25 Best Songs about Tequila

Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the entire world, especially in the US. Famous musicians, particularly those in country music, have a long history of penning love songs in honor of their favorite beverage.

Whether you’re sipping on margaritas in Texas or drinking tequila sunrises by the ocean, here are some great songs about tequila that will help you set the mood.

You and Tequila – Kenny Chesney ft. Grace Potter

This Kenny Chesney duet features indie-pop songwriter Grace Potter for a modern country song about one of the genre’s most-covered topics: Love gone wrong. With acoustic instrumentation and graceful harmonies, Chesney reminisces about his stormy relationship and relates it to his drinking habits. The entire song focuses on the tortured parallelism between his love interest and his drink of choice, tequila. Potter assists vocally during the chorus to fill out production.

Three Fingers Tequila – Mark David Manders

Mark David Manders has been a Texas country music staple for a couple of decades now. ‘Three Fingers Tequila’ was released on the album Chili Pepper Sunset in 2000. It is a love story at heart and details a romance between a lonely barfly and a pretty señorita named Alma who whisks him away to her apartment where she has the best tequila in town. They spend the night together, and as the protagonist recovers from a well-worth-it hangover, he decides to stay and spend more time with his newfound love interest.

Tequila – The Champs

This 1950s hit has had huge commercial success over the past several decades. Not only is it considered one of the biggest songs of the 50s, but it has also been used in countless movies and commercials. Its catchy saxophone melody is hard to forget. ‘Tequila’ was written by The Champs’ sax player, Danny Flores, and was placed on the B-side of their record. Radio DJs liked the song so much that they gave it a ton of airtime and launched it to #1 on the charts in 1957.

Everybody Hates Me – The Chainsmokers

This electronic-inspired pop hit is about the struggles of modern life. From relationships to the double-life people often lead on social media versus reality, The Chainsmokers sing about trying to keep things simple and normal. Despite the fame, troubled love, and complicated lives, they just want to go out with their friends and have a good time to forget all their problems for a little while.

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Tequila – Dan + Shay

Tequila brings up memories Dan + Shay would like to forget in this smooth country-pop tune. The duo’s unique vocal sound lends itself well to this popular single about a person who has moved on from a failed relationship until he drinks tequila. After that, memories begin to haunt him. As he continues his downward spiral, he realizes just how much he still needs his ex.

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My Favorite Wine is Tequila – Michael Franti

Michael Franti and his band sing about his drink of choice in this feel-good reggae tune. The chorus pays melodic tribute to the hit reggae-pop song ‘Red Red Wine’ as the singer jokingly states his favorite vino is actually tequila. Though Michael Franti has reached significant success musically as a mainstream reggae artist, he is also a rapper, documentarian, and outspoken activist.

Tequila Does – Miranda Lambert

Miranda pays homage to the time-honored country music tradition of singing about many people’s favorite Mexican beverage in ‘Tequila Does.’ She sings about having some fun in a border-town bar with a handsome man from Juarez. Even though they hit it off and dance all night, she ultimately leaves and goes home with nothing but a bottle of tequila. The song’s playful message reveals itself in the chorus: only tequila can love Miranda the right way.

Mexico, Tequila and Me – Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson tells listeners he’s tired of the 9-to-5 grind and is ready to unwind in this classic easy-listening country track from his 2015 album, Angels and Alcohol. In ‘Mexico, Tequila and Me’ Jackson documents his trip down to the border and crossing over into Mexico to find a more leisurely lifestyle. He wants to sip on his favorite drink by the beach and leave the rat race behind.

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Straight Tequila Night – John Anderson

Widely recognized for his country hit, ‘Seminole Wind,’ John Anderson switches things up for ‘Straight Tequila Night.’ He sings about a woman you don’t want to mess with if you find out she’s drinking tequila for the night. The reason why you should steer clear? She’s still not over a man who did her wrong. Anderson’s distinct, pensive vocals add to the tension in this early 90s hit.

Tequila Sheila – Bobby Bare

A great singalong song from the 90s, this country tune features Spanish guitar fills over a leisurely beat and easy-to-remember lyrics. Categorized as an outlaw country song, it details the story of a man who makes his way into Mexico after winning a fight with a dealer in Juarez and stealing his bounty. He meets “Sheila,” who’s sporting a red satin dress, and he tells her to serve him up some good tequila for his troubles.

Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo – Tracy Byrd

In this cheeky tune released during Tracy Byrd’s heyday in country music, he counts every round with his good buddy Jose Cuervo. ‘Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo is similar to Alan Jackson’s country hit ‘It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere’ (that you can hear on our songs about retiring playlist.) Both tunes instantly put you in a good mood, and as you sing along, you’ll reminisce about your own nights out at the bar with friends.

Tequila Sunrise – Eagles

This Eagles classic came together quickly for songwriters and band members Glenn Frey and Don Henley. The whole Desperado album has an outlaw theme, and ‘Tequila Sunrise’ became an instant fan favorite. The drink the song refers to is a mixture of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine. The song tells the story of a man who drinks all night long and witnesses the sun coming up, realizing how long he’s been indulging. The song was released in ’86, and in ’88, the popular flick Tequila Sunrise premiered.

