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Zing Instruments is an online music publication that publishes in-depth guides about playing instruments, buying gear, and music in general. We’re all aspiring musicians who write our own music and play in various bands, from gypsy jazz to alt-rock.

Subjects we write about:

We also have a ton of info in our blog section, where we write about making it as a musician (e.g. gigging, recording music, etc), social media for musicians, and a ton of other stuff.

We also have a massive playlist section, where we write about our favorite songs.

Plus, we make our own tools for musicians, such as guitar serial number decoders that you can find in our tools section.

Why ‘Zing’?

Well, there’s a funny story there. When I was trying to find a name for this site, I struggled to find anything that I really loved (I’m Ged by the way – aka Zingman – the founder).

There were the usual ideas…’Instruments HQ’, ‘All About Instruments’, etc. etc. but nothing very inspiring.

But then a random thing happened.

A movie had just come out called ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and one rainy afternoon there we sat, my 6-year-old daughter Martha, and I.

In that movie, the monsters (i.e. Dracula, who funnily enough had a wife called Martha) have a word for falling in love.

That word, or verb, is ‘to Zing‘.

And boom, like a lightbulb in my head suddenly switching on, I had it….’Zing Instruments’.

Zing quote
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To ‘zing’ is a special feeling that only happens once in your life.

The way I see it, when you go about learning an instrument, you really do fall in love with it.

Music has the power to bring us together like nothing else. We (humanity) badly need to come together, and I think music is one of the best ways of doing it.

So, the mission of this website is to make the world come together through music.

Should be pretty straightforward, right?!

Zing People

Ged Richardson

Ged Richardson
Editor-In-Chief / Founder (aka The Zingman)

Contact: [email protected]

Ged (aka the Zingman) is the dude behind all this. As the founder and editor-in-chief, he spends every moment he can writing about music. Music has taught him everything there is to know about life, and this website is his way of paying it back. When he’s not spending time with his little kids, or walking his dog Simba, he’s jamming with friends and playing the odd concert. He has various music projects going on, and plays in a London based Gypsy Jazz band Django Mango. He also drives an orange rust-bucket VW Campervan called Hux around the countryside in Devon, UK.


Roz Bruce
Head of Music Education

Roz heads up music education at Zing. A multi-instrumentalist and music teacher, she plays in various alt-rock bands.

Maddie Angel

Maddie Angel
Senior Writer

Maddie is a senior writer for Zing. She plays guitar in a metal band and has a passion for flute and classical music (yes, quite an eclectic mix!)


Ben Long

Ben is bass guitarist and songwriter for alt-rock band Stateline Road. When he’s not jamming, he’s watching his beloved Man City.​



Sam Astill
SEO & Content Manager

Sam looks after the SEO and content marketing side of things. When he’s not deep in content, he’s listening to Kasabian.

Simba dogSimba
Head of Mischief

Simba is our resident pup and loves nothing more than hanging out, digging holes, eating treats, and listening to prog rock. He has a particular thing for Led Zeppelin. Very good taste!