8 Inspirational Music Quotes To Reinvigorate You!

As an aspiring musician it’s easy to get dispirited if your playing or music career isn’t going places.

For a quick boost sometimes an inspirational quote can do wonders. Good quotes have the power to lift, energise and even reinvigorate us. And we all need a bit of reinvigoration sometimes!

But hold on there a second I hear you say. Quotes are cheesy as hell right? Yup, I grant you, many are. But like everything, you gotta filter out the rubbish. Fortunately for you we’ve gone and done that for you.

Here are our favourite inspirational music quotes. Hope you like them too.

  1. Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart

Music is a piece of art...


Sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves why we make music in the first place. Writing and recording music is a hugely creative process and (when it’s done well) great music has the ability to ‘speak to the heart’ more effectively than words!

2. Music is my escape

music is my escape

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Often music provides a means for releasing all the pent up pressure that comes with modern living. Not so sure about the guy standing on the ledge of a high rise block though – assuming he isn’t about to throw himself off!

3. Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story

behind every song

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Why are certain songs favorite songs? Because they mean something and capture a long lost moment you’re nostalgic about. Maybe it’s the song you listened to as a kid, a song you listened to on long road trips with your uncle and aunt, perhaps it was your first dance at your wedding. Music is extremely evocative, and in an instant can take you back like a time travel machine (HG Wells eat your heart out!).

4. A painter paints pictures on a canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence

a musician paints on silence

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Like painters, musicians are artists. Only they don’t paint on canvas, they paint in sound. Nice analogy isn’t it. As art goes, music precedes pictures. We made sound a long time before we figured out how to draw stuff. Music is the original art form.

5. A painter paints pictures on a canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence

to play a wrong note

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I love this Beethoven quote, it’s so true. When music is played with passion, it’s almost irrelevant how technically good it is. Obviously if you’re listening to something that demands extreme precision (ironically, a lot of classical music) then you want precision – but for most music, passion trumps technique. It’s the reason why a Neil Young solo is so much better than so many better ‘technical’ lead guitarists. He makes a load of ‘mistakes’ but the passion is abundant.

6. Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive and music

music and driving

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The open road, listening to your favorite album. Sounds ideal right? That is unless you’re traveling with kids – if that;s case, they’d better be fast asleep in the back. Quite frankly kids don’t tend to dig your playlist, preferring the soundtrack to Frozen or some other annoying Disney soundtrack. A long drive is the perfect way to get into a new album – in fact when else do you have that much time to really listen to music? For your next trip, make sure you plan ahead and buy some new albums.

7. I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I’m doing

collection of music quotes

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I had to include this collection of quotes – not all related to music, but who cares. They’re great quotes. I especially like Jimmy Page’s quote about believing in what you’re doing (even if you don’t believe in yourself). Deep.

8. Life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness. but as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also make music

white keys black keys

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Ironically the black keys are the sharps and flats, or the high and lows if you want to stretch the analogy. It’s a nice message, the crappy time suck, but they’re an important part of your life experience. Without those low times, the high’s wouldn’t be so high.


So whats your favourite of these eight? Do you have a quote that really resonates with you? A quote that others may find helpful to reinvigorate them? If so, share it below.

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