new order vinyl

12 Best New Order Songs

Merging synths with their post-punk roots to create pensive, poppy electronica, we take a closer look at some of New Order’s best songs

gordon lightfoot vinyl

11 Best Gordon Lightfoot Songs, Folk-Country Songwriting Icon

Known for his history-centric songs and socially conscious hits, Gordon Lightfoot not only drew high praise from music’s best songwriters, but ultimately became known as one of contemporary music’s most prolific folk-country artists of all time. Read on as we unpack the meaning and messages behind Lightfoot’s most beloved songs

red hot chili peppers vinyl

14 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs, Funk Rock Rebels

With powerful grooves and an effortless rock sound, the Red Hot Chili Peppers took over the L.A. music scene in the ‘90s and pioneered today’s funk rock sound. We break down their biggest hits and signature songs that made them one of rock’s most prominent bands

sonic youth vinyl

12 Best Sonic Youth Songs, New York’s Noise-Rock Pioneers

For 30 years, Sonic Youth were the champions of experimental rock music. Hailing from New York City, they flouted the rules of what it meant to be in a band, blazing a new trail on the back of the ‘70s punk explosion. Check out 12 jams from a catalog that birthed a thousand wannabees

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13 Best Eagles Songs, 1970s Rock Best Sellers

One of the best-selling bands ever, The Eagles helped define an entire generation of rock music in the ‘70s. We dive into their greatest hits and most creative compositions spanning more than 30 years in the business

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Legendary Country Crooner – 10 Best Kenny Rogers Songs

Considered to be one of music’s best-selling artists ever, Kenny Rogers racked up dozens of hits and countless adoring fans over the course of his long career. From his country-western number one singles to his psychedelic rock roots, we cover his best releases with this romance-heavy, story-filled playlist

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The King of Country Music – 11 Best George Strait Songs

Like the Texas ranch he grew up on, George Strait’s legacy reaches far and wide, beyond just the scope of country music. Recognized as the performer with the most number one singles of all time, we take a walk down memory lane and feature some of the best songs by the “King of Country Music”

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13 Best Hozier Songs, Folk-Pop Poet

Award-winning indie musician Hozier uses poetic lyrics and blues and folk stylings to create pop smash hits. We go through the Irish singer-songwriter’s biggest releases here

Hank Snow vinyl

11 Best Hank Snow Songs, Canadian Country-Western Star of Nashville

Originally from Canada, early country-western star Hank Snow fit right in with the budding Nashville music scene of the 1950s. One of the genre’s founding authority figures, we details Snow’s biggest hits and collaborations with some of music’s most legendary stars, including The King of Rock and Roll himself

tracy chapman vinyl

11 Best Tracy Chapman Songs, Blues-Folk Voice of the People

Folk artist Tracy Chapman spent the ’90s at the top of the charts with hits like ‘Fast Car.’ But the troubadour’s body of work is vast, deeply poetic, and wide-ranging, extending far beyond her commercial successes. Here we unpack the singer-songwriter’s most moving and beloved originals and highlight why she is considered to be a leading generational voice and talent