Legendary Country Crooner – 10 Best Kenny Rogers Songs

For over 50 years, Texas native Kenny Rogers charmed millions of listeners with his hopelessly romantic love songs, magnetic onstage charisma, and soft, gruff vocals. With dozens of hits to his name, Rogers went from growing up in a poverty-stricken environment to being one of the music industry’s most successful artists of all time. His crossover appeal, from genres like pop and rock to classic country stylings, scored him a number of Grammys and cemented him as one of America’s most beloved singer-songwriters.

From his solo hits to his chart toppers with his band The First Edition, we dive into the best Kenny Rogers songs below.

10. She Believes In Me

A romantic ballad released in 1979, this early Kenny Rogers solo hit had huge crossover appeal with audiences. Part of a long line of number one hits for the crooner, ‘She Believes In Me’ tells the story of a down-and-out troubadour who doesn’t quite understand why his partner loves him so much and sticks with him. With a gentle, piano-driven opening, the single eventually opens up to a full band and lends itself well to that classic country sound. Not only did it take the top spot on the Billboard country chart, it also hit number one on the Adult Contemporary chart and even placed in the top five on the “Hot 100 Pop Singles” chart. It remains one of Rogers’ most beloved releases.

9. You Decorated My Life

So many of Rogers’ hits were driven by his ability to authentically connect with listeners using his voice. His gravelly, emotive vocals caused millions of people to fall in love with the messages behind his songs. In the case of the award-winning ‘You Decorated My Life,’ he’s singing to a particular woman he’s fallen in love with. The smash hit was co-written by Debbie Hupp, whose own life experiences shaped the song’s story. Rogers really showed his ability with range in regards to the single when he picked a female-oriented track to record (he would go on to score tons of hits with this approach). The 1979 release eventually picked up a Grammy for Best Country Song.

8. Through The Years

Over the course of Kenny’s professional career, he and fellow singer-performer Lionel Richie became close friends. They also worked together on a few different occasions in the studio. ‘Through The Years’ marks one of those collaborative times. Appearing on his popular Share Your Love album, Richie not only helped produce this track, but he produced the entire album alongside Rogers. An enduring ode to marital bliss, ‘Through The Years’ quickly became a fan-favorite, so much so it was a set list requirement for every show for many years.

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7. Lucille

After co-fronting The First Edition band for several years, Rogers struck out on his own as a solo artist. His solo career proved to be even more fruitful than his days spent with his bandmates. He scored over 20 number one hits as a solo act, and ‘Lucille’ was the first of them. Written by the songwriting duo Hal Bynum and Roger Bowling, the tune chronicles a failing relationship and a woman stepping out of her marriage. Though Rogers didn’t write the hit single, his mom, also named Lucille, wasn’t aware of that and called him soon after it debuted to give him an earful. Luckily, he was able to clear things up pretty quickly when he told her he wasn’t actually the one who penned the track. For many years, ‘Lucille’ was the set opener at every one of his live shows.

6. Coward Of The County

During Rogers’ reign through the late ’70s into the ’80s, country music graduated from a marginal style that mainly garnered the attention of people in rural areas and small towns to one of America’s most popular genres. This was due, in part, to story songs that became wildly popular. Telling a riveting narrative that finds a fearful young boy turning into a brave young man, ‘Coward of the County’ was one of country music’s biggest late ’70s hits, and it was even turned into a movie starring Rogers himself.

5. We’ve Got Tonight

Inspiration from a Paul Newman movie sprung singer-songwriter Bob Seger into action with pen and paper. There’s a scintillating late night scene in the 1973 film, The Sting, between Newman’s character and a waitress. Seger wrote ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ in honor of the electric chemistry between the two characters. When Rogers decided to cover it for his 1983 album by the same name, he called up Scotland native and ’80s pop queen Sheena Easton to duet with him on the recording. What was produced was three and a half minutes of pure magic, which sent a Rogers song to the top spot on the country charts yet again.

4. Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was In) – Kenny Rogers and The First Edition

An iconic ’90s pop culture song, the legacy of ‘Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition was in)’ was solidified in rock and roll history when it was featured in the hit film The Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges as “The Dude.” The psychedelic song first introduced Rogers’ band The First Edition to fame and fortune when it was released in 1968. The top 5 hit was highly innovative for the times, not only taking advantage of the growing “outlaw” movement that started in country music (when Jerry Leee Lewis toyed with releasing a version of this song, he referred to it as “dope and roll”), but the band’s producer Mike Post took advantage of studio effects pioneered by The Beatles to give the song a moody, dreamy vibe. The dark tune was made all the more muddy by Rogers’ gravelly voice. This hit was supposedly Jimi Hendrix’s favorite song.

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3. Lady

A bit hit with the ladies, Rogers made a killing off of ‘Lady,’ arguably his most successful hit as a solo act. Lionel Richie loved Rogers’ work and wanted to write a song for him. Also popular among female audiences, Richie had a knack for writing deeply emotional love songs. When Kenny found out Lionel was penning a track for him, he immediately set up a session with him, and within less than a month, they had this pensive hit recorded. When Rogers passed away, Richie chose this as the song to perform at the Grammys as a tribute to the late musician.

2. Islands in the Stream (with Dolly Parton)

This is one star-studded recording featuring not one, but two country music powerhouses. It all starts with the three brothers known as The Bee Gees, one of the disco era’s biggest acts. The trio sat down one day and wrote a song for R&B sensation Marvin Gaye. That song was ‘Islands in the Stream.’ But the originally groovy R&B number would end up going to Dolly Parton. Alongside Kenny Rogers, the two turned it into a record-breaking duet. The Bee Gees even recorded instrumental work on the track as well. The number one hit was a chart-topping mainstay for weeks and scored them “Favorite Country Single” at the American Music Awards in the mid. ’80s.

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1. The Gambler

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.” These iconic chorus lines were written by songster Don Schlitz. Kenny Rogers’ studio delivery for ‘The Gambler’ turned Schlitz’s work into gold. Among Kenny’s many number ones, this narrative-driven tune about a train ride featuring a conversation with a poker expert who drops some serious knowledge became the country crooner’s signature song. The single was a game-changer for both the songwriter and the performer. Because of its success, Schlitz was able to quite his 9-to-5 and become a full-time Nashville songwriter. And the title track to Rogers’ 1978 The Gambler album helped the project become the “best-selling album” of his lustrous career.

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