31 Popular TikTok Songs That Had Their Moment in the Spotlight

TikTok is a great app working to connect people and offer entertainment 24/7.

It’s also known for its power to popularize trending songs on the app. Whether it’s a dance challenge, a transition trend, or just a fun audio, the songs that go viral on TikTok videos almost always garner mainstream success.

Let’s listen to some of the most popular TikTok songs!

Woman – Doja Cat

An ode to feminine power, this swaying song is relaxed and riveting. Doja Cat is saying to a potential lover, “let me be your woman.” She also talks about the many things women are capable of, despite people telling them they lack power and common sense. She reminds everyone that being feminine means being “divine.”

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Love Nwantiti – CKay

This song combines English and Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria, to talk about love. It seems one language is not enough to express the intense feelings CKay is experiencing. Lines like “you mean the world to me; you’re my living fantasy” show the depth of this admiration. It’s an enchanting song with smooth rhythms and a catchy beat.

Bizcochito – Rosalía

The hook of the repetitive electronic riff lays the base of this addicting song, where Rosalía sings about her power, rejecting how often women are objectified in life and in music. She casts off the haters, saying her songs are hits because they are just plain good—there’s no underlying reason.

Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

‘Just a Cloud Away’ is an upbeat track from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. The lyrics in the chorus sing, “this rainy day is temporary, the contrast is why we got ’em,” to remind everyone that bad times only last so long and that they set up the potential for good days. The chorus was used in the trend where TikTok users showed themselves experiencing happiness after a dark time.

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Chrissy, Wake Up – The Gregory Brothers

This TikTok song quickly became a viral sensation, remixing audio clips from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things in a comical way. The audio at the beginning of the song (“Chrissy, wake up, I don’t like this Chrissy”) was said by the character Eddie, who was an immediate fan favorite. Chrissy was being possessed by something demonic, and his comical reaction certainly lightened the mood.

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Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

There is no shortage of dance trends on TikTok, but the one to the chorus of ‘Savage’ by Megan Thee Stallion was one of the biggest. She displays her confidence and claims her attitude, saying she is “sassy, moody, nasty.” A remix with Beyoncé increased the popularity of the song even more and went on to win a Grammy in 2021, making this arguably one of the best TikTok songs.

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Into the Night – Yoasobi

‘Into the Night’ has a racing tempo and great guitar playing. It’s a fun song from start to finish. It sounds like the narrator is trying to grasp onto a love that is slipping through her fingers. The other person might leave her, and the relationship is “stuck in ‘tick-and-tocking’ mode” as the time runs out.

Savage Love – Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685

Jason Derulo finds himself in a heartbreaking position in ‘Savage Love,’ but the beat is contrastingly cheerful. He has welcomed a love back into his life but soon realizes that she only got with him to make one of her exes jealous! Derulo calls her a “savage love,” asking, “did somebody break your heart?”

Money – Lalisa Manobal

Lisa, a member of the hit K-pop group BLACKPINK, released ‘Money’ as a single on her own, full of swaggering attitude. Just as the title suggests, Lisa sings about the uncountable amount of money she has and the self-confidence that comes with it. She’s out on the town, ready to drop some money and dance moves.

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Stunnin’ – Curtis Waters

This track’s relaxed beat and alluring melodies made it a sleeper hit, gaining traction on TikTok through a dance challenge. Curtis Waters has got a lot of self-esteem, and he lets it shine in this track with lines like “ice on my neck that’s incoming, I’m a pretty boy, I’m stunning.”

Don’t – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran gets real on ‘Don’t,’ which is practically an exposé on an ex that treated him horribly. This woman ended up sleeping with one of Sheeran’s friends in a hotel while Sheeran was downstairs in the lobby! His anger is palpable as he warns her not to mess with his love.

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29 – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wrote this vulnerable song about their experience dating a 29-year-old man when they were just 17. Now that Lovato is 29, they have so much more wisdom about the exploitation they went through. Many Tiktok users have used this song to share their stories about dating men who are older than them, not realizing that the man was in the wrong.

Supalonely – Benee

This was one of the top Tiktok songs in the spring of 2020, this song will instantly transport you back to that time. A dancer on the app made up a dance to its chorus, which instantly went viral and inspired everyone from A-list celebrities to normal people to try out the moves. The dance was easy enough to learn but challenging enough to be fun—you should definitely try it out if you haven’t!

World’s Smallest Violin – AJR

AJR is known for its high-energy dance songs, and in this one, the narrator is desperately searching for someone to listen to his troubles. Even though he knows that his problems aren’t the worst thing to go through, he still feels like he needs to vent. People use the end of this song on TikTok to tell unbelievable stories, as its accelerating beat and intense build lay the perfect backdrop for that.

Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

This track inspired a dance trend but was also used in lots of random videos. The bridge was the specific part that went viral, and users would lip-sync the lyrics “damn Gravy, you so vicious, you so clean, so delicious, how come you ain’t got no missus?” Yung Gravy samples the iconic song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley, singing about making loads of money.

