16 Best Songs about New Love and Falling for Someone

Have you met someone you’re crazy about? Someone you might even want to spend the rest of your life with? Then you’ll love this playlist.

Here are some of the best songs ever written about new romance. These songs really capture the excitement and euphoria of meeting somebody new.

So, without further ado, here are the best songs about new love.

‘First Day of My Life’ – Bright Eyes

Here’s a beautiful song. The singer confesses this girl is so special, that it feels like the first day of his life (up until now, he’s barely been alive.)

“Yours was the first face that I saw, I think I was blind before I met you.”

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‘Be My Baby’ – The Ronettes

One of the best old love songs ever written, ‘Be My Baby’ starts with an account of the first time the narrator meets her sweetheart.

“The night we met I knew I needed you so, and if I had the chance I’d never let you go.”

‘I Need You’ – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

This is one of the most romantic songs you’ll ever hear. Here, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw come face to face and express their absolute love and devotion for one another.

“Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost, I need you.”

‘If I Ain’t Got You / Gravity’ – Alicia Keys & John Mayer

Here’s an outstanding duet with Alicia Keys and John Mayer, with some help from the equally awesome drummer Questlove (from The Roots). It’s an amazing live performance from a concert in Times Square, Manhatten. Sit back and enjoy.

“Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything, but everything means nothing, if I ain’t got you”

‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ – Foreigner

A bit of ’80s cheese here, but a bit of ’80s cheese is good for you sometimes (I’ve come to realize). After a life of “heartache and pain“, the narrator doesn’t know if he can face falling in love all again (but the thing is, he’s fed up with being lonely).

So he takes a chance, “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me.” Good move, I think.

By the way, this power ballad is flippin’ perfect for karaoke!

‘Shelter from the Storm’ – Bob Dylan

You don’t usually associate Dylan with love songs, but he did occasionally write about the subject. This song is the redemptive power of love, that provides refuge from the storms (troubles and woe) outside.

“I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form, come in, she said, I’ll give ya shelter from the storm.”

‘La Vie En Rose’ – Louis Armstrong

The English translation of ‘La Vie En Rose’ is ‘life in pink,’ which is the perfect metaphor for the state of loved-up-ness you feel when you’ve fallen for someone. Everything is ‘rosy’, or ‘rose-colored.’

This has to be one of the most romantic songs ever – and Louis Armstrong’s delivery of it is simply gorgeous. Makes you feel like you’re in a Woody Allen movie!

“Give your heart and soul to me, and life will always be, la vie en rose.”

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‘Walking On Sunshine’ – Katrina and the Waves

Katrina and the Waves made quite a splash (pardon the pun) in the 80s with this sunkist song about that special feeling you get when you click with someone for the first time. She feels so good, its like shes walking on sunshine.

“‘Cause I just can’t wait ’til you write me you’re coming around”

Of course, this was back in the day when people wrote to one another. These days, it would be a text with a menagerie of emojis, probably.

We also include this in our playlist of songs with ‘walk’ in the title.

‘Who You Love’ – John Mayer Feat. Katy Perry

The second John Mayer track on the list, this one sees him and his ex-lover Katy Perry duet together. It’s a great pop song about stopping running and giving love a chance. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last, but this song will live on.

“And I tried to run before, but I’m not running anymore.’

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ – Paul McCartney

This song doesn’t get the attention it deserves, possibly because its from McCartney’s solo period that was always compared (and deemed inferior to) his work in The Beatles. But take a listen. It’s a fantastic song about giving in to them old lovin’ feelings.

“Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you.

‘This is the One’ – The Stone Roses

Ever had the feeling that ‘this is the one’? Well, so did Manchester (UK) legends The Stone Roses. Is it really a song about new romance? Errr, yeah, it’s a bit of stretch. But whatever. It’s a great tune.

“I had her on a promise, immerse me in your splendour, all the plans that I have made.”

‘You’re in My Heart’ – Rod Stewart

Now let’s shoot back to the late ’70s to one of the biggest names in pop music, Rod Stewart. Note, the “Beardsley prints” line is a reference to the Victorian artist (Aubrey Beardsley) not Peter Beardsley the England footballer (how I wish that I was wrong!)

“You are my lover, you’re my best friend, you’re in my soul.”

‘You Had Me from Hello’ – Kenny Chesney

Here’s a song about love at first sight from country music star, Kenny Chesney. The title of the song came from a scene in the movie Jerry Maguire, specifically when Tom Cruise utters ‘you had me from hello’ to Renee Zellweger. Funnily enough, Chesney and Zellweger ended up getting married (it only lasted four months, though).

“Well, you had me from “Hello”, I felt love start to grow the moment I looked into your eyes.”

‘Nights in White Satin’ – The Moody Blues

Love is blind, so they say. Here’s a song about realising what’s there in front of you, that you’d never been able to see before. Of course, this might not be about love at all, and might be describing an LSD trip (this was 1967, afterall.)

“Beauty I’d always missed, with these eyes before, just what the truth is, I can’t say any more.”

‘For Once in My Life’ – Stevie Wonder

Written by Ron Miller and covered by many, including Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. It was this upbeat version by Stevie Wonder that really put the song on the map, though. The lyrics are about the love of a newborn child who needs and loves you.

“At last I have something, I know won’t desert me, I’m not alone anymore.”

‘Lovebug’ – Jonas Brothers

Here’s, the narrator compares falling in love to catching a bug (or virus). Now he’s caught the dreaded thing, blimey! He should have worn a mask 😉

“I never thought that I’d catch this love bug again” he sings. Now he’s “head over heels.”

More songs about new love

  • ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ – Taylor Swift
  • ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ – Savage Garden
  • ‘Adore You’ – Miley Cyrus
  • ‘Just the Way You Are’ – Bruno Mars
  • ‘Marry Me’ – Jason Derulo
  • ‘Crazy in Love’ – One Direction
  • ‘Love Song’ – The Cure
  • ‘Crazy In Love’ – Beyoncé – feat. Jay Z
  • ‘Marry You’ – Bruno Mars
  • ‘Love Song’ – Adele
  • ‘Ho Hey’ – The Lumineers
  • ‘I Would Do Anything For You’ – Foster The People
  • ‘We Found Love’ – Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

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