30 Best Songs about Marriage or ‘Tying the Knot’

Like any other significant event songwriters go through, they often write songs about weddings and marriage to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Listeners love the opportunity to get to know artists on a more personal level and often relate to these songs. Whether you are about to tie the knot or have been married for years, here is an excellent mix of songs about marriage.

Chapel of Love – The Dixie Cups

New Orleans trio The Dixie Cups scored a number one hit in the US with this joyful tune about a woman’s big wedding day. With ideal lyrics and a simple chord progression, the song took over the radio waves in 1964. The song has a classic, timeless feel and has been used in many rom-coms, including the 90s hit movie Father of The Bride.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Mars was strumming on a chord progression during a jam session with his production team when he began singing the line “I think I want to marry you” over the chords. He expanded the lyrics from there and created a song about being in Vegas, having way too many drinks, and getting caught up in the moment. The Glee cast covered this tune, debuting higher in the charts than Mars’ version.

January Wedding – The Avett Brothers

Written by band member Seth Avett about marrying his first wife, the group first debuted the song in Florida in 2009. Avett drew on his feelings of devotion and love for his then-wife while writing the song. They unfortunately ultimately divorced, and the band began playing the song much less.

Marry Me – Jason Derulo

Appearing on Derulo’s Tattoo record, he went with a much more heartfelt, emotional approach with his songwriting for that album compared to previous ones. ‘Marry Me’ is a song that encompasses the moment you are going to ask someone to marry you. The romantic ballad is about his girlfriend, fellow singer Jordin Sparks.

Wedding Song – Bob Dylan

On the first listen, Dylan’s ‘Wedding Song’ may seem like another lyrically romantic endeavor. However, look closer, and a bigger picture is painted. Tones of longing, loss, and heartache are hidden behind poetic lines. Dylan wrote this song towards the end of his marriage and included it on his 1974 album, Planet Waves.

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Grow Old With You – Adam Sandler

Featured in Adam Sandler’s hit movie The Wedding Singer, which also starred Drew Barrymore, Sandler’s character sings this sweet, acoustic tune in a last attempt to win over his one true love. Sandler wrote the tune specifically for the movie, and when performing it live at concerts, he dedicates it to his wife, Jackie.

Amazed – Lonestar

Scoring the number one spot on American charts in 1999, Lonestar’s ‘Amazed’ chronicles the amazing high one has when finding true love. It is one of the most popular contemporary songs played at weddings. Three veteran Nashville songwriters wrote the tune and used inspiration from their own relationships while writing the lyrics.

Let’s Get Married – The Proclaimers

Scottish rock band, The Proclaimers, has a knack for writing romantic tunes. This song from their album Hit The Highway is marriage-focused, while their popular feel-good tune ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)’ focuses on one’s dedication to their significant other. ‘I’m Gonna Be’ was featured in the American movie Benny & Joon, and ‘Let’s Get Married’ was featured on Scotland show Two Doors Down.

Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s watching the American hit sitcom Married… With Children, you’ll instantly recognize this smooth Sinatra tune. While the song by itself is playful and has a languid vibe to it, when paired with the raw, off-beat comedy of Married… With Children, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Wedding Song – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Written in place of her wedding vows, Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O sang this song to her husband at their wedding. It’s an intimate song for Karen, who generally doesn’t do well with the romantic language. In late 2011, she married director Barnaby Clay, but the band didn’t release the song to the public until 2013.

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Good Day for Marrying You – Dave Barnes

This happy wedding song finds a couple laying out all their plans one by one. The song opens up with a beautiful day perfect for tying the knot. They tell their friends, get rings, and find a perfect spot underneath a shaded tree to say their vows. As the in-laws meet and pictures are made, the singer announces, “It’s a good day for marrying you.”

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When I Said I Do – Clint Black

This classic love song centered around two of the most important words ever spoken, “I do,” is a collaborative effort with country songwriter Clint Black and his wife, Lisa. The love song was released in ’99 on one of Black’s self-produced albums. It was an entirely acoustic effort, with no electric instruments appearing on the 10-song project, which Clint finished producing in only ten weeks. Many couples like to choose this one for their first dance song.

Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol

Originally written as a ballad, the Northern Irish group shopped the tune around to a few different female artists before recording the song themselves. The tune was written for Gwen Stefani, but she didn’t pick it up after hearing it. Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls wanted to record it for a solo album, but her project got shelved. When Snow Patrol finally recorded it, they kicked it up a notch and made it their own.

Marry Song – Band of Horses

Though the lyrics loosely follow the various aspects of a fictional wedding taking place, they are open-ended enough that listeners can draw their own conclusions about the meaning. Flowy lines talk of lightening one’s load, smiling underneath the sun, and making small talk with family. This poetic, wedding-themed tune was included in Band of Horses’ 2007 album Cease To Begin.

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do – ABBA

This ABBA song finds the protagonist declaring her love for someone special over and over again with the words “I do.” While the love interest is hesitant about the relationship, the lyrics show the singer’s dedication to making her feelings known, no matter what happens. Though it reached modest success on the US charts, it was an international chart climber in countries such as France and Switzerland.

