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Top 10 John Mellencamp Songs, America’s Favorite Heartland Rocker

Along the vast timeline of rock and roll history, singer-songwriter John Mellencamp has managed to carve out a significant spot for his legacy that is both deeply human and poignantly American. While many who reach his level of fame forget their roots, Mellencamp made his roots his main musical focus. Check out the rocker’s best singles and hits with this definitive list of John Mellencamp songs

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11 Best Enrique Iglesias Songs, King of Latin Pop

A record breaking Latin artist and American pop sensation, everything Enrique Iglesias produces turns to gold, or in his case, platinum. From his sexy Spanish best-sellers to his smash hits in the States, we detail the brilliant work of this multi-platinum pop tour de force and reveal why Iglesias is one of music’s most successful artists of all time

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11 Best Brahms Works, The Great Romantic Era Composer

Acting as a bridge connecting traditionalist roots with modern ingenuity, Johannes Brahms became one of the most successful composers of the 19th century. His evocative composing and wide-ranging themes both stormy and inspirational set him up as a cut above the rest. From his dynamic symphonies to his gentle lullabies, we cover Brahms most beloved works and show why he’s considered to be a classical music mastermind.

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Top 11 Zach Bryan Songs, Country Music’s Poetic Songsmith

Alternative country, red dirt country, progressive country. These are just a few of the subgenres attributed to the beautiful, poetic songs written by singer-songwriter Zach Bryan. But the truth is the troubadour is bonafide country, through and through. In the same vein as the forefathers of the genre, he writes about life, love, and loss with creative, hard-hitting lyrics and gentle rhythms that leave you both teary-eyed and deeply inspired. We unpack the meaning behind Zach Bryan’s best songs in this countdown

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14 Best Sierra Ferrell Songs, Gypsy Queen of Country-Folk

A one-of-a-kind musician with a cowgirl spirit, Sierra Ferrell expertly blends country-western and folk genres to create her own blend of contemporary country. Both a throwback artist in musical style and a modern force in the Nashville music industry, once you discover her songs, they stay with you even after you’re done listening for the day. Check out Ferrell’s captivating songs and prepare to be charmed by her Appalachian roots and western plains grit and flare

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10 Best John Prine Songs, Great American Troubadour

With a music career spanning 50 years, John Prine remained a dedicated songwriter faithful to his craft whether experiencing international acclaim or battling cancer. Through it all, he never shut himself off from life, and it showed in his intimate, emotive songs. From smash hits told from a female perspective contemplating the meaning of existence to pensive ballads highlighting societal struggles, Prine’s body of work is both powerful and reassuring. Read on and rediscover his most popular compositions listeners still can’t get enough of

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Top 14 Weezer Songs, Beloved Nerd-Rockers

After Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, heartbroken grunge fans needed a new hero. Enter Rivers Cuomo, the bespectacled loner whose band Weezer arrived a month later to fill the void with distortion-heavy, melodic guitar rock. Here’s our pick of their best tracks

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Top 11 Tyler Childers Songs, Appalachian Poet

The appeal of Kentucky born Tyler Childers is so strong that people who typically don’t like country music are blown away when they hear him. Blending Appalachian old-time country and bluegrass sounds with poetic but honest and direct lyrics, here’s our pick of his best songs so far

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12 Best Tim McGraw Songs, Titan of Country Music

One of country music’s household names, Tim McGraw has long been a pillar of the genre. His music has become so influential, fellow country artists write songs about him. Despite his incredible body of work and decades-long musical legacy, the country star remains modest, which has helped produce an authentic catalog of crowd-pleasers fans continue to clamor for. From his flirtatious hits to his tearjerker ballads, read on as we cover Tim McGraw’s monumental releases and award-winning career

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Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs, Country Music Superstar

It doesn’t get more country than Blake Shelton. His friendly disposition and body of music focusing on love, small town roots, and living the simple life has anchored a career boasting tons of hits and countless accolades. His discography features some of the best music to come out of Nashville in the 21st century. From his duo work with his wife Gwen Stefani to his early releases, we review the grand scale of Shelton’s long career and discuss our favorite picks by the dashing country crooner