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Jobs For Guitar Players: How To Earn A Living With Your Guitar?

There's a lot of pressure on guitarists, at times, to place their 'hobby' alongside their 'real job'. It's unusual, because, unlike with other skills, this isn't valued by those who don't play as being something you can earn a living from.

You might experience non-musician friends rolling their eyes, when you let slip your plans to 'make a career' out of your musical ability and knowledge.

However, as I suspect you suspected, this is nonsense.

Here are 5 ways you can make your guitar playing pay the bills:

1) Session Guitarist

“It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll.” However, despite it being a competitive industry, session guitar playing is not an impossible industry to get into.

It's a self-employed position which involves a lot of networking and entrepreneurship. But with a little patience and a lot of motivation, your skills can get you onto some big stages with some even bigger artists!

2) Function Band Guitarist

Something you could do whilst on your journey to becoming a session musician, or something you could be satisfied with in itself. The wage for playing in a function band is pretty good, as weddings and similar events pay high prices for their entertainment.

It's also a fun, varied and quite rewarding career, where you get to use your skills on a regular basis.

3) Guitar Teacher

Even more rewarding that using your skills for regular performances is sharing what you know with others.

Inspiring the next generation of guitarists is fun and noble profession, and one it's not too hard to get into. Here are some tips on how to become a music teacher in 5 easy steps.

If you're a gear geek, and love fixing your own guitars when something goes awry, this could be a new business for you.

Not all guitarists love to fix their own gear, and many equally don't love the prices shops can charge for guitar maintenance.

Setting up your own business as a guitar-fixer-guy-or-girl could be a sure way to self-employed success. You can also get to go on tour with some cool bands as you maintain their guitars each night ready for the stage!

5) Gear Guru

They might not call it 'Gear Guru' on the job description. They're more likely to describe jobs like this as 'Sales Assistant' or similar. However, a general requirement for a sales assistant in a music, or, more specifically, guitar shop, is an up to date knowledge of instruments.

You could be the guy or girl who is advising people on what their next instrument should be, and you can spend your down-time playing nice guitars in the shop! Sound like a dream?


Whichever of these 5 appeals to you the most, we at Zing would like to urge you to go for it! Hey, maybe even more than 1 of these 5 appeals to you! Go for both!

Don't let anybody tell you that you can't make a living from your love for the guitar.

Roz is a music teacher and our go-to person for anything music theory! When she’s not teaching or writing for Zing, Roz writes and plays in alternative/ psyche /art rock band The Roz Bruce Infusion.

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