17 Fab Songs from the Trolls World Tour Soundtrack

Trolls World Tour follows different troll tribes, each based on a genre of music, as they attempt to figure out how to live in harmony (or, in Queen Barb’s case, take over every tribe). It’s a story of learning to accept differences among people as a natural thing and not something to be afraid of or judgemental about.

It’s a fun movie made for kids, but you’ll be gifted with a good message and a great soundtrack no matter your age. Here are some of the fantastic songs from Trolls World Tour that will probably get stuck in your head!

The Other Side – SZA and Justin Timberlake

This song is heard both in the opening sequence and the end credits of Trolls World Tour. ‘The Other Side’ by SZA and Justin Timberlake reflects on the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” and opposes this statement and encourages the listener to be content with what they have. Even when you feel unlucky or disheartened, “the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.” Other people are probably struggling, too.

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Trolls Wanna Have Good Times – Various

‘Trolls Wanna Have Good Times’ works as a medley to introduce Pop Trolls, the tribe to which the main characters Poppy and Branch belong. This song combines ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun,’ ‘Good Times,’ and ‘Groove Is in the Heart’ for a purely joyful time. Instead of “girls just want to have fun,” they sing “trolls just want to have fun” for a fun and silly twist.

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Don’t Slack – Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake

‘Don’t Slack’ is one of the songs that play during the end credits and Anderson .Paak’s raspy vocals match the disco-style track to capture the triumphant and inclusive atmosphere of the movie perfectly. Lines like “don’t slack…don’t hold back” promote authenticity and acceptance of both yourself and others.

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It’s All Love – Anderson .Paak, Justin Timberlake, Mary J Blige, George Clinton

The main premise of Trolls World Tour is the different troll tribes, where each tribe loves a certain kind of music (like pop or country). Each tribe has a magical lyre string that represents their music. ‘It’s All Love’ tells the story of when the Pop Trolls stole strings from the other tribes, which contributed to the conflict still present between the groups. This song talks about the peace of the past and how it was disrupted, but the song’s upbeat feel gives hope that peace could be restored.

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Just Sing – Various

‘Just Sing’ occurs at the film’s climax, when the sacred strings are destroyed, and the trolls lose their colors. Slowly, though, starting with Poppy, the trolls realize they can still sing without the strings. The song is meant to be uplifting, and the choir-like vocals show all of the trolls coming together in harmony, finally accepting each other for who they are.

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One More Time – Anthony Ramos

‘One More Time’ was originally by Daft Punk but was adapted for this movie and sung by the character King Trollex to his tribe of Techno Trolls. This song’s modulated vocals, repetitive lyrics, and instrumental focus are classic elements of EDM and techno music, which makes it fitting for this tribe. The Trolls World Tour soundtrack includes several new renditions of classic songs.

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Atomic Dog – Parliament, Anderson .Paak, Mary J. Blige

This song was used in many of the trailers for Trolls World Tour and appears in the film when a few of the main characters arrive in Vibe City. ‘Atomic Dog’ is a remix of the original song with the same name by George Clinton. Electronic elements merge classic pop with old-school funk, making this a song to vibe to for sure.

Rainbows, Unicorns, Everything Nice – Walt Dohm, Joseph Shirley

Coming in at twelve seconds, this funny take on heavy metal is the shortest song on the soundtrack. A few of the main characters come up with this song to convince members of the Rock Trolls that they were rock trolls too. The plan works despite the cliched screamo and nonsensical lyrics: “rainbows, unicorns, everything nice…brush your teeth,” the plan works!

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Rock N Roll Rules – HAIM, Ludwig Goransson

‘Rock N Roll Rules’ is played during the movie and the credits. The version in the movie doesn’t have lyrics, working to create tension as Poppy is taken away to Volcano Rock City, home of the Rock Trolls. It acts as an anthem for the Rock Troll tribe, full of feelings of confidence and superiority over the rock ‘n roll genre.

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Leaving Lonesome Flats – Dierks Bentley

Leaving Lonesome Flats’ is a suspenseful and fast-paced track, perfect for a prison break and tension-filled getaway. The main characters escape from prison and run from the Country Trolls to the sound of this song. The drums add a feeling of urgency to the song, while the lyrics describe both the fear and adrenaline caused by the breakout.

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Born to Die – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson delivers an emotional country ballad with ‘Born to Die.’ This song is about coming to terms with mortality and how it’s easy to succumb to misery and hopelessness when you know you’re only “born to die.” In Trolls World Tour, the song is sung by a Country Troll to provide comfort and unity to her tribe. It’s a sad song, yet it works as a way to cope with your internal sadness by bonding with others.

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Barracuda – Rachel Bloom

Originally by the rock band Heart, ‘Barracuda’ talks about the heavyweight rumors and gossip that can place on a person. The queen of the Rock Trolls sings this song during one of her concerts and serves as an ode to her style and intensity. Heavy drums and guitar riffs, and chanting from the crowd let us into the vibe and musical passion of both the queen and the Rock Trolls in general.

Yodel Beat – Ludwig Goransson

This track is entirely instrumental, playing over one of the biggest conflicts of the movie. One of the main characters, Queen Poppy, is captured while fighting to keep control of the lyre string sacred to her tribe. There is an element of comedy to the song because of the repetitive yodeling in the background, but it still creates an ominous atmosphere to match the suspense of the movie scene.

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Crazy Train – Rachel Bloom

‘Crazy Train’ is a cover of the Ozzy Osbourne song of the same name, who plays King Thrash (king of the Rock Trolls) in Trolls World Tour. In the movie, the song plays as Queen Barb celebrates her victory of stealing the Techno Trolls’ lyre string. “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train” completely sums up Queen Barb and her disastrous power trip, as do the shredding guitar and attacking drums.

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I Fall to Pieces – Sam Rockwell

This song, originally by Patsy Cline, is a heartbroken ballad about trying to move on from a failed relationship. ‘I Fall to Pieces’ laments the impossibility of acting platonic towards a person you deeply love. It’s sung by one of the Country Trolls to solidify that tribe’s style of acoustic country songs about hardship.

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Perfect for Me – Justin Timberlake

‘Perfect for Me’ is sung by the troll Branch as a way to confess his love for Queen Poppy. He realizes he cares so much about her decisions because he cares so deeply for her. Because of their tumultuous relationship, Branch doesn’t think the relationship would ever actually work but loves her anyway. He says, “I hate that you’re perfect for me,” capturing that feeling of being in love when you know it’s not good for you.

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Rock You Like a Hurricane – Rachel Bloom

‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ is sung by Queen Barb when she attacks the Techno Trolls. It’s a cover of the original song by the band Scorpions. This song acts as a theme song for Queen Barb because of how accurately it describes her character. Summed up by the line “rock you like a hurricane,” the track alludes to her rock roots and her destructive strength and determination.

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