22 Best Wedding Cake Cutting Songs for That Sweet Moment

One of the most memorable moments of any wedding is cutting the cake. The beautiful cake and looks of sheer bliss on the couple’s faces all deserve the perfect song.

But how do you pick a cake-cutting song? What even constitutes a good one?

From “on the nose” titles like ‘Cake’ to classic songs like ‘L.O.V.E.’ by Nat King Cole, you’re bound to find the perfect song just for your moment on our list of the best wedding cake-cutting songs.

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

This bluesy, almost symphonic love song from Bill Withers, ‘Lovely Day,’ is the perfect tune for cutting that wedding cake. Why? With the happy rhythms, the sweet lyrics, and the melodic jive, you can have some fun while celebrating your amazing life together. After all, it’s your wedding day—a lovely day worth celebrating with the best of the best in sweets, music, dancing, and the best of friends and family.

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L.O.V.E. – Nat King Cole

Perhaps one of the most well-known romantic jazz songs of all time, ‘L.O.V.E.’ sung by Nat King Cole, is a fantastically sweet love song. It’s been sung and played at many weddings over the years because of the sweet sentiment perfect for such an occasion. “Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for two. Two in love can make it. Love was made for me and you.”

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Cake – Flo Rida and 99 Percent

For rap fans, ‘Cake’ by Flo Rida and 99 Percent is a great option. The title says it all: cut it, baby! The song comes from the compilation album by the duo, This is a Challenge, and was released in 2017. The song debuted at number 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at 73, staying on the chart for six weeks. The lyrics definitely add a bit of humor to the wedding reception: “I didn’t come here to stay; I came to leave with somebody. I only came for the cake.”

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It Had to Be You – Harry Connick Jr.

This upbeat, symphonic jazz love song by Harry Connick Jr. is a perfect choice for a wedding song, whether you have your first dance, cut the cake, or waltz down the aisle. The beautiful lyrics put all the emotions of romance into phrases we can all relate to. “It had to be you. I wandered around and finally found the somebody who could make me be true or even be glad, just to be sad.” Uniquely, the song emphasizes flaws in “the one,” which are part of what makes that person “perfect.”

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At Last – Etta James

Originally composed for the film Sun Valley Serenade in 1941, ‘At Last’ sung by Etta James is an incredible slow jazz/big band song. Etta recorded her timeless cover of the song as an R&B charter in 1961, shortly after signing with the famous Chess Records. The incredible violin orchestration, the romantic lyrics, and Etta’s ineffable voice and delivery all make this song one of the greatest choices for weddings today. And if you’re going for a truly romantic feel for your cake cutting, you can’t beat it.

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I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) – Four Tops

While the song might be better known by its opening line of “Sugar pie, honey bunch,” the upbeat romantic vibe of the Motown classic is one of the best songs for a fun wedding you could choose. The fun, sweet lyrics mingle with the easy-to-dance-to rhythm and instrumentation for an unforgettable moment for your special day. Choose this song for your cake cutting, and nobody will ever forget it!

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I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher

A fun, sentimental song with plenty of good vibes and loads of meaningful lyrics, ‘I Got You Babe’ by Sonny and Cher is the perfect choice for a real feel-good cake-cutting song for a wedding. The song has been played over and over again in film scores and TV shows, thanks to the endearing, timeless lyrics, “I got you, babe, I got you, babe.” They’re simple and sincere, and the truth is there: you and your new spouse are all you need for love to win.

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Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

A fun, upbeat song all about sweetness and love—what better song could you find for a wedding cake cutting than ‘Sugar, Sugar’ by the Archies? The peppy, romantic lyrics remind us how sweet love can be by comparing romance and love with sweet treats like candy, sugar, and honey and how love is enticing when you’re with somebody wonderful. “I just can’t believe the wonder of this feeling, too, and you got me wanting you.”

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Everything – Michael Bublé

Co-written by crooner Michael Bublé, ‘Everything’ is a song for the romantics in the crowd. The sweet, upbeat, acoustic guitar-driven song is all about the great happiness of true love. Bublé said of the song, “We’re living in really crazy times, and I wanted to say that no matter what’s happening, this person in my life is what really makes it worthwhile.” You couldn’t get a more perfect message for your wedding day!

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Wedding Cake – dvsn, Ty Dolla $ign

The very title of this song by dvsn and Ty Dolla $ign makes it a great choice for your special day. “Forever my lady, like it’s wedding day, yeah, don’t need no reason for us to celebrate.” The whole song is about celebrating love every single day, wedding day or not, complications or not. The R&B song declares the singer’s priorities are all about the woman in the song and being chosen and choosing each other.