Let’s Get Married – Bleachers

One-mand-band Bleachers, who got his start in the punk rock music scene, wrote ‘Let’s Get Married’ while he was going through emotional turmoil over socio-political situations while watching the news. His idea behind the song’s message is to invite the listener in to create a safe haven with him, protected from the evils of the world.

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The Good Stuff – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney learns an important life lesson while finding solace in a bar after fighting with his lady. After pouring out his marital problems to the bartender while sipping on a cold one, the bartender offers him a few words of advice. Having lost his wife to cancer, he reminds Chesney the small moments, both good and bad, are worth remembering because the one you love may not always be by your side.

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Hawaiian Wedding Song – Elvis Presley

The ‘Hawaiian Wedding Song’ was written by Charles E. King in the mid-20s and later translated to English. Several artists, including Bing Crosby, recorded American versions of the song. Elvis recorded his own version in 1961 while working on his wildly successful film, Blue Hawaii. He also sang a live version for his televised concert Aloha From Hawaii.

White Trash Wedding – The Chicks

This wild ride of a song chronicles a shotgun marriage between two lovers who act first and think later. The man can’t afford a ring, and there’s a baby on the way. But the woman isn’t fazed by any of this; she will get hitched no matter what! Members of The Chicks wrote this song as a comedic take on matrimony. It’s unlike other wedding songs since it’s meant to be a funny, zany song to sing along to and not take too seriously.

Archie, Marry Me – Flyte

A song that tackles a more serious dissection of traditional ways, ‘Archie, Marry Me’ examines marriage’s less glamorous side, including finances and what is conventionally expected of men and women as they enter adulthood. Though Flyte covers this tune, the original version was written by members of the band Alvvays after the songwriting duo was romantically linked and marriage pressures began mounting.

Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge

R&B group Jagged Edge has a reputation for churning out hit songs centered around marriage. The twin brothers who comprise the group, Brian and Brandon Casey, have won awards for ‘Let’s Get Married’ and have also written other popular tunes for artists such as Usher and R&B-pop singer Toni Braxton.

I Do – Colbie Caillat

This upbeat single possesses pop singer Colbie Caillat’s easy, beachy vibe with lyrics centering around a bride saying “I do” to her groom in front of friends and family. With similar tones to her other hits like ‘Bubbly,’ Caillat has performed for several televised weddings for daytime talk shows. ‘I Do’ is a great song to play at the end of a wedding ceremony when the newly married couple is locking lips for the first time, and everyone applauds.

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(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry – Darlene Love

‘The Boy I’m Gonna Marry’ is a sugary tune with striking innocence within the lyrics. The classic 1960s pop song tells the story of a young woman who has become instantly smitten with a boy she’s just met. Her feelings are so powerful that she’s sure she just met the boy she will spend the rest of her life with. This song appeared in the popular 90s film Father of The Bride.

Let’s Get Married – Al Green

American music icon Al Green performed this song on the popular TV show Soul Train in 1974. Though it’s a song about getting married, the lyrics take an ominous turn when he confesses he can’t love anyone anyway. The song becomes him using the option of getting married as a way to save him from himself. Due to the tumultuous realities of his real-life relationships, it is speculated this tune is somewhat autobiographical.

Marry Me – Dolly Parton

With lyrics reflecting her longtime marriage to Carl Dean, ‘Marry Me’ tells the story of a small, southern wedding featuring a young couple madly in love with each other. Parton married Dean against her record label’s wishes just as her career took off. The marriage had no negative impact on her future international popularity, and the two have been married since 1966.

To the Aisle – The Five Satins

This 1957 release covers all the emotions that go into marriage in just a few short minutes. They chronicle meeting the person for the first time, falling in love, then ultimately tying the knot. The Doo-wop group gained significant popularity in 1956 with their radio-friendly hit, ‘In The Still of The Night.’

Never Worn White – Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry’s song ‘Never Worn White’ takes a more female-oriented modern approach to marriage. The lyrics deal with a bride excited to marry the man she loves but still dealing with those typical pre-wedding jitters. The nod to the white dress, a popular symbol associated with matrimonial purity, comes into play at the mention of her mother. Though Perry explores all her emotions honestly, she keeps an overall joyful tone for the track’s production.

Wedding Song – Tracy Chapman

Depending on how you interpret songwriter Tracy Chapman’s lyrics, the listener could view this song as happy or sad. While Chapman talks about finally marrying her lover in the lyrics, she also mentions events like “the rapture” and “her faults,” which give the song multiple layers you have to peel away while interpreting the overall message.

White Wedding – Billy Idol

‘White Wedding’ is a moody tune about a woman the protagonist is in love with who is marrying another man. Though Idol’s use of the term “little sister” in the song led many to believe the hit was about his real sister, the lyric was simply a slang term for the woman in the song. The over-the-top video for this song helped Idol gain international stardom.

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With This Ring – The Platters

This early rock ‘n roll group focusing on vocals and harmony, sings about “the wanderer” in this tune and how his devious ways are finally a thing of the past as he settles down with “the one.” A ring is a symbolic focus in the track, with the protagonist always promising to love his sweetheart no matter what the past or future holds.

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