Guns N Roses

Top 10 Guns N’ Roses Songs, Ring Leaders of ’80s Hard Rock

With a larger than life rock presence and a stellar catalog of seemingly endless hits, we detail Guns N’ Roses’ unforgettable singles, stirring covers, and the albums that made them one of music’s biggest bands to ever come out of the wild and wacky California music scene

Kurt Vile Cover

Top 12 Kurt Vile Songs, Folk-Infused Psych-Pop Maestro

From lo-fi, self-recorded CDs to masterfully produced, country-soaked guitar records, Kurt Vile has strolled his own meandering route towards the table of great American songwriters. We’re zoning out and honing in on a dozen picks from the master of folk-infused psych-pop

the supremes

Top 15 Supremes Songs, Motown Royalty

A premier all-girl music group of the 1960s, The Supremes’ massive success helped pave the way for countless future female-lead acts, and defined the musical sounds of an era. From their angelic pop singles to some of their more distinctive cuts, we cover The Supremes’ momentous music and their story-filled rise to fame

Sam Cooke Cover

Top 12 Sam Cooke Songs, King of Soul Music

One of the greatest voices of all time and the soul genre’s biggest champion, singer-songwriter Sam Cooke released timeless classics and became an icon of cultural change over the course of his noteworthy career. From his rhythmic, romantic singles to his historically significant tribute to cultural change, we detail Sam Cooke’s greatest compositions and the stories behind them

nat king cole vinyl

14 Greatest Nat King Cole Songs, Maestro of Jazz and Pop

A multi-genre recording powerhouse, Nat King Cole amassed hit after hit while building one of the best selling discographies of all time. From his jazz singles to his pop chart toppers, we cover Cole’s legendary career and the music that made him a beloved star in America and abroad

duke ellington vinyl

King of Jazz: 12 Best Duke Ellington Songs

Praised by many as the 20th century’s greatest composer, Duke Ellington remains the jazz genre’s most influential founding father. He brought big band jazz into the mainstream and produced an insurmountable body of work ranging from pop-tinged hits and long-form pieces to some of jazz’s most distinctive compositions ever recorded. Read on as we unpack our favorite Duke Ellington songs and reveal why he is still considered to be one of the greatest jazz players of all time

violent femmes vinyl

10 Best Violent Femmes Songs, Folk-Punk Pioneers

Capturing the fiery angst of teenage life, Violent Femmes write raucous rebel songs for the alienated, bashing out snotty, angry tales of love and lust. We’re unpacking the best picks from Milwaukee’s proudest antiheroes

david crosby vinyl

10 Best David Crosby Songs, Folk Rock Phenom

An understated yet powerful songwriter and musician, David Crosby released a dynamic range of solo work when he wasn’t touring with his supergroup, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. With unique harmonies that border on the inimitable and a songwriting style that gently challenges the status quo, we unpack Crosby’s shimmering singles and autobiographical albums that have intrigued listeners and baffled critics since the early 1970s

Bob Seger Vinyl

Soulful Midwest Rocker: 13 Classic Bob Seger Songs

With a powerful, gritty voice and commanding songwriting ability, Bob Seger’s collection of original music is both hard-nosed and intensely vulnerable. One of America’s most treasured composers and rock and roll legends, read on for the details behind his biggest hits and fan favorite singles