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – James Taylor

Motown songwriters Brian Holland, Eddie Holland, and Lamont Dozier wrote this rhythmic, romantic song that’s been covered so many times you couldn’t even keep track! ‘How Sweet It Is’ was inspired by the trademark line of Jackie Gleason’s “how sweet it is!” said on the show. Writer Dozier said that the song’s lyrics were “wishful thinking” as he sat at the piano composing and daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to have the love of the woman he was crazy about.

Yummy – Justin Bieber

A smooth R&B love song, ‘Yummy’ by Justin Bieber came out as the singer’s first single since his 2016 Purpose single, ‘Company.’ The song is about his wife, Hailey, and was co-written with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and Noah Sammak. The song uses language referencing food, but of course, it’s really about delighting in deeply personal moments together. What better way to cut the cake than with songs alluding to the similarities between the two?

Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Blending a variety of musical genres and subgenres into ‘Say Hey (I Love You),’ poet, musician, and political activist Michael Franti managed to create an incredible love song that appeals to people across many worldviews. The hip-hop influences, industrial punk, and island rhythms of reggae, rock, funk, and jazz make the perfect blend of fun and romance into a danceable song you’ll love playing in your reception hall. “The more I see, the less I know. But I know one thing, that I love you, baby girl. I love you.”

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Better Together – Jack Johnson

If you’ve ever been in love, you know the sentiment found in the title here, ‘Better Together.’ When you’ve found true love, you know you’re better off because you’ve found your “other half” or “better half.” The harmonica accents blending in with the chill reggae style beats and country vibe make it an amazing, chill song that declares love in a stunning, enjoyable way. “Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together. Mmm, we’re somewhere in between together.”

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That’s Amore – Dean Martin

‘That’s Amore’ is one of the most well-known and popular love songs by rat pack singer Dean Martin. The playful song compares amore (love) to all the feelings we get from so many delightful things, like a truly delightful meal. The song has been covered by others, of course, but Martin’s version continues to be the most popular option and has appeared on a ton of shows for fun, romantic scenes like in Frasier, Veronica Mars, Without a Trace, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Friends, and even the Sopranos.

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Beyond – Leon Bridges

Playing on the old adage, “fools rush in,” Leon Bridges brings romance and love into focus. “Do you think I’m being foolish if I don’t rush in?” The soul singer may be best known for ‘Coming Home,’ but this stunning love song is all you could ask for in a romantic song. “She might just be my everything and beyond.” The soulful ballad is loaded with catchy hooks and stunning rhythmic chants you won’t be able to resist—kind of like that tasty wedding cake!

All of Me – John Legend

“All of me loves all of you. All your perfect imperfections. Love your curves and all your edges.” With some of the most empowering love lyrics from John Legend, this song is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day. Your love isn’t perfect—everyone has flaws—but when you “lose” together, you’re truly winning because you’ve given each other all you are. Life is hard sometimes, and while you don’t want to think about that on your wedding day, knowing that those rough edges won’t change your love is beautiful.

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I Do – Colbie Caillat

This peppy, happy love song is a fabulously fun choice for your special day. According to the singer, the lyrics have a fun play on words. Colbie Caillat said the song isn’t actually about getting married but saying “I do love you” and getting ready to tell that person you love that you’re in love. What a perfect sentiment for a wedding day! Every day should be filled with that sweet, wonderful “I do love you!”

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Lips Like Sugar – Echo & The Bunnymen

‘Lips Like Sugar’ is a single from the English rock band Echo & the Bunnymen that was released in 1987. The song about elusive love from a woman with lips as sweet as sugar became a huge charting success for the band in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. And though it didn’t hit as big in the US, it became their biggest song in America. “Lips like sugar. Sugar kisses.” After eating some wedding cake at the cake-cutting ceremony, you’re sure to both have sugar kisses!

It’s a Wonderful Time for Love – Norah Jones

Norah Jones, who said she didn’t know a lot of chords on the guitar, chose to use these stunning jazz rhythms and chords in the song to create this moody love song, “It’s a Wonderful Time for Love.” The song is about Jones’ love story with her musician husband, with the jazz piano roots showing in the smoldering tune. And what more appropriate time for love than a wedding? Cut that cake!

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

A super fun, joyous love song tinged with banjo beats, ‘Best Day of My Life’ was written by the band to bring joy to the world in the midst of tragedy in the world. They focused on this joyous, happy tune because they felt happiness was missing from so much rock music. They purposefully created this tune with so many hooks and earworms just to help keep happiness “stuck” in peoples’ heads. “This is gonna be the best day of my life, my li-i-i-i-i-ife.” And what day could be better than your wedding day?

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Stevie Wonder

This song exclaims, “Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered—I’m yours!” And what more fitting song could you choose for your wedding celebration? The Motown soul song from Stevie Wonder, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ was released in 1970 as a single and spent six weeks at number one on the charts. The song talks about “mistakes” of the past, but when he realizes how amazing the woman is, he comes back and is committed. It’s ranked in The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time for a reason.

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