guitars On The Market

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If you get into jazz, classical or start doing arrangements of music not written originally for guitar, you’ll eventually find yourself trying to perform some very weird chord shapes. This goes double if you play fingerstyle.

Plenty of people will tell you that with practice, you’ll be able to develop your reach enough that it won’t be a problem.

But that’s not strictly true. Yes, you might be able to make the stretch, but quickly? No chance. If you’re playing at home you might be able to live with slow changes, but the audience at a gig won’t give you 5 seconds to stop playing and adjust your fingers for one chord.

There’s two real options:

OPTION 1: You rewrite the passage so it’s easier to play. But, if you don’t have a solid grasp of music theory, this won’t be possible. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find an easier way of playing it.

OPTION 2: The second option is to get a guitar that’s a better fit for you physically. If you can get yourself one of the best short scale electric guitars, you’ll find a lot of problems that arise because of the distances between frets melt away.

Were going to assume you're here for option 2! Here's a quick glance at our fave short scale guitars...

Buyer's Tips: What makes a good short scale guitar?

Although we’ll be looking just at electric guitars here, the principles are mostly the same for any kind of guitar.

The best short scale guitars rely on the same things that other guitars do in order to remain top quality.

  • ​First off, a good choice of tone woods is essential. Without having a good tone, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you replace a well crafted guitar with a cheap model just for the shorter scale. Rosewood fingerboards, and mahogany or maple bodies are worth being fussy about.

  • ​Second up, since reach is the issue you’re trying to fix, you’ll want to take a look at a couple of other things that go along with the problem of length. You’ll want a neck width that comfortably fits in your hand so that you don’t ruin your technique. You’ll also want to make sure that the guitar has the right height of action for your preferences. Generally speaking, the lower the action the easier the guitar is to play.

  • You might also want to consider the size of the body. If the guitar you want has a smaller scale size, it generally tends to translate to having a smaller body too. This can really reduce the volume and sustain, which will mean you have to adjust to these new parameters before playing in front of a live audience again.

Essentially, the factors that make a good short scale electric guitar are the same as what makes any guitar good. If you look for guitars that are well made, have carefully selected electronics, the right combinations of tonewoods and a thorough inspection of the intonation etc, you’ll ensure that you always pick the best.

OK, let's look at each of our favourites in some detail. To make things easier for you, we've added pros and cons for each one, as well as a video demonstration so you can see them in action. So without further ado, let’s take a look...

Best Short Scale Electric Guitars

1. Fender Mustang 90

Fender 144040558 Mustang 90 Short Tcale Offset Electric Guitar - Rosewood Fingerboard - Torino Red

With a 24” scale, the Mustang is a big drop down from the standard scale sizes, especially if your current guitar has a 25.5 or even 24.75 scale, you’ll instantly notice a massive difference in playability.

As is true to all fender guitars, this model is exceptionally versatile, durable and well crafted.

It’s an instrument that you can use to play many styles, with style!

  • The guitar is small and lightweight, so it’s a good option for travelling and also makes it a perfect option for younger players.
  • The bridge is a through-body, which helps to increase the sustain a little more to help offset the small size.
  • You might need a while to get used to the shorter scale, even if a standard scale feels too large. Thankfully, to help with this the fretboard radius is a fairly standard 9.5, so you won’t have to completely relearn how to use your fretting hand!
  • The MP90 pickups are a letdown on this guitar, with only the mid position offering a high quality sound.
  • Aesthetically, the Mustang isn’t a very pleasing design. It does the job of playing music just fine, but doesn’t look very nice.
  • There’s no tremolo bar, but the shorter scale helps to offset this by making bends much easier to pull off.

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2. Kona Guitars KE55N KE55 Series (Budget Choice)

An absolutely tiny guitar, and also among one of the best short scale electric guitars around. Maple and rosewood neck and fretboard, a tune-o-matic style bridge and a pair of humbuckers deliver a very pleasing tone. In addition, the entire guitar is under 39” long, so you can feel very confident playing this even if you yourself have the hands of a child.

