Big Bill Broonzy

10 Best Big Bill Broonzy Songs, Ragtime Blues Legend

A blues sensation throughout Europe and the states, Big Bill Broonzy’s long career is highlighted by his pivotal role in the American folk music revival of the ‘50s. His skill set spanning country and blues, and his impressive work as a ragtime musician make him one of the 20th century’s most indispensable artists

Lead Belly with Martha

10 Best Lead Belly Songs, Folk and Blues Legend

A giant in the folk-blues history books, Lead Belly’s reputation preceded him and his legacy later became steeped in lore. As we make our way through the performer’s powerful, haunting recordings, we separate fact from fiction and bring to light the real story behind this enigmatic figure

Robert Johnson

10 Best Robert Johnson Songs, King of the Delta Blues

The king of the delta blues lived a short life, and since then his ghost has developed just as much of a legacy as his historic collection of music has. From his legendary deal with the devil to his last days recording in Texas, we give you the larger than life story of Robert Johnson revealed through our exploration of his innovative songs

Lynyrd Skynyrd

10 Best Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs – Exemplary Southern Rock

They might have blue collar roots but they’re considered to be southern rock royalty. From an uplifting tribute to a state touted as “the heart of dixie,” to one of rock’s longest and most evergreen compositions, we dig deep into Lynyrd Skynyrd’s repertoire and show why their music will never go out of style

buddy holly vinyl

That’ll Be The Day: Our Pick of the 11 Best Buddy Holly Songs

One of rock and roll’s originators, to say Buddy Holly was a pioneering figure would be an understatement. We detail the singer, songwriter, and guitarist’s ingenious work, and show why Don McLean rightfully paid homage to Holly’s towering legacy with his oldie-but-goodie hit song, ‘American Pie’

marshall tucker band vinyl

10 Best Marshall Tucker Band Songs, Southern Rock Supremos

Blazing out of upstate South Carolina, Marshall Tucker Band took southern rock to the next level, and with the smooth playing style of guitarist and band leader Toy Caldwell in the original lineup, they released some of the subgenre’s most defining hits

billie holiday vinyl

The Incredible Lady Day: 11 Best Billie Holiday Songs

Affectionately called Lady Day by her fellow musician-friends, Billie Holiday is one of the 20th century’s signature voices. She commanded the mic and bravely bared her soul for audiences while reimagining the vocalist’s role at the helm, steering the band with each swinging, jazzy note effortlessly communicated to awe-struck listeners