Tequila Again – Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne frontman TJ related this song’s video to the theme of their country hit ‘Rum.’ Though these tunes are seemingly simple drinking songs, the deeper meanings of the lyrics relate to the blue-collar town they grew up in. ‘Tequila Again’ is a creative track with a love story between the song’s protagonist and a woman he met in a dive bar. As the song continues, you realize the love story doesn’t actually feature a woman at all. He’s singing about tequila.

One Tequila – Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker takes his stylings back to pure 90s country vibes with ‘One Tequila.’ He counts his rounds and tells the listener where his sweet spot is while having a wild night out, not knowing where it’ll take him. Even though he can keep his composure with beer and whiskey, tequila is his kryptonite that he can’t turn down. Maybe he’ll end up in the slammer in Tiajuana. Maybe he’ll skinnydip in a neighbor’s pool. Only time will tell as he takes that first shot at the bar.

Patron Tequila – Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon, Eve

This 2009 party single is full of hype featuring major rap and R&B players such as Eve, Lil John, and T Pain, who assisted with production. The song was especially popular in Canada. The Paradiso Girls were a European off-shoot of the American supergroup, The Pussycat Dolls.

Toes – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band has secured its success in the tropi-country subgenre with hits like ‘Toes.’ Featuring coastal-country legend Jimmy Buffett, the tune will help you look on the sunny side of life. Brown and Buffett sing about spending a lazy day on the beach soaking up the sun and drinking cold beer with pretty señoritas.

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Salt, Lime and Tequila – Ryan Griffin

After early success in the commercial country music industry, Griffin suddenly found himself dropped by his label. He released ‘Salt, Lime, and Tequila’ independently, and thanks to his dedicated fanbase and a little help from Tik Tok users, his worry-free, summertime tune went viral. This organic success caught the eye of industry professionals. In 2022, Griffin became the first artist to sign on to a new country label, Red Street Country.

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band still play this tune at every show, thanks to its early nationwide success in the mid-70s. The song became an anthem for Buffett’s loyal following, whom he lovingly refers to as Parrot Heads. He developed the single into an in-demand brand featuring restaurants in popular cities like Nashville and a clothing line.

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Stays in Mexico – Toby Keith

Toby Keith sings about two strangers, Steve and Gina, who have a chance encounter in Mexico and hit it off. They decide to spend a few days having a little fun, but their fun isn’t so innocent. Steve occasionally phones his wife and kids back home to check on them, and Gina wonders if she’s crossing a line. The song’s hook is a play on words from the famous “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” line.

Hot Tequila Brown – Jamiroquai

This funk/reggae track featuring Jamiroquai’s smooth vocals is perfect for dancing to on a warm summer night. ‘Hot Tequila Brown’ is a story about a man’s quest to keep on standing despite many people’s attempts to take him down. The song’s easy vibe is set against lyrics pertaining to struggle, defeat, and victory. From women who broke his heart to others who tested his strength, despite their best efforts to sabotage him, he keeps rising with the sun.

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On the Tequila – Alanis Morissette

Debuting on her 2008 album Flowers of Entanglement, Alanis Morissette uses her unique story-telling abilities to pen a song about her relationship with tequila and how it affects her relationships with others. She mentions her friend from high school, her brother, and others as they observe her in different ways due to her drinking habits. She also switches back and forth between perspectives and dedicates verses to how her best friends react while partying it up with her.

Codigo – George Strait

Strait released this tune in 2019 after a two-year break from songwriting. He penned this easygoing, happy track with his songwriting son, Bubba Strait. George has been a partner of Codigo Tequila for quite some time now and named the song after the famous brand. ‘Codigo’ is a story about two important things in Strait’s life: The woman he loves and his favorite tasty beverage.

Tequila on a Boat – Dustin Lynch ft. Chris Lane

Add this fun-filled summery country track to your poolside playlist during warmer weather months. This song features chart-topping country artists singing together about days spent on a boat in the water with friends, drinks, and plenty of sunshine. You’ll be grooving to this tune while tubing down the river with a cold beer in your hand. Prepare for your worries to melt away.

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Tequila Shots – Kid Cudi

‘Tequila Shots’ is a track off Kid Cudi’s 2020 album Man on The Moon III: The Chosen. It’s the third installment in a trilogy of albums Cudi began releasing in 2009. The theme of the third installment chronicles Cudi’s battle with his alter ego. This track details Cudi’s late-night thoughts on his inner war. After reaching fame in 2009, his struggles with depression and anxiety worsened, and much of his music is related to his internal struggles.

Cheap Tequila – Rick Derringer

Initially released by blues and rock artist Johnny Winter in 1973, Derringer covered it later that same year on his debut solo album, All American Boy. The song features a few classic rock elements, including edgy, slightly-strained vocals, blues-inspired piano, and electric guitar. The song is about why people choose to drown themselves in cheap tequila.

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