The tone on this is superior to most short scale guitars, and you certainly won’t feel like you’re holding a toy!

  • The solid woods put this particular guitar off to a strong start as they give a really pleasing tone that can’t be achieved by laminates.
  • Dual humbuckers that, when combined with the woods used give a very warm mid tone, and bright highs too. The lows are a little understated, but not to the point where they would be considered a deal-breaker by any means.
  • A rather interesting look, giving the guitar a vintage appearance that fits well with the warmth of its tone.
  • This guitar might actually be a little bit too small for you, and would give an adult player some discomfort when playing, so would really only be appropriate for either a child or if you’re far smaller than the average height.
  • The lack of powerful lows is to be expected in a smaller scale guitar, but this does restrict your capabilities somewhat.
  • There isn’t much in terms of control, you have a 3-way selector switch, master volume and tone knobs, but not much else.

3. Laguna LE50 Short Scale Electric Guitar

Laguna LE50 Short-Scale Electric Guitar Satin Black

For the truly diminutive guitarist, the Laguna LE50 has a scale length of 22.75” making it one of the easiest to play. However, it has some rather glaring design flaws. On the plus side, it is dirt cheap and sounds far better than a typical entry level guitar would normally be expected to.

  • Easily the smallest, with a very short scale and a slim tapered neck.
  • Smooth neck that feels almost like you’re playing on a long stick of butter, which is helped even more by the jumbo frets
  • Has a very nice fat crunchy tone thanks to its two humbucker pickups, which are surprisingly good for such a cheap instrument.
  • For a ¾ size guitar, it can be impossible to use the full 24 frets, as the highest frets are spaced so closely together that you need to be very precise in order to play accurately beyond the 20th fret or so.
  • A number of the pieces aren’t put together very well, key issues being the rear cover plate and the pickups, which are a little loose and the wiring on them is not perfect.
  • Will definitely require attention by a technician before it can be played in earnest.

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4. Ibanez Mikro 3/4 Size Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar - Black Night Finish

The first small sized guitar from Ibanez. It might have a small size, but it still packs the roar of a full sized Ibanez, especially when it’s paired up with a decent amp.

This guitar is great for shredding, and its pair of pickups mean it is versatile enough to play in multiple styles, too.

A lovely rock guitar which can dabble in other styles, no problem.

  • Coming in at a staggeringly small 22”, the Ibanez is a perfect sized instrument for a budding metal head or even the travelling rockstar
  • Low tension makes it easier for beginners to practice for extended periods
  • Available in left and right handed set ups
  • The radius of the neck is quite wide at 12”, so whilst this is easier for fast shredding and position changes, it can also be more difficult for players with smaller hands or children to comfortably hold the instrument
  • Although similar, the neck doesn’t feature Ibanez’s highly acclaimed “Wizard” design
  • Pickups need to be swapped out for higher quality as they don’t compare to others used by Ibanez, although this should be expected as top quality components aren’t available at such a low price

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5. Peavey Iron Man 3/4 Rockmaster

Peavey Iron Man 3/4 Rockmaster Electric Guitar

This 22.5”  decorative guitar is perfect for children.

It features an Iron Man image across the body which will make practising even more desirable and fun, and it made of quality materials!

Its Rosewood fretboard makes the playability smooth and rich sounding, and the humbucker pickup offers a clear, chunky sound!

In the eyes of a 9 year old boy this guitar would be really, really cool.

  • Decorative design makes it perfect for children, and maybe some adults!
  • The Rosewood Fretboard provides a smooth and rich playing experience.
  • Humbucker pickups enable a chunky rock sound, perfect for heavier players.
  • May need setting up before you are happy to play it.
  • There’s one pickup and tone control - so it isn’t very versatile.
  • Less sound quality than some more expensive guitars

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6. Squier by Fender Mini Strat

Squier by Fender Mini Strat  - Rosewood Fingerboard  - Torino Red

Squier have a longstanding reputation as being brilliant first guitars and this 22.75” mini strat is no exception.

