woman playing ukulele

How to Play Ukulele – A Quickstart Guide for Beginners

For such a cool little instrument, the ukulele or ‘uke’ hasn’t been around for too long. Originating in 19th century Hawaii, it was an adaption of an instrument called the Portuguese Machete. From the shores of Hawaii, it soon gained … Read more

three ukuleles

Best Ukulele for Beginners – Round-up & Reviews

The ukulele is the guitars younger – and let’s face it – more fun little brother. They are simple to learn, easy on the ear and amazingly portable. If you’re just starting out, or considering getting on for your child, … Read more

concert ukulele

Best Concert Ukulele – Product Round-up & Reviews

Compared to the popular soprano uke, the concert ukulele (also known as ‘the super soprano’) has a deeper, louder tone and also boasts a wider fretboard, making them a popular choice for people with large hands. In this article, we’re … Read more

Baritone Ukulele

Best Baritone Ukulele – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Baritone ukes are often overshadowed by the more popular, soprano models however, they actually make fantastic instruments to both learn on, and to enjoy as an experienced player. Often, baritone ukuleles are more comfortable to play and pleasing to the … Read more

ukulele sizes

Ukulele Size Guide – Which to Choose?

Ukuleles may seem like relatively simple instruments to play, but in reality, they’re rather diverse in terms of build and sound. With such a broad range of these things out there, we’ve put together this guide to help you get … Read more

ukulele chords

Basic Ukulele Chords for Beginners

If you’ve never played any musical instrument, learning how to play ukulele can be a scary prospect. A natural first step is to learn some chords, so that’s what we’ll cover here: Before we look at some ukulele chord charts, … Read more