Glimpse of Us – Joji

This melancholy ballad inspired quite a heartbreaking trend on TikTok, where people would reminisce on their past relationships over the lyrics “sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us.” It’s a devastating sentiment about how a partner can remind you of an ex you haven’t moved on from.

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As It Was – Harry Styles

‘As It Was’ was the summer song of 2022, getting tons of radio play and breaking several streaming records, and was undoubtedly one of the trending TikTok songs. The retro pop hit sees Harry Styles reflecting on how different life is, and how he can’t get a grip on it—”you know it’s not the same as it was.” People on TikTok seem to feel similarly, using the song to showcase themselves at different stages of their life.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

One of the biggest songs of all time, ‘Blinding Lights’ is an iconic track with its heavy synths and nostalgic feel. The track is about the desire to see your partner, and how even being totally wasted can’t stop you. The vibrant (and easy!) dance to this song had everyone trying it out on TikTok.

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Maniac – Conan Gray

If there’s one thing Conan Gray can do, it’s writing a catchy chorus! This song calls out his ex, who is spreading baseless rumors about Gray to look good—”tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs.” This person’s words don’t match their actions, and Gray doesn’t hesitate to shame them for being a “maniac.”

Lottery (Renegade) – K CAMP

This song started going viral on TikTok just as the app started gaining widespread popularity, which is a big part of why dancing was particularly trendy on the app. This dance trend was made immensely popular by Charli D’Amelio, who found TikTok fame and had the most followers at the time. In a way, it kind of became her signature dance!

Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga takes on the perspective of a stalker-like fan, comparing herself to the paparazzi in the way she follows around the boy she is obsessed with. It’s a bit ominous, making you wonder just how far Gaga will go to make this guy love her: “promise I’ll be kind, but I won’t stop until that boy is mine.”

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Forget Me Nots – The Trammps

The groove of this song is unmatched, with a warm bassline and a twangy guitar riff carrying the beat. It’s no surprise that this groove, along with the rhythmic clapping, inspired a dance trend. Forget-me-nots are a type of flower commonly associated with remembering a lost love. The narrator is sending them to her love to make sure neither of them forgets what they once had.

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Bored in the House – Curtis Roach and Tyga

This isn’t the most lyrically diverse song, featuring lyrics that repeat “bored in the house” in as many different ways as you can imagine. But the beat is super catchy, and the melodic rapping keeps the listener interested. People on TikTok would recreate the beat by banging their hands on a table and singing along with their own style. It was one of the popular songs people entertained themselves with in 2020.

Out West – Jackboys and Travis Scott

A simple yet engrossing beat is perfect for a TikTok dance, and ‘Out West’ definitely fits the bill. It’s got an interesting drum beat, unique flute sound, and intricate rapping that ties the whole song together. Many famous TikTok users particpated in this dance trend, popularizing the song even more.

Pope is a Rockstar – Sales

This track went viral on TikTok, but the lyrics were widely misheard. In the trend, people would put the lyrics “go little rockstar” over an image of someone who was proud of them. The videos were often nostalgic or emotional, sometimes even remembering a person that the user had lost. The real lyrics are “pope is a rockstar,” but the sentiment of the trend is sweet all the same.

WAP – Cardi B

If you’ve ever attempted—and failed—the WAP dance in your bedroom, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke the internet with this suggestive song, and everyone on TikTok had tons of fun dancing to its sick beat. This track shattered stigmas over singing about the subject matter while being catchy the whole time.

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

An anthem for teenage angst, this song makes fun of all the people that reduce teenagers to their interests. For example, people think the narrator is a dirtbag just because he listens to Iron Maiden. It’s a comical way to claim the assumptions, and TikTok users put this song over their own images of themselves as “edgy” teenagers.

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Happiest Year – Jaymes Young

A piano ballad full of painful emotions, ‘Happiest Year’ is a vulnerable goodbye to an ex-love. Jaymes Young regrets the end of this relationship but places the blame on himself, telling the other person, “thank you for the happiest year of my life.” His gorgeous vocals add even more depth to the heartbreaking lyrics.

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Tap In – Saweetie

Saweetie champions her wealth and success in this catchy tune, giving advice on how to weed out unworthy men and know what you deserve. She knows every man wants her, but most don’t come close to deserving her. Her satisfying vocal delivery makes this a really fun song to sing along to and, of course, dance to!

Nonstop – Drake

This trend was a funny one on TikTok, featuring people using the lyrics “look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped)” over some kind of transition. They would flip an actual lightswitch, and when the lights came back on, they would be in full glam, or they would switch clothes with the other person in the video.

Abcdefu – Gayle

Gayle wrote this song based on a TikTok comment telling her to use the alphabet in one of her original songs, and it spiraled into a huge hit and became one of the trending songs on TikTok. This angry anthem shows Gayle berating her ex and everything about his life. She is totally over the relationship but doesn’t plan on letting him off easy.

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