teacher and girl learning to play guitar

Best Way to Learn Guitar – Step by Step Guide

So you want to learn how to play guitar? Great. It’s well worth the effort, and as instruments go, it’s one of the easiest to learn. There are even a ton of health benefits attributed to doing it too. So what’s … Read more

tuning a classical guitar

How to Tune a Guitar – Step by Step Guide

In this article, you’ll learn how to tune a guitar. We’ll cover what is called ‘standard tuning’ which is most common. There are plenty of other alternate tunings available, but for the beginner, this will suffice. Standard tuning is the … Read more

how to hold a guitar pick

How To Hold a Guitar Pick – Step by Step Guide

Many guitarists assume they know how to hold a guitar pick the right way, but you’d be surprised how many do it wrong. But here’s the thing: An improper technique will impede the progress with your instrument, especially with advanced … Read more

squeezing a ball

9 Guitar Warm Up Exercises We Love

Like any form of exercise, before you have a session on the guitar you have to limber up. Do I really need to bother? Well, nobody thinks it’s going to happen to them, but unfortunately playing fast, repetitive styles (especially shredding) … Read more

how to play with a metronome

How to Play with a Metronome

Before we dive in with some advice on how to play with a metronome, you might be wondering: why oh why do I need to use one of those annoying ticking things?! I hear ya. A lot of fresh faced … Read more

strumming a guitar

Guitar Strumming Patterns

When you’re starting out, the focus is quite rightly on memorizing chord shapes and moving between them. Once you’re comfortable playing a few, it’s time to turn your attention to strumming. But many players get lazy and only learn one … Read more


How to Master the Guitar Pull-Off

You’ve seen guitarists like Angus Young twiddling away without even using their right hand. You’ve enjoyed the legato licks of Hendrix and Clapton. Perhaps you’ve even drooled over some of Kirk Hammett’s two-handed tapping pull-offs. Pull-offs are a great way … Read more

picture of calluses from playing guitar

How to Build Guitar Calluses – Quick & Effective Steps

When you’re just beginning to play guitar, it is likely that you have experienced an unpleasant burning sensation in the tips of your fingers after or during your session. Over time, your fingertips will harden and form what are known … Read more


What is Pearloid? And When Was it First Introduced?

Pearloid, colloquially known as “mother of toilet seat”, is the material used to make that nice and fancy pattern on the fretboard markings of Gibson guitars, Gibson copies, as well as the pickguards of various Strats and Strat-style guitars. Pearloid … Read more

fingerstyle guitar

Fingerstyle Guitar For Beginners

Beginners often struggle with fingerpicking. It probably shouldn’t be the first thing you learn as a guitarist, but beginners are often put off, thinking its too hard. In this article, we’re going to give you some pointers on how to play this … Read more