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10 Best Everly Brothers Songs, Country Rock Pioneers

With distinctive harmonies and one-of-a-kind rhythm guitar work, The Everly Brothers’ revolutionary contributions to the early days of rock and roll also lead to them being pioneering figures of the country rock subgenre. Check out the stories behind the duo’s greatest hits

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14 Best Bonnie Raitt Songs, Blues Slide Queen

A contemporary blues matriarch and slide guitar authority, we take a look at Bonnie Raitt’s dynamic collection of hit songs and epic blues interpretations. The esteemed musician’s career has been nothing short of a marathon, and she’s got the chart-toppers and awards to back up her ever-growing legend

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12 Best Modest Mouse Songs, Warped Folk-Rock Stalwarts

Led by the prolific Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse have carved out a reputation as one of indie rock’s most reliable outfits, delivering a genre-bending fusion of folk, punk-pop, psyche and everything in between. We’ve put together a dozen of their best

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Essential Roots Rock – 11 Best Songs by The Band

Featuring masterful harmony work and a folksy feel that made them a one-of-a-kind, leading act of the 1970s, we dive into The Band’s best songs, which stand as must-listen compositions for any fan of the classic rock genre

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Chicago Blues Authority: 10 Best Buddy Guy Songs

The blues’ longest-tenured player, Buddy Guy has not only shared the stage with all the greats, he’s one of them as well. The modern blues story isn’t complete without a dive into the work of this enduring figure. Here we reveal the stories behind Guy’s masterpieces.

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10 Best Ray LaMontagne Songs, Folk-Rock Romanticist

A romantic at heart, this introverted lyricist has penned some of the 21st century’s most poetic folk songs. Explore a world of love, hard-learned wisdom, and trouble with indie icon Ray LaMontagne’s best-known tracks

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10 Best Eddie Cochran Songs, Foundational Pillar of Rock and Roll

We wouldn’t have rock music without the groundbreaking work of Eddie Cochran. His smooth, fast-paced contributions to the fledgling genre during the 1950s are still viewed as some of its most important early work, and his recordings helped define the first generation of young rock and rollers