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15 Best Thin Lizzy Songs: Irish Rock Royalty

Thin Lizzy were more than a hard rock juggernaut; they possessed an eloquence and finesse that belied their tough exterior. Despite being seen as outsiders by the music industry, their relentless touring and sheer determination amassed a legion of fans worldwide. Here’s our pick of their best.

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Top 10 John Mellencamp Songs, America’s Heartland Rocker

Along the vast timeline of rock and roll history, singer-songwriter John Mellencamp has managed to carve out a significant spot for his legacy that is both deeply human and poignantly American. While many who reach his level of fame forget their roots, Mellencamp made his roots his main musical focus. Check out the rocker’s best singles and hits with this definitive list of John Mellencamp songs

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11 Best Enrique Iglesias Songs, King of Latin Pop

A record breaking Latin artist and American pop sensation, everything Enrique Iglesias produces turns to gold, or in his case, platinum. From his sexy Spanish best-sellers to his smash hits in the States, we detail the brilliant work of this multi-platinum pop tour de force and reveal why Iglesias is one of music’s most successful artists of all time

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11 Best Brahms Works, The Great Romantic Era Composer

Acting as a bridge connecting traditionalist roots with modern ingenuity, Johannes Brahms became one of the most successful composers of the 19th century. His evocative composing and wide-ranging themes both stormy and inspirational set him up as a cut above the rest. From his dynamic symphonies to his gentle lullabies, we cover Brahms most beloved works and show why he’s considered to be a classical music mastermind.