best drum heads

Best Drum Heads – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Even the best beginner kits often come with low-quality skins which struggle to stay in tune for long or survive a beating. Of course, a premium drum kit with excellent skins is going to cost a small fortune, so one … Read more


Best Cymbals – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Cymbals are an integral part of any drum kit. Although they look like a simple hunk of cyclical metal, there’s more to them than meets the eye, and an incredible amount of mastery goes into making the best ones. In … Read more

drum kit in plaza

Best Portable Drum Sets – Compact & Easy to Transport

If you’re a drummer, you’ll be familiar with the problem of getting your instrument back and forth between gigs, recording studios and rehearsal rooms. Even at home, a full-size drum kit can be a problem if you’re short on space. … Read more

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Best Drum Sets for Kids – Buying Guide and Reviews

Encouraging your kids to learn an instrument is always a great idea, and drums are relatively easy to pick up for children –  they’re also a lot of fun, and have a ‘coolness’ factor to them. But here’s the thing: … Read more

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Best Jazz Drum Sets – Buying Guide and Reviews

Jazz drum sets are a different beast to the standard kits you see. For a start, they tend to be smaller and often use wooden shells, with maple and birch being popular choices for their tonal qualities, as well as … Read more

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Best Beginner Drum Sets – Buying Guide and Reviews

There’s no better feeling than grabbing a pair of drum sticks and tapping out a rhythm on a great sounding drum set. Drums are easily the most physical of all the instruments, and while they’re one of the easiest instruments … Read more