10 Songs about Bubbles to Float Away With

Do you have memories of watching bubbles pop with a bubble wand in hand?

A bubble is a fun and curious type of object. You could even say that round bubbles floating symbolize fun and optimism, much like a “bubbly” person does.

Here are the best songs about bubbles to help you think about these unique and delicate floaters in a new way.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Vera Lynn

Much as the title suggests, this is a simple classic song about blowing bubbles in the air over and over again. It first found popularity when Ben Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra performed it in 1919; the song was written in 1918. Vera Lynn is one of many artists to cover it after its release. You’ll want to get some bubble soap and blow so many bubbles after hearing this one!

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Mr Bubbles – The Ruminaters

This song tells the somewhat humorous and strange tale of a guy who falls asleep underwater and meets sea people. It shows that, when it comes to music, the lighthearted and fun approach works more often than it doesn’t, and it always pays to be creative through song.

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Bubbles – Linkin Park

Here’s an interesting Linkin Park track that seems to find its narrator obsessed with bubbles. He blows them all day and wishes everything in life revolved around them—even thinking about what it would be like if he and his friends were bubbles. Whether these bubble-fueled lyrics have a different meaning is up to each listener’s interpretation.

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Bubbles – Ian Brown

This Ian Brown piece is full of bubble-related metaphors. He seems to be comparing himself and another subject—possibly a love interest—to bubbles that can burst or rise. He appears to be showing listeners how people, like bubbles, can rise to the occasion or crack under pressure. He also seems to be showing the pain of losing someone you care about.

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Bubbles – Biffy Clyro

The male protagonist here sings of the problems his relationship with a woman creates in his life. He is “chasing round trying to pop” all of the “bubbles” she is making, meaning the dramas she is bringing into their lives. He’s trying to salvage their relationship, but it’s taking a toll on him.

Bubble – Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella has said that this song was written for every listener who protects themselves in a (presumably emotional) bubble far up and away from the harm of others. Stella said the song helped her while writing it as much as she hopes it helps others.

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Bubbles – System Of A Down

This track explores the frustration of being in a tough place and feeling powerless to change the situation. It also touches on the injustice that arises from power imbalances in society and allows the listener to look at authority figures and the more oppressive rules in society through a critical eye.

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Bubbles in My Beer – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson looks at the bubbles in his beer as he reflects on past loves, experiences, and memories in this track. It’s a sad song where Nelson believes—fictionally or realistically—that he has failed at life and made too many mistakes that prevent him from redeeming himself.

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Blood Bubbles – The Orwells

A young boy falls in love with a depressed girl and watches her fall apart in this track. He feels responsible for her situation. He thought he could help her, but it turned out that she needed more help than an inexperienced boy’s love could provide.

Bubbles They Bounce – Hot Chip

This unusual tune seems to cover love lost, love found, and the many changes that occur in life—sometimes all at once. This was the B-side to Hot Chip’s Grammy Award-winning track ‘Ready for the Floor.’ Both songs appeared together on two other album releases, as well.

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More songs about bubbles:

  • Bubble Gum – Quavo
  • Boy in the Bubble – Alec Benjamin
  • Can You Blow a Big Bubble? (Tune: Muffin Man) – Nursery Rhyme
  • Bring Back My Bubbles (Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) – Nursery Rhyme

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