5 Best Vocal Autotune Pedals – Helping You Stay in Tune

When it comes to singing, even the best singers have off days. You may have a cold, you may be super-tired, other times you may just have a really tough song to tackle and there are just a few notes you aren't quite hitting.

In these cases you could really do with a helping hand. Just a little nudge into the correct pitch. Fear no more. Autotune pedals are here to the rescue.

At a Glance: Our Choice Of The 5 Best Autotune Pedals On The Market

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Buyer's Tips: What to look for when you buy an Autotune Pedal

  • If you are a singer who is just looking for a natural-sounding nudge into place now and again, you'll be looking for a pedal which offers subtle, chromatic shifts and perhaps even locks into the key of your guitar or keyboard!

  • If you're electro and looking for some wild sounds, you'll want a pedal that offers that! Look out for promise of Robot voices, vocoder and harsh shifts!

  • Ease of use is going to be a factor for most people, so it's important to get a model that isn't so complicated it's impractical to use on stage!

All these things considered, let's take a look at our five favourites in some more detail...

​​​​5 Best Vocal Autotune Pedals

1) Roland AIRA Series VT-3 Voice Transformer

Roland Voice Transformer (VT-3)

The Roland AIRA is perfect for electronic musicians who want heavily processed vocals.

It has the classic 'Robot' voice feature, vocoder and an autotune effect, amongst other sounds!

All of the sounds you exhibit through this little box are of exceptional quality: this is a truly professional piece of kit.

If you're looking for a more natural 'fix', this won't be right for you, but electro musicians, go wild!

  • Achieves a retro pop/electro 'autotune' sound easily with its Autopitch 1 and Autopitch 2 presets
  • Also features many other sounds for your voice like Robot vocals and synth/lead/bass sounds
  • Affordable and easy to use live
  • This is more suited to electro style performers, and wouldn't suit the singer who just wanted a subtle correction in pitch here and there
  • The autotune and vocoder effects work only if an in tune instrument is going through the system alongside the vocals
  • It may not be that simple to use for those who are new to voice transforming technology

Let's take a look at this pedal...

2) TC Helicon Mic Mechanic

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic

TC Helicon have an exceptional reputation in the world of live vocal effects processors, and this Mic Mechanic pedal lives up to that!

It's perfect for guitarists as it looks and functions as a stomp box. This pedal gently nudges any flat or sharp notes to their nearest chromatic pitch, so it will suit the singer who wants to keep it as natural as possible.

It won't suit the electro artists who want to Robotify themselves, but there are some cool delay and reverb settings here to further enhance your vocal.

A simple, high quality piece of kit that you can buy on a budget!

  • Small, simple and stomp box sized
  • Pitch correction sounds natural and convincing
  • Affordable and easy to use live
  • Some singers may prefer a pedal that offers controllability of EQ or reverb tail length
  • Sound can distort at times
  • It only has one input

Let's take a look at this pedal...

3) Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal

The Boss VE-20 will fix your pitch in a way that's either subtle or in-your-face, depending on your requirements!

It's easy to use and control and, like the Mic Mechanic, you switch it on with a stamp!

As well as pitch-correcting, this pedal has the ability to create harmonies, add reverb and even loop!

It's a great toy for the creative singer.

  • Fixes the pitch in real time and can sound natural or artificial, according to your preferences/style
  • Includes a looper, harmoniser and lots of other cool effects to get creative with
  • Durable, and pretty easy to get to grips with
  • There's no guitar input, so you can't do that cool harmonise-to-the-chords thing
  • Not as easy to use as some other devices
  • May not always tune to your desired note – the scales you can set it to are limited

Let's take a look at this pedal...

4) Tascam TA1VP Vocal Producer Processor With Antares Autotune

Tascam TA-1VP Rackmount Vocal Producer Processor With Antares Autotune

This advanced and professional product is for the singer who isn't tech-shy, and wants top results.

Scales to auto-correct to can be customised to fit your song's requirements, so stuff really does get technical here.

It has a microphone modelling function which simulates a variety of high quality microphones, and there's also a compressor, a gate and MIDI options.

This model is for the singer who is also tech-mad, and keen to get the best possible results!

  • Autotune can be switched on and off using a foot switch
  • Autotune can sound natural or artificial, depending on your preferences
  • Scales can be customised to fit your song's requirements
  • Not as easy to use on stage as a foot pedal
  • There are no reverb or delay effects included
  • It's time consuming to set up and to alter the key you're singing in

Let's take a look at this pedal...

5) TC Electronics Singles VoiceTone C1 Vocal Effects Processor (Editor's Choice and Budget Choice)

TC Electronics Singles VoiceTone C1 Vocal Effects Processor

Still living up to their reputation, the C1 is another pitch-correcting option from T C Helicon.

It's also a stomp box, but this model also has a guitar input which can help to guide the key of the pitch correction.

It's purpose built for shifting your pitch, and has a gender shifting option as well.

You can choose whether you go for a natural, human sound whether you get completely robotic!

It's versatile and simple, and if that's what you're after, bingo!

  • Very small and easy to use
  • Can sound natural or artificial, according to your requirements
  • Purpose made for pitch correction
  • Will not suit those who want a more flashy pedal with lots of effects
  • Doesn't respond to bass notes
  • Can make the signal a bit muddy

Let's take a look at this pedal...

And The Winner Is...

Oooh! Choices, choices!

The pedal that's right for you will largely depend on what kind of music you're performing, as well as how complex or simple you prefer things!

If you're after an easy to use, budget friendly, simple pedal, then the TC Electronics Singles VoiceTone C1 Vocal Effects Processor is the obvious choice here.

Not only can it be slotted into your pedal board, but your guitar can go through it and even help to guide your vocals into the right pitch! If you're not a guitarist, the TC Helicon Mic Mechanic might suit you more!

If you're looking for something a bit more complex, which offers reverb and delay features alongside its pitch shifting, the Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Multi-Effects Pedal will cater for your creative side!

Electro musicians, look no further than the Roland AIRA Series VT-3 Voice Transformer!

Whichever of these pedals suits you best, we hope it helps you to wow your audiences!

Rock on!  🙂

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