Best Violin Pickups – Which Is Our Favourite?

Violin pickups are an excellent way of amplifying the sound of an acoustic violin. If the tone of an acoustic is what you wish to maintain, or if you just don't fancy an electric violin, there are many easy-to-attach pick ups that can clip or stick onto your instrument, enabling you to plug in to a speaker.

Some pickups are small circles which are stuck to the body of the violin, some come as part of a brand new bridge and some are small pre-amps with microphones attached.

Each kind of pickup is then connected to a speaker using a jack lead, in a similar way to how you plug in an electric instrument.

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Best Violin Pickups On The Market

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Buyer's Tips: What Should I Look For When Buying A Violin Pickup?

  • Choosing the right pickup is a largely personal decision: some people require a pick up that is easy to install and to remove, some prefer the permanence of a bridge with an included pre-amp, and for some players, the budget friendly option of a stick-on piezo will be preferable.

  • Whichever kind of pickup you go for, it is important to look for one that offers a faithful reproduction of the violin's tone, is sturdy and stays in place, and has a strong rejection of feedback.

Here are our Top 5 Violin Pickups:

Violin Pickups Reviews

1) Barcus Berry 1320 Electric Violin Bridge with Built-in Piezo Pickup

Barcus Berry 1320 Electric Violin Bridge with Built-in Piezo Pickup

The Barcus Berry bridge is designed with the professional in mind.

It has a piezo built into the bridge – which you will need to install or get installed – and this enables wideband frequency response.

The placing of the transducer within the bridge means that the string sensitivity is excellent, and also eliminates the risk of knocking the pickup out of place accidentally.

An adjustment key, and installation instructions come as part of the package.

  • Professional quality
  • Natural sound
  • Stays in place
  • Takes some time to install
  • Thicker bridge affects violin's tone

Let's take a look at this pickup...

2) "The Feather" Violin Pickup

'THE FEATHER' VIOLIN PICKUP with FLEXIBLE MICRO-GOOSE NECK by Myers Pickups ~ See it in ACTION! Copy and paste:

This pickup is small, incredibly lightweight and versatile.

It is easy to install and ready to go straight out of the box, even including a pre-installed lithium battery.

One of the best things about this pick up is its flexibility: there is a microphone attached to the clip-on preamp, which in on a flexible micro-goose neck, so can be positioned according to your personal preferences.

The pre-amp enables a rich sound, and this pickup can be used on a variety of instruments.

  • Lightweight
  • Rich Sound
  • Flexible, microphone can be pointed at your preferred place
  • Expensive
  • Less easy to use than some other pickups

Let's take a look at this pickup...

3) Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

Headway The Band Violin Pickup System

The Band pickup is a popular choice, and is easy to install as it is fitted with Velcro around the body of the violin.

It has multiple pickups which are tailored specifically to the violin's sound, and has a very good rejection of feedback.

There are no batteries required, and this works well without a pre-amp.

The Headway Band is sturdy and easy to use.

  • No batteries required
  • Easy to fit and to remove
  • Warm and natural sound
  • Quite big
  • May take a bit of time to set up effectively
  • Can pick up finger noise

Let's take a look at this pickup...

4) Andoer Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Pickup

Andoer Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Pickup Pick-up for Violin with 1/4' Jack 2.5M Cable Compact Professional

This pickup is a budget friendly option, and what you get for the (very low!) price is stunning.

Its clip on design is easy to fit on to the violin, and the included jack means that you can plug in and try it out straight away.

It maintains the natural sound of the violin, and its small size means that it won't get in the way.

A great choice for the amateur who wants to try out playing plugged in!

  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Natural sound
  • May feed back due to the pick up moving slightly
  • The included jack lead is short
  • Lower quality of materials than more expensive pickups

Let's take a look at this pickup...

5) Fishman V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup

Fishman V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup

Fishman pickups are a popular choice amongst professionals, and for good reason.

This pick up is easy to install to the violin bridge, meaning that it won't get in the way or look unsightly.

Its small size also means that it is less likely than some larger pickups to affect the violin's tone or resonance.

It can be plugged into a preamp or directly to a PA system, and has the added benefit of a professional quality carpenter output jack.

It's easy to install and to use, and a reliable, high quality choice of pickup.

  • Easy to install
  • Faithful reproduction of the violin's tone
  • Professional quality
  • May take time to get the settings as you like them through an amp
  • Doesn't come with pre-amp

Let's take a look at this pickup...

And The Winner Is...

Our winner, due to its quality of sound, ease of use and controllability is the Fishman V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup. The quality of this pickup is superior, with its carpenter output jack and sturdy yet light clips.

The fact that it is attached to the bridge makes it an excellent choice for those who do not wish to stick things to the body of their instrument. It also faithfully reproduces the violin's natural, beautiful sound and there are no problems with feedback,

The pickups here vary quite a lot, and it will be a personal decision which one to choose. Whether you go for our choice or the budget-friendly Andoer, the incredibly light 'Feather', the solid 'Band' pickup or the Barcus Berry bridge, we hope that your pickup serves you – and your audiences – well!

Happy Bowing 🙂

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