11 Best Enrique Iglesias Songs, King of Latin Pop

Born in Madrid, Spain to famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, it didn’t take long for the multi-talented Enrique Iglesias to follow in his father’s footsteps. Showing a passion for both singing and songwriting, by the 1990s Enrique was already churning out hits and topping Latin music charts. His hard work and musical talents set him up to become that decade’s best-selling Spanish-language artist.

But he wasn’t done there. While racking up 27 number one singles on Latin charts, he began releasing English-language albums as well in the States with powerhouse Universal Music Group. Between his American and Latin hits, he has a total of 154 number one singles. His worldwide fame ignited record sales, and over the course of three decades, he has generated more than 70 million album sales worldwide.

His collaborations with fellow musical superstars, hit songwriting abilities, and command of both his vocals and any stage he performs on (he’s headlined 10 completely sold out world tours) are all impressive and make him one of the world’s most celebrated artists of all time. A literal G.O.A.T., check out the hottest Enrique Iglesias songs below.

11. El Baño

Pop icon Enrique Iglesias plays the role of Latin lover for his sexually-charged single ‘El Baño.’ Practicing the art of seduction with expert skill, he regales his current flame with lyrical descriptions of love and adulation he needs from her now, and even a little bit of talk about settling down in the future. Originally released in Spanish in collaboration with fellow artist Bad Bunny who appears on the track, fans were clamoring for the tune so much lyrics were released in English as well so listeners could figure out what the heck he was actually singing about in regards to “the bathroom” (which translates to the song’s Spanish title).

10. I Like It

A high energy party track is taken up a notch with an appearance by rapper Pit Bull. While Iglesias is most known for his commercial pop appeal, a sometimes overlooked impressive aspect of his career has been his ability to write his own music, and his ability to turn many of those into hits. ‘I Like It’ is one of those hits that got a lot of chart love, especially thanks to its inclusion in the wildly popular MTV show at the time of its release in 2010, the Jersey Shore. Appearing on his album Euphoria, ‘I Like It’ reignited Enrigue’s career that had hit a bit of a snag. The tune rocketed up the charts into the top 5 in both the US and the UK. And the album was the first of its kind for the Spanish singer, which featured songs in both English and his family’s native language, Spanish.

9. Loco (ft. Romeo Santos)

Iglesias teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Romeo Santos for this yearning track about the overpowering nature of love. ‘Loco’ translates to “crazy” in English, and one listen to the emotional ballad will leave you with your heart broken even if it was in one piece when the first notes played. The song is delivered completely in Spanish, but Enrique’s ability to cross the language barrier and communicate by emotion and energy creates a moving experience for his vast, dedicated English-speaking audience as well.

8. Bailamos

A huge success for the Spanish artist, ‘Hero’ is featured on Iglesias’ 2001 smash hit album, Escape. It was his second record featuring material exclusively in English, and it catapulted him to international fame, making him not only a beloved Spanish singer but an in-demand American music sensation as well. He co-wrote the tune, going back to his high school days in his mind and remembering how intense love feels when you’re so young. The romantic pop ballad remains one of his best-selling singles of all time. It was a number one hit on many charts, including the Adult Contemporary chart, of which it stayed at the top of for almost four months. It also climbed all the way to number three on Billboard’s Hot 100.

7. El Perdedor (ft. Marco Antonio Solis)

“Let the rhythm take you over.” A sexy, grooving beat accompanies the song’s title, ‘Bailamos,’ as Enrique beckons listeners everywhere to “dance.” A huge international hit for the artist, its success in Spain, Canada, and several other countries prompted his team to release it on his debut, self-titled English album premiering in the States in ‘99. It peaked at the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100, and earned a spot in the popular flick Wild, Wild West starring Will Smith. This sensual tune proved to be the breakout track he needed that left American audiences craving more.

6. Hero (ft. Marco Antonio Solis)

Mexican musician Marco Antonio Solis makes an appearance again on this heartbreak ballad that was especially difficult for Iglesias to write due to his personal connection to it. Drawing from real life events involving him losing a woman he was still passionately in love with, ‘El Perdedor,’ which translates to “The Loser” in English, takes you on one powerful emotional ride. When Enrique got into the studio with it, he called in two friends of his, longtime collaborators Mark Taylor and Paul Barry, to help him produce the track.

5. Duele El Corazon (ft. Wisin)

Another romance-heavy track with an irresistible beat, ‘Duele El Corazon’ is another one of Iglesias’ countless popular Spanish tunes. With lyrics focused on him passionately confessing his love to his partner, rapper Wisin swoops in with an appearance as well, using his time to shine to try and steal the woman away from Enrique. This creates a battle between two hearts, dramatically rendered in the song’s popular music video. Latin charts couldn’t get enough of the catchy, high stakes track. And it received several nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards. It also won an award for Collaboration of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony.

4. Subeme La Radio (ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox)

Iglesias packed the studio with this Latin star-studded hit song telling listeners to “Turn up the radio.” ‘Subeme La Radio’ features a fun-filled collaboration between Enrique and fellow musicians Descemer Bueno and duo Zion & Lennox. Between all of the talented musicians, Cuban influences, Spanish stylings, and hints of reggae are all in full force for the track. It was a huge hit in Spain in 2017, making its way to the second spot on Spanish charts. It also made the rounds in America, taking the second spot on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart as well.

3. El Perdón (w. Enrique Iglesias)

Though Iglesias normally prefers to have a heavy hand in the songwriting process for his tracks, when Nicky Jam called him up with his song ‘El Perdon,’ Iglesias loved it so much he didn’t mind he wasn’t the one to pen the tune. The focus of the song is on “forgiveness,” and at its core it’s a love song. That’s why, while it sports a reggae-centric beat, Jam feels so many people loved the track so much. While he feels much of the reggae genre of today deals with more surface level emotions, ‘El Perdon’ contains a moving message centered around both joy and pain that comes with loving someone. The collaboration scored the two artists a huge Spanish hit. And Enrique’s involvement helped send the song up Billboard’s Hot 100, marking Jam’s first time on the highly sought after chart.

2. Cuando Me Enamoro (w. Juan Luis Guerra)

A soft, sensual groove gently backs Iglesias and Dominican musician Juan Luis Guerra as they harmonize to open up this tune about an unexpected encounter with love that leaves them hypnotized. The song’s title translates to the phrase, “When I fall in love,” and this popular Spanish track is another solid addition to Iglesias’ repertoire that reminds fans he’s a hopeless romantic. The pop star has collaborated with many veteran artists over the years, but Guerra is perhaps one of the most decorated in the industry. He’s sold over 30 million albums globally, making him one of the Latin genre’s best-selling musicians of all time.

1. Bailando (feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona) – Spanish Version

With a title like ‘Bailando,’ which translates to “Dancing” in English, listeners shouldn’t be surprised by this single’s effortless beat and sexy, Flamenco-style guitar work. Iglesias once again teamed up with Descemer Bueno for the tune, and another act, Cuban reggae duo Gente De Zona, is featured as well. Iglesias is known for making several different cuts for his songs, and a different version of ‘Bailando’ features yet another popular artist, Sean Paul, who is a native of Jamaica but is also massively popular in the States. Guest appearances on the track read like a who’s who of the music industry so it should also come as no surprise that this fun, engaging tune is a record breaker. It has the honor of being Billboard’s longest-running number one song ever for the Hot Latin Songs chart.

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