As all Fenders are, this is versatile, durable and highly playable.

It has a Rosewood fingerboard to ensure that the playing experience is smooth and the sound is warm, right away, and has Stratocaster pickups so the learner can experiment with different sounds using the pickup selector.

Like the Peavey, this functions wonderfully as a child’s introduction to the electric guitar. Maybe for those who aren’t fans of Iron Man!

  • Classic Strat Style including 3 pickups and a pickup selector.
  • Rosewood fingerboard for a smooth, rich playing experience.
  • Maple neck makes for a high quality resonance.
  • Tuning may not be as stable as on some higher end guitars.
  • Less sound quality than higher end Fender guitars.

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7. Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion

Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion Electric Guitar Gloss Black

Sized at 22.5”, the charmingly named ‘Dinky Minion’ is perfect for small-handed shredders.

It has a Rosewood fretboard on a maple neck: an instant sign of quality, and is available at a nicely budget-friendly price!

The fretboard markings are sharkfin - which looks cool! - and the frets on this one are large! So large, they’re named ‘Jumbo Frets’.

This is a cool guitar, but if jumbo frets aren’t what you’re after, your choice might lie elsewhere...

  • Perfect for speedy playing!
  • Humbucker pickups for a heavy metal sound.
  • Stylish black finish on quality woods.
  • Not well suited to all styles of playing.
  • Mass produced - so the quality of build and electronics is less than higher end guitars.
  • You may want to get it set up before you start playing.

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Since most of these guitars featured different scale lengths, it’ll be hard to say which one is “best” as each will be a better fit for every individual. However, if this is ignored and everything else instead is taken into consideration there are two clear choices.

The Fender Mustang wins top prize for it's price and versatility. Suitable for small handed adults and kids alike, it's a great classic option that will be a joy to play for those of us with small mitts.

If you’re into your classics, the Squier Mini Strat is another great model to play all styles on, and if you lean more towards metal and shredding, then the Ibanez, Peavey and Jackson models will have no doubt caught your eye!

For the budget conscious, the Kona is a more affordable option that still looks great and has decent electronics inside, and has a smaller scale size that is definitely noticeable compared to a full size.

Whichever guitar you decide is right for your - or your child’s - small hands, we hope it serves to entertain and to inspire.

Hard to find, but worth considering too...The Gibson SG Special

Gibson SG Special 2016 T Electric Guitar, Satin Cherry

If you can find one, the Gibson SG Special is a worthy contender for a short scale guitar. At 24.75” this fits the nice middle ground for players who need a short scale guitar, but don’t want to go all the way down to a child size guitar.

The SG suits rhythm players and those who want a chunky lead tone, and the humbuckers here deliver exactly what you expect.

Sometimes SGs can be a bit big for some people, so this would suit those who love the Angus Young sound and look, but don’t appreciate the heavy weight or bulkiness of a full size SG!

  • Excellent finish and the bevelled edges make a very nice visual impact as well as being very comfortable to hold and play.
  • Low action which can be adjusted without a lot of technical knowledge allows you to compensate for a weaker grip strength or to light the fretboard on fire shredding.
  • Tune-o-matic bridge holds light-gauge strings very well with minimal slipping
  • Frets need to be filed smooth at the edges.
  • Whilst the overall design looks good, the humbucker pickups seem to spoil the overall aesthetic
  • If you’re looking for a short scale guitar so that you have something easier to practice on as you begin learning guitar, you might find this one a little too expensive compared to the others

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Rock On!  🙂

Roz is a music teacher and our go-to person for anything music theory! When she’s not teaching or writing for Zing, Roz writes and plays in alternative/ psyche /art rock band The Roz Bruce Infusion.

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