18 Best Songs about Good Times and Enjoying Yourself

We all love having a good time. Whether that’s partying with friends, lazing at the beach, a quiet country walk, or taking a bungee jump – we all have our favorite thing.

So here’s a playlist of the best songs about good times. Some are about remembering great times in the past, but many are about living your best life now.

Let’s get to it, then 🙂

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

If there’s anyone who knew how to have fun, it’s definitely Freddie Mercury.

One of Queen’s top hits, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ is an empowering song that best shows Mercury’s unstoppable and wild nature, as we best remember him. The song is bursting with energy, and the lyrics are all about feeling free and having a good time.

Sadly, Freddie’s hedonistic nature caught up with him, but his songs still lift our spirits and encourage us to live our lives to the fullest.

Good Times – Chic

If you ever wished to experience a 70’s nightclub, then a party anthem of that time is something you have to listen to! The song radiates positivity and optimism, encouraging you to leave your cares behind and dance your troubles away.

When it first came out, the world was dealing with a recession, and this song served as a heads-up that better days are ahead.

Let the Good Times Roll – Louis Jordan

Nothing can lift your spirits like a song that’s all about feeling good. ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ is a song that will make you want to get out of your room, party your troubles away and have some fun.

Louis Jordan was all about that YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle before YOLO was even a thing, letting us know that you have to seize the moment before it’s too late. Now that’s something to think about!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

There’s hardly a person who hasn’t jammed to ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’ This timeless hit shaped the culture of the 80s, and it was Cyndi Lauper’s first single as a solo artist. Now that’s an excellent start to a career!

Nowadays, you can often hear it in bars, and it’s one of the most famous and best karaoke songs for women. Of course, it comes as no surprise since it’s all about women having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

Of course, you have to take the rough with the smooth, the good experiences with the bad – it’s those experiences that shape our lives.

‘Good Times Bad Times’ was the first track on Led Zeppelin’s debut album, and introduced us to hard rock at its finest that’s never really been equaled.

For more Led Zep, check out their seminal track ‘When the Levee Breaks’ on our rock songs about water compilation.

I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

And now, something that pops up in our minds whenever we think of having a good time – ‘I Gotta Feeling,’ the anthem of every good night.

This song is one of the most famous tracks from The Black Eyed Peas’ album, The E.N.D. It topped the charts together with their second single, ‘Boom Boom Pow.’

It’s safe to say that their music was all the rage in the 2000s, and this song that’s bursting with optimism still helps us escape the pressures of life and have a good time even today.

Soul Shakedown Party – Bob Marley

One thing’s for sure – Bob Marley knew how to enjoy life and have a good time, and he made sure to spread that positivity in his songs. ‘Soul Shakedown Party’ is no different.

This song is about all the beautiful things in life – good music, partying, dancing, and love. What else could you possibly need?

Good Time – Niko Moon

Established as a songwriter for other people, Niko Moon decided to keep one for himself, and it was the best decision he’s made.

‘Good Times’ is the title track of his 2020 E.P., and its message is simple – savor every moment with your loved ones, have fun, and enjoy this short life we were given. This upbeat song is sure to make you feel good. 🙂

Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

Reminiscing about the good times and your past can be pleasant, but it shouldn’t be the only way to live. In ‘Glory Days,’ Springsteen sings about how his old friends still live in the past, constantly talking about the good ol’ days.

The singer sometimes extends this song to over 10 minutes. The song is based on true events, so he probably has a lot to say. 🙂

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Sometimes you sit down and think about a specific time of your life and realize that nothing could ever top that. It is this exact feeling that Bryan Adams captures in this classic song.

He thinks about the Summer of ’69 and all the good things that happened to him, wishing he could go back and feel like that once again.

If it’s one thing, you should take from this song, let it be this – one day you’re going to miss all of this, so live and remember each day like it’s the best day of your life.

Memories – Maroon 5

Sometimes, the good times happened with the person that’s no longer in our lives, and thinking about those times comes with a bit of a sting to the heart.

There are many songs about losing someone to death, but with ‘Memories,’ Maroon 5 makes sure you feel the love of the people you’ve lost. The song is filled with feelings of peace, hope, and gratefulness, all of that sprinkled with a bit of nostalgia.

Good Times – Sam Cooke

When times get tough and troubles get overwhelming, it’s always a good idea to unwind with good music and party all night. At least that’s what Sam Cooke does in ‘Good Times,’ where he encourages us to stay out and party until we soothe our souls.

Cooke recorded the song five months before his tragic death. Finding a remedy in music is always a good idea, and we hope he had his fair share of good times, too.

For The Good Times – Al Green

Not all songs about good times are brimming with optimism. ‘For The Good Times’ is all about the good feelings that are long gone. The singer is aware that his relationship with his partner is over.

Most love songs end with a bit of hope for the future, but this person is gone for good. Definitely not the happiest song on our playlist.

Closing Time – Leonard Cohen

Coming from one of the Canadian’s most influential songwriters, Leonard Cohen, ‘Closing Time’ is one for the ages.

Cohen was a famous poet and songwriter, so it’s no surprise that the song is full of allegory, symbolism, and foreshadowing. On the surface, this song is about a closing time at a bar after a good night.

On a deeper level, however, it can be seen as a song about sins and the end of the world. The way you decide to interpret it shows the beauty of music – our own experiences shape the way we see it.

Thinking About You – Norah Jones

One of the hardest things to do is to let someone go when most of your happy memories and good times were with them.

In ‘Thinking About You,’ Jones reflects on the good times she had with her partner, and all the beauty she experiences reminds her of the person that’s no longer in her life. Sometimes, moving on is the right thing to do, but also one of the most painful ones.

If you want to indulge yourself for a second, check out our list of ‘thinking of you songs.’

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

There’s hardly a more innocent feeling than falling in love for the first time. Seeing your first love can give you butterflies even years later, and Van Morrison perfectly depicts this feeling in ‘Brown Eyed Girl.’

He sings about their youthful love and the precious moments they had together. We might never know who Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl is, but she will definitely live on in one of his most well-known songs.

I Go Back – Kenny Chesney

In ‘I Go Back,’ Kenny Chesney reminisces about the ‘good old days.’ The singer said he wanted to capture the things in life that brought him where he is.

That’s the beauty of music – it ties you up with good and bad memories, and it can travel back in time to remind you who you really are.

You Want To (Make A Memory) – Bon Jovi

It’s always a good thing to reminiscence about some good times you’ve had, and what a better way to do so than with a person who was a part of it all.

Bon Jovi goes back in time with his ex-partner and, although they’re no longer together, they still sit down and laugh about some of the happy memories they’ve made together. Now that’s what we call a healthy breakup. 🙂

Check out our songs about memories playlist for more on the subject.

More songs about good times

  • Unbelievable – Owl City ft. Hanson
  • Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon
  • The Grand Tour – George Jones
  • As Good as I Once Was – Toby Keith
  • Remember The Time – Michael Jackson
  • I Wanna Go Back – Eddie Money
  • Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
  • Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift

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