JJ Cale Naturally vinyl

13 Best J.J. Cale Songs, Tulsa Sound Innovator

Known by fellow musicians as one of rock’s most important figures, we dive into J.J. Cale’s bluesy classics and highlight the role the introverted guitarist played in founding the “Tulsa Sound”

morrissey viva hate

17 Best Morrissey Songs that Illustrate His Brilliance

Morrissey’s music full of raw, unfiltered honesty has been drawing both praise and criticism from all over the world since the 1980s. His epic body of work has earned him recognition as one of Great Britain’s artistic idols. Sometimes the villain, sometimes the hero, we unpack the outspoken musician’s best songs here

Peter Gabriel

12 Best Peter Gabriel Songs that Showcase the Enigmatic Genius

Progressive rock icon Peter Gabriel has always used his music platform to pen songs that challenge society and speak to the lonely and disenfranchised. A longtime challenger of the pop genre status quo, we highlight his most impactful releases still culturally relevant today

johnny cash

10 Best Johnny Cash Songs, The Man in Black

A pioneering force to be reckoned with, without Johnny Cash’s influence on the genre, country music wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is today. From legendary songs about jail time to love songs penned for his sweetheart June Carter, read on as we unravel the mysterious outlaw figure known as “The Man in Black”

howlin wolf vinyl

9 Best Howlin’ Wolf Songs that Celebrate the Blues Giant

Perhaps no Chicago blues figure is more magnetic than Howlin’ Wolf. His commanding vocals pull you in and his electrified, big band sound begs you to stay. Stay with us as we tackle this formidable playlist and unpack his high-powered hits

john denver vinyl

9 Best John Denver Songs that Capture the Magic

A folk hero of sorts, John Denver is one of country music’s most beloved songwriters. A romanticist at heart, his uplifting, gentle music and lyrics became a defining voice of a generation throughout the ’70s and ’80s. From songs about road trips home to his enduring love for his family, read on for the backstory behind the singer’s biggest hits

van morrison

11 Best Van Morrison Songs You Will Love

While his more commercial hits are the stuff of classic folk-rock, the innovative Northern Irish singer-songwriter combined genres in such a unique way a subgenre all his own was born, “Celtic Blues.” With a romantic emphasis on love and the beauty of life, we look at this Emerald Isle native’s biggest hits and most played tracks

muddy waters vinyl

10 Best Muddy Waters Songs that Embody this Blues Legend

Before many delta blues players moved North to explore the blues’ amped up sound, there was Muddy Waters pounding the pavement in Chicago, making the electric blues movement what it is today. Dive into his influential releases and dynamic sound that kickstarted a whole new subgenre

jack johnson

20 Best Jack Johnson Songs, Laidback Vibes with a Message

It takes one listen to Jack Johnson’s beachy-cool acoustic gems to know he’s not just a hit songwriter, he’s one heck of a surfer too. With major island vibes and a voice as free and easy as the wind, check out the performer and passionate philanthropist’s fan-favorite originals and biggest singles