Most Comfortable Guitar Straps – Buying Guide and Reviews

Getting a decent guitar strap can make a MASSIVE difference if you suffer from back pain. Hell, even if you don't, you want to be comfortable playing your guitar right?

Yup, thought so!

Let's take a look at 5 of the most comfortable guitar straps you'll ever have the pleasure of wearing - we also include the best leather guitar straps you can get your mitts on. 

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Most Comfortable Guitar Straps On The Market

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Buyer's Tips: What to look for in a guitar strap

You have that aching feeling in your back from holding a heavy guitar and you need something to give you that extra bit of support while you play? Then a guitar strap is for you. Confused about what to look for? These are the points I would suggest to keep in mind.

  • ​Not too heavy: there are straps out there which can weigh several pounds. Yes, the material might be made from the same stuff as the Terminator, but carrying it around your shoulders will be just as painful as holding two guitars
  • ​A lot of straps nowadays are made of leather, the material is hardy and therefore will last you. You can get cheaper straps made of nylon, cotton and elastic material which can be comfy. I would suggest leather purely because of its durability
  • ​Reviews are an extremely useful tool. Always do your research before buying any item you are investing time in. Luckily for you, I have picked out some of the comfiest guitar straps you can buy. If you’d like to try another item, please pick something that is reputable

5 Most Comfortable Guitar Straps

1. Levy's Leathers MSS2-BLK

Levy's Leathers MSS2-4-BLK 4 Garment Leather Signature Series Bass Guitar Strap, Black

This is one of the more simple looking guitar straps but don’t underestimate it due to its looks. The leather material is quality but also has a foam padding for extra comfort. With an adjustable length of 36-52 inches, this strap can suit most players.

  • Great padding, the foam really helps to soak up any vibrations made by the guitar.
  • Good leather material, becomes quite supple after a lot of use.
  • You can purchase the XL version which adds 12 inches to the overall length.
  • A bit more expensive than other straps out there, this would be an investment.
  • Quite a thick strap, may struggle to go over some hardware.
  • Does take awhile to break in, the leather can be stiff for the first few hours of playing.

Here's a demo:

2. Gibson Gear ASAC-TAN Guitar Strap (Editor's Choice)

Gibson The Montana Padded Guitar Strap

Every time you read a guitar post, you will most likely run into some article with the Gibson name. They are an extremely popular and versatile brand, comfy straps no exception. This particular model is a good looking tan colour, has memory foam padding, it is a strap with style. It's one of the best leather guitar straps out there, but for some reason I can always imagine a cowboy wearing it!

  • Looks awesome. For anyone wanting something a little different than the usual black strap, this is the one for you.
  • Memory foam padding is comfy and allows the wearer to instantly get back into a comfortable position.
  • Very useful if you have a heavy guitar, I found the Gibson to really hold its own.
  • Quite a short length, my six foot friend struggled to get comfortable with this strap.
  • Pro and con: Some people hate memory foam, it’s like marmite.
  • Slightly more expensive than the Levy’s strap, again it’s an investment.

Let's take a look at one..

3. Souldier Custom USA Handmade Electric Guitar Strap

Souldier GS0402GD04BK Custom USA Handmade Electric Guitar Strap - Cabernet Burgundy

For someone wanting a little different than the black straps on offer by most brands, Souldier is the fun option for you. Coming in a few different styles, these handmade straps have some pretty cool vintage designs that are comfy to boot! Not too expensive either, comes in around average.

  • Very cool designs, I loved the look of the Cabernet Burgundy as it screamed vintage.
  • Double thick leather ends make this a durable strap.
  • Comfy strap that doesn't feel too heavy,
  • Not as comfy as others on offer, it’s made from recycled seat belt, so imagine that material on you for a few hours.
  • Quite a thin strap, this one can dig into your shoulder after a few hours use.
  • Holes are a little small, took me awhile to button up.

Great demo:

4. Fender Black/Yellow/Red Monogrammed Strap (Budget Choice)

Fender Black/Yellow/Red Monogrammed Strap

Like the Gibson, Fender is another make you will always hear guitar enthusiasts fawning about. The monogrammed strap is one of my personal favourites as it is comfy but without the hefty price tag of the others. It is made from faux leather (more like plastic) and has the Fender logo blazoned across. It also comes in several colours for you picky lot!

  • Much cheaper than other straps on the market.
  • Looks pretty cool, I like the Fender logo and the general design of the strap.
  • It has some padding for extra comfort.
  • This can be considered a budget strap, therefore it isn’t as comfy as the more expensive options.
  • Even with the padding, the strap feels quite thin. After hours of use, I still found red marks on my shoulders from digging in.
  • Ends are made of thick leather which makes strapping the buttons quite difficult.

Here's a video demo...

5. Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Strap, Black Leather

Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Strap, Black Leather

This is an interesting strap as it has a patented lock system that first virtually any guitar. It also helps that it’s made with high quality black leather which makes it quite a comfy strap. Has an adjustable length of 35-60 inches which can suit most players.

  • Cool locking system, you don’t need to change hardware.
  • Black leather feels quite comfy, not too thick or too thin.
  • Sold at a good price considering it is one of the comfier straps.
  • Very simple looking in black. Is pretty much the boring option out of the five.
  • Strangely enough, the leather on this strap smells a little. Took several hours to get the chemical smell out.
  • No padding. The leather is comfy, however, straps with extra padding is best for players who wish to spend hours wearing the guitar.


So which strap would I prefer to wear when rocking out? All five are pretty comfy guitar straps that I would happily throw on and play with for a few hours. This review is about comfort though, which is where my winner is boss.

The Gibson Comfort has to be the best for comfort as its memory foam padding gives that little extra oomph needed when holding a heavier guitar or playing for a considerable length of time. It may be a little more expensive than other straps out there, but when it’s your health and well-being at stake, spending an extra tenner is worth it. Definitely one of the best leather guitar straps around.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review of the 5 most comfortable guitar straps. What strap do you wear? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Featured image source: Alan LevineCC BY 2.0

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