tyler childers cover

Top 11 Tyler Childers Songs, Appalachian Poet

The appeal of Kentucky born Tyler Childers is so strong that people who typically don’t like country music are blown away when they hear him. Blending Appalachian old-time country and bluegrass sounds with poetic but honest and direct lyrics, here’s our pick of his best songs so far

SZA SOS album

10 Best SZA Songs, Contemporary R&B Innovator

Chart-topping contemporary R&B musician SZA blends genres to create innovative and catchy hits. Considered one of the biggest names in popular music right now, we go through some of SZA’s best songs here

Hozier vinyl

13 Best Hozier Songs, Folk-Pop Poet

Award-winning indie musician Hozier uses poetic lyrics and blues and folk stylings to create pop smash hits. We go through the Irish singer-songwriter’s biggest releases here

Little Richard Vinyl

10 Best Little Richard Songs, Architect of Rock and Roll

A vivacious showman and leading figure in the rhythm and blues movement, Little Richard’s dynamic repertoire was full of high energy hits, driving instrumentation, and zany showmanship. We reveal the stories that shaped the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s career as we work our way through his best tunes

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13 Best J.J. Cale Songs, Tulsa Sound Innovator

Known by fellow musicians as one of rock’s most important figures, we dive into J.J. Cale’s bluesy classics and highlight the role the introverted guitarist played in founding the “Tulsa Sound”

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17 Best Morrissey Songs that Illustrate His Brilliance

Morrissey’s music full of raw, unfiltered honesty has been drawing both praise and criticism from all over the world since the 1980s. His epic body of work has earned him recognition as one of Great Britain’s artistic idols. Sometimes the villain, sometimes the hero, we unpack the outspoken musician’s best songs here

Peter Gabriel

12 Best Peter Gabriel Songs that Showcase the Enigmatic Genius

Progressive rock icon Peter Gabriel has always used his music platform to pen songs that challenge society and speak to the lonely and disenfranchised. A longtime challenger of the pop genre status quo, we highlight his most impactful releases still culturally relevant today

howlin wolf vinyl

9 Best Howlin’ Wolf Songs that Celebrate the Blues Giant

Perhaps no Chicago blues figure is more magnetic than Howlin’ Wolf. His commanding vocals pull you in and his electrified, big band sound begs you to stay. Stay with us as we tackle this formidable playlist and unpack his high-powered hits