17 Best Songs about Sunday to Help You While Away the Hours

When we think of Sunday (or ‘the day of rest’) we often think of lazy mornings, nice breakfasts (bring on the eggs benedict!), good coffee with a newspaper, and hanging out with our loved ones.

It’s many people’s favorite day of the week. Of course, if you had a big Saturday night, it could also mean nursing a hangover :-0.

To make this relaxing day a little more special, we’ve gathered the best songs about Sunday. You’re welcome.

Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down – Hank Snow

Hank Snow’s cover of the hit Kris Kristofferson tune ‘Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down’ brings a whole new meaning to the dreaded “Sunday Scaries.” That term is often used to describe someone’s apprehension about having to return to the office on Monday, but in this country western staple, a struggling cowboy faces the Sunday scaries by working through a serious hangover.

This tune put Kristofferson on the map and allowed him to quit his day job and pursue music full-time. Snow’s version added yet another solid country hit to his towering body of work.

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Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

There’s hardly a better feeling than spending a lazy Sunday with the one you love. This upbeat tune is sure to put you in a place of bliss.

This song is all about the subtle and sweet kind of passion that love brings, among many love songs on their album, Songs about Jane. Cuddle up with the one you love and listen to this wonderful tune – it’s Sunday, and there’s no better thing to do.

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Sunday Morning Call – Oasis

Famous people seem to have it all. Those who live that kind of life often take it for granted, and Noel Gallagher tells us all about it.

Gallagher claims the song is about some of his famous friends who have everything they could wish for, but they’re still set on destroying all of that with their recklessness. Often, they take their friends down the same path, and it seems as if our singers had enough of that.

Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground

Saturday nights can be fun, but what follows the next morning – yes, the dreaded Monday! It’s hard to keep up with all that euphoria you felt the night before.

Here, The Velvet Underground captures that feeling of being down and feeling paranoid after partying the whole night. The feeling of emptiness and regret, especially if you’ve been drinking (or worse) the night before.

Sunday Girl – Blondie

Imagine you’re a musician on tour, and your bandmate finds out her cat run away. What do you do? You write her a song inspired by her cat, obviously.

The band members were really sad when they found out about the cat. Naturally, it inspired them to write a sad song. Hey, at least it brought them a new hit.

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Everyday is Like Sunday – Morrissey

Have you ever been so bored in a town that you wished for Armageddon just so that something would happen? Luckily for us, Morrissey has, and he wrote an amazing song about it.

Out of all of the Sunday songs, not a lot of them talk about how boring Sundays can be. This song compares life in a boring coastal town to the grayness and emptiness that Sundays can bring.

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Easy – The Commodores

Relationships can be hard and letting go can be even harder, but sometimes it is the best thing you could do.

In ‘Easy’, Commodores sing about a relationship that’s constantly bringing the narrator down. The best thing he can do? Breaking up – and it turns out to be the most liberating feeling in the world. He compares this feeling to an easy, peaceful Sunday morning, getting him a well-deserved place on our playlist.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Queen

Name me a better feeling than realizing you’re done for the day and you can spend a lazy Sunday afternoon doing nothing. I’ll wait.

Even Freddie Mercury, the king of partying and having fun, needed to laze away from time to time. Here, he claims he’ll do extraordinary things all week, but lazing on Sunday completes it all. The song is short and sweet, just like a lazy afternoon.

Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

Music is a powerful tool that allows us to send a strong message and make a change. U2 used their voice and high position in the music industry to do just that.

As the title suggests, this track was inspired by an incident that happened in Northern Ireland in 1972, in which 14 people lost their lives. The song speaks against violence happening all over the world and the interpersonal struggles we experience.

Sunny Sunday – Joni Mitchell

Sometimes, all you need is a little sign that will tell you it’s time to do something. This little push could be anything, and in the case of this song, it’s shooting and hitting the streetlight.

Every night, the woman in the song aims and shoots at a streetlight. The day she finally hits it, will be the day she leaves her bad situation. Random, isn’t it? But nothing less powerful.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon – Small Faces

There’s nothing worse than having grumpy neighbors who won’t let you live your life and have fun, especially for teenagers. If you’re dealing with a situation like this, we’ve got a perfect song for you.

The song was inspired by a feud the singer had with his neighbors. He sings it in an exaggerated cockney accent and the song is full of different sound effects – definitely a fun one on the list.

Another Park, Another Sunday – The Doobie Brothers

Not every Sunday feeling is good. Sometimes, Sundays feel like the dullest days of the week, especially if you’re going through a tough time.

Sundays can be wonderful when you get to spend them with the person you love. The song describes the opposite – spending a lonely day at a park, thinking about a person that you’re no longer with. We all need a bit of Sunday love, don’t we?

A Sunday Kind Of Love – Etta James

Plenty of songs with Sundays in them sing about one-night stands from the night before. Sure, that kind of life can be fun, but isn’t there something so beautiful about a love that lasts?

In this song, Etta James wishes for a love that’s past Saturday night flings. Spending a beautiful Sunday with the one you love sounds like a relationship that’s going to last.

Sunday – Nick Drake

Life is made of ups and downs, and we never know what’s around the corner. Here the singer describes a fun Saturday, filled with sunshine and happy people. That quickly changed, as Sunday brought rain and gloominess.

Saturday and Sunday, in this case, can be seen as good and bad times in life. Our world can quickly turn upside down, and we always think back to the good times we had.

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A Sunday Smile – Beirut

Faking a smile to hide how you’re really feeling can be tough, but you’re not alone.

In this song, the person claims they want the best for their partner. They are aware that they’re not happy, and that they were faking their smiles the whole week. It’s okay to stop, let down your guard, and let yourself feel. We’re all human, and it’s the human thing to do.

Sunday – Sonic Youth

One thing’s for sure – unlike a raucous Friday night, Sundays can be incredibly slow, and not a lot of things can make them special. Unless, of course, you decide to spend them with the right person.

When you find someone who can make life seem brighter and more peaceful, that’s when you know they’re the one. In the song, the narrator shows us how their person can make everything special, even boring, long Sundays.

Another Sunday in the South – Miranda Lambert

Have you ever loved a song so much, you wrote another song about it? Well, Miranda Lamber has, and it’s a good one, too.

This song is a follow-up song to Shenandoah’s number 1 hit – ‘Sunday in the South’. It describes the typical Sunday of people living in the South, and it adds up to the story told in the original song.

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