9 Guitar Gifts That Are Surefire Winners!

Struggling to find a gift for someone special? Thinking a guitar related gift could be a good idea? Awesome, you're in the right place. Here are 9 awesome guitar gifts that any guitarist in his or her right mind would be thrilled to receive.

#1: Guitar Lessons

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

You run the risk of instantly offending the recipient with this, but to be honest it's one of the best guitar gifts you can give a player, whatever their level (ok, if you happen to be buying a gift for Tommy Emmanuel maybe don't bother)

You could get some face to face lessons depending on where your based. If you know of a good teacher, then perfect. Chances are you don't, so opt for the safest route: online guitar lessons.

There are a ton of great online learning resources these days. The benefit being that most cater for all levels, so regardless of your recipient's skill level there'll be something in it for them. Each online school has it's own pricing structure, but most offer some kind of trial period.

Check out these three options:

guitar tricks

Guitar Tricks

This site covers many genres and levels, so it's a safe bet for the all rounder guitarist (or if you aren't quite sure what style your friend plays!)

Go to the site

Study with Adam

If you friend likes to play fingerstyle guitar you'd be wise to try out Adam Rafferty's 'studywithadam' online school.

Go to the site

Joscho Stephan's Gypsy Jazz Academy

Why not encourage they learn a new genre of guitar? Gypsy Jazz guitar, or 'Jazz Manouche' is a fantastic technique, and is massively growing in popularity.

Go to the site​

#2: A Personalized Guitar Strap

Image courtesy of Strapgraphics.co.uk

Guitar gifts don't come much better than this! Every guitarist needs a strap, and most straps are dreary looking things straight out the factory.

Why not a guitar strap personalised for them?

There are some great websites that help you design one from the comfort of your armchair and then order (get it delivered straight to them!).

Strapgraphics have some wonderful designs for you to check out, as do Double Treble

#3: Subscription To A Guitar Player Magazine

Image courtesy of Guitarplayer.com

Another low cost option, but equally valuable is getting your mate a subscription to a popular guitar player magazine. 

Like the guitar lessons, you run the risk of getting the genre wrong and buying them the wrong thing! Guitar music is so varied - think about it, you have all the way from thrash metal to classical music covered by the guitar. All played by the same instrument, but styles are worlds apart. If you know their preference, go with that, but you can't go far wrong with guitarplayer magazine

#4: A Cool Guitar Tee

Image courtesy of Cafepress.co.uk

Still not convinced by these guitar gifts? No problem, how about a cool guitar t-shirt?

Like the guitar strap, there is a vast array of designs to choose from - plus you can personalise one, then get it ordered direct. 

Check out Cafepress.co.uk for some great designs off the shelf, also spreadshirt.co.uk do some wonderful wacky prints that you'll love.

#5: A Guitar Toilet Seat!

Image courtesy of JamminJohns.co.uk

The wackiest idea among these guitar gifts has to be this. For sheer ridiculousness, how about a guitar toilet seat?!

Never seen one? Nor had I until now, take a look.  

One of my favourite sites has to be Jammin' Johns​ - they do a wide range of toilet seats that are sure to crack up your guests.

#6: A Customised Guitar Pick

Image courtesy of PrintedGuitarPicks.co.uk

The guitar pick is one of those things that any guitarist needs (unless they play fingerstyle guitar). Buying a stash of pick ups personalised for them is a sure sign of friendship and will make them chuffed to bits.

Be careful though. Guitarists are very choosy about the size and thickness of their picks. Best to get hold of a guitar pick they currently use ​and make sure you order something similar.

PrintedGuitarPicks.co.uk are a good site to check out, as is Plectrumpicker.co.uk 

#7: A Year's Supply Of Guitar Strings

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

This is one of my favourites. A year's supply of guitar strings would beat any boxset pressie (except for maybe the new Game Of Thrones season 🙂

Changing guitar strings is the bane of most guitarists, and the excuse we often give ourselves is 'we're out of strings'. Well, with a decent supply, there's no excuse. The result will be a better sounding guitar throughout the year, for sure.

Check these out for reasonably priced decent strings​

Click to learn more / buy from Amazon

#8: A Super-Cool Guitar Tuner

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

This is a cheap option, but one that's bound to put a smile on any guitarists face. We often stick with the same old guitar tuner, and if you bought one a few years ago chances are you have a bulky looking boxy thing. 

These days clip on tuners are all the rage, and super convenient because they basically just stick to your guitar's headstock. Much easier.

There are LOTS of options out there, but I'd personally check out this Eno Clip On Guitar Tuner​ which is really cheap for the money.

Click to learn more / buy from Amazon

#9: A Pocket Practice Tool 

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

For the guitar geek supreme, get them a portable practice tool!  

What on earth is one of those I hear you say! Well, imagine cutting the end of the guitar, keeping just the first few frets. And imagine being able to carry that around in a handy little device.

Yep, you got it. You may get some curious looks using it, but hey if you're stuck at an airport or a long bus journey why not practice your chords and scales!​

This one from Skyreat looks to be pretty good.


Really hope this has served to give you some ideas. You really can't go wrong with these guitar gifts. I'm an avid guitarists and would love pretty much any of them!

Of course the mother of all presents is a new guitar! You'd have to know the recipient pretty well to go ahead and purchase a guitar. Here are some full size guitars that are worth checking out. Another great idea is a smaller travel guitar, which are super convenient when your on the road, on a camping trip, or wherever. And sound pretty cool too. 

Would love to hear if you ended up buying any of these and gave them as pressies...what was the reaction?! 

What do you think is a good gift for a guitarist? Have you given a guitar gift and it backfired? Or maybe it went down really well? Would love to hear from you.

Drop me a comment below...​

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