Being Keef: 9 Classic Keith Richards Quotes

Songwriter, swashbuckling guitarist, Rolling Stones glimmer twin Keith Richards is a legend in it’s truest sense.

To boot he’s come out with some of the most memorable, hilarious, even profound comments in his 50 years with the greatest rock n roll band in history.

Mischievous, irreverent, outrageous, but never dull. Here are our fave Keith Richards quotes.

Over to you Keef.

  1. Keef on cell phones

keith richards cell phones

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2. Keef on the blues

keith on the blues

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3. Keef on growing up

keith on growing up

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4. Keef on the stage

keith on peace and quiet

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5. Keef on age

keith on michael jackson

Image source

6. Keef on drugs

keith on drugs

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7. Keef on cigarettes

keith on cigarettes

Image Source

8. Keef on living

keith on life

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9. Keith on music

keith on music



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keith richards
Being Keef: 9 Classic Keith Richards Quotes
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