16 Best Songs about Saturday

Ah, the weekend!

A time to unwind from the week, either by doing nothing or by going out to celebrate, Saturday is an untouchable day of the week. There’s no work or school and no dread of returning the next day.

These songs cover the excitement, peace, and even loneliness that can be found on a Saturday. Whether you’re tired from the week or excited about the weekend, enjoy these songs about Saturday (which literally means “Saturn’s day” as the Romans named it).

Saturday Sun – Vance Joy

This cheerful ukulele tune follows the journey from loneliness to hesitant love. Vance Joy sings about how he hates feeling lonely, and a new woman in his life might be the cure. But he’s unsure if she has feelings for him, saying, “I need to ask her what’s goin’ on.” Meeting a potential partner can fill you with excitement, and Vance Joy sings to the sun about the giddiness he is feeling: “Saturday sun, I met someone.”

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Saturday – Sam Fender

The weeks can feel long if you’re working a job you don’t like or living a life you don’t love. Sam Fender is struggling with this and holds on for the brief respite of Saturday, belting, “if Saturday don’t come soon, I’m gonna lose my mind.” If the “weekday blues” are feeling unmanageable, this song can be a cathartic one to sing along to.

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Saturday Night’s Alright – Elton John

Saturday Night’s Alright’ gives us some insight into English nightlife. This narrator is ready to get wasted, get girls, and get in fights, and the rock and roll style matches that energy well. Perhaps drunken brawls are a good way to let out some pent-up anger, at least for those who want to “get a little action in” on a night out.

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Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers

This memorable song flew to the top of the charts—sometimes spelling songs are just irresistible! The Bay City Rollers chant out the letters in “Saturday,” celebrating the freedom and fun found on Saturday nights. There are endless possibilities of things to do, made even better by the knowledge that you don’t have any responsibilities the next day.

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Saturday Nights – Khalid

Khalid’s soothing vocals add an air of comforting sadness to this stripped-back song. He tells the story of someone with a hard life and speaks to them directly to show them he understands their pain. He says, “all the things that I know that your parents don’t, they don’t care like I do.” Even though parents are supposed to always be someone to turn to, sometimes they’re not—sometimes they just can’t understand. Khalid wants to provide the comfort that this person’s parents cannot.

Saturday in the Park – Chicago

Writer Robert Lamm based this song on a lovely Fourth of July that he experienced. Holidays are a typical time for people to come together and celebrate, reconnecting with family and friends (or sometimes strangers) that they haven’t seen in a while. “People dancing, people laughing” is a beautiful thing to experience on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke

Loneliness can overshadow even the happiest of feelings. No matter your wealth, friendships, or invites to parties, that desire to have a partner can overshadow all of it. This swinging Sam Cooke song is about that dejected feeling of going into another weekend without someone to spend it with. “How I wish I had someone to talk to,” sings Cooke, lamenting his isolation.

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Another Saturday Night – Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens covered ‘Another Saturday Night’ by Sam Cooke in 1974, keeping the general form of the song while adding his own special elements. This version’s horns and vocal adlibs add a folksy, and at times tropical, feel to the song. It’s just as good as Sam Cooke’s version, keeping that joyful mood despite the lyrical content that describes feeling incredibly lonely.

Saturday Night Special – Lynyrd Skynyrd

‘Saturday Night Special’ features heavy guitar and drums, fitting for the song’s violence. Whiskey, poker games, and murder make for a perfect rock and roll song. The instrumentation builds anticipation as the song talks about gun showdowns, and the line “Mr. Saturday night special got a barrel that’s blue and cold” will leave you wondering what kind of fate the characters of this song might suffer.

Saturday Nite – Earth, Wind & Fire

‘Saturday Night’ talks about the undefined potential of a Saturday night out. It has a funky groove and catchy melodies to set you up for a fun night out, saying, “tonight’s the night, for you to be, biggest man in history.” Nothing is stopping you from conquering the night and having an amazing time.

Saturday Night At The Movies – The Drifters

This classic R&B ballad from the 60s is full of steady love. The Drifters set the scene at a movie theatre, where a pair is on a date and deep in the throes of love. The movie they’re seeing doesn’t matter, and the other people there don’t matter because “when you’re huggin’ with your baby in the last row of the balcony,” everything else recedes into the background.

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Drive‐In Saturday – David Bowie

David Bowie sings about a post-apocalyptic world where humans have forgotten how to be intimate in this waltzing pop rock song. The people of the future have to learn from videos of the past. It’s a strange premise but a great song (though a drive-in featuring these types of films might not be the most popular in real life).

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One More Saturday Night – Grateful Dead

Saturday nights can allow you to take a breather from the trials of your life and the world’s problems. Escapism can be unhealthy, but a lot of times, it’s necessary. Amid a torn-up world and personal struggles, a dance break can help you relieve some worry. The long instrumental section of this song, featuring lively piano, gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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Saturday – Twenty One Pilots

It seems Saturday is Twenty One Pilots’ favorite day. They describe the other days of the week as boring and quiet, “but on Saturday, we paint the town.” The narrator is going through a bit of a hard time, and the weightlessness of Saturday is the only beacon of hope after a week that drags him down.

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10:15 Saturday Night – The Cure

This song suspends you in time at 10:15 PM on a Saturday night. The narrator is lonely and sad, and the repetitive beat and lyrics show how he feels like this night is stretching on for an eternity. The dripping of the kitchen sink is the only thing to accompany him as he waits for a call from an ex that will probably never come.

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Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)- Frank Sinatra

Post-breakup, Frank Sinatra is struggling with Saturday nights. These nights hold all the memories of his past relationship, like when they “used to dance cheek to cheek.” Other days are filled with distractions, but Saturday nights are filled with an emptiness once taken up by a love that is now long gone.

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  • Saturday Song – Xavier
  • Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – Elton John

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