new order vinyl

12 Best New Order Songs

Merging synths with their post-punk roots to create pensive, poppy electronica, we take a closer look at some of New Order’s best songs

sonic youth vinyl

12 Best Sonic Youth Songs, New York’s Noise-Rock Pioneers

For 30 years, Sonic Youth were the champions of experimental rock music. Hailing from New York City, they flouted the rules of what it meant to be in a band, blazing a new trail on the back of the ‘70s punk explosion. Check out 12 jams from a catalog that birthed a thousand wannabees

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13 Best Hozier Songs, Folk-Pop Poet

Award-winning indie musician Hozier uses poetic lyrics and blues and folk stylings to create pop smash hits. We go through the Irish singer-songwriter’s biggest releases here

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12 Best Modest Mouse Songs, Warped Folk-Rock Stalwarts

Led by the prolific Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse have carved out a reputation as one of indie rock’s most reliable outfits, delivering a genre-bending fusion of folk, punk-pop, psyche and everything in between. We’ve put together a dozen of their best

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Bossing It – 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs

A rock and roller to the core, Bruce Springsteen has racked up hits and millions of fans over the course of his marathon career, earning him the title, “The Boss.” From blue collar anthems to acoustic-based confessional ballads, we unpack Springsteen’s finest original compositions and impactful singles

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10 Best Little Richard Songs, Architect of Rock and Roll

A vivacious showman and leading figure in the rhythm and blues movement, Little Richard’s dynamic repertoire was full of high energy hits, driving instrumentation, and zany showmanship. We reveal the stories that shaped the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s career as we work our way through his best tunes

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17 Best Morrissey Songs that Illustrate His Brilliance

Morrissey’s music full of raw, unfiltered honesty has been drawing both praise and criticism from all over the world since the 1980s. His epic body of work has earned him recognition as one of Great Britain’s artistic idols. Sometimes the villain, sometimes the hero, we unpack the outspoken musician’s best songs here