Online Guitar Lessons That Work – Our Guitar Tricks Review

I’ve been playing guitar for 20+ years – I go in fits and spurts, I can go days, sometimes weeks hardly picking up a guitar, and other times playing a few times a day. I’ve realised to improve you have to be consistent. Having sudden bursts of activity then nothing for days isn’t going to help you improve in the long run. Short, focused playing, frequently is way better than a lot of playing sporadically.

One of the best ways to stay consistent is to get into online guitar lessons. I’ve been learning from one off videos on Youtube for ever, and still do to this day.

The thing is, however great Youtube is, it’s a bit of a lottery. For every great tutorial there are 10 rubbish ones. Whats more, the best guitar tutors are probably teaching online guitar lessons in sites like Guitar Tricks!

I’m a member of a few online guitar sites these days (yep, a few, that’s the way I roll) and I’m definitely learning more than I ever did. The act of paying also makes me want to squeeze every last ounce of value from it (hate paying for something I don’t use).​

One of the best online guitar schools out there is Guitar Tricks. It’s been around for longest (not that that’s any great indicator) and it’s got by far the largest number of lessons (again, no guarantee it’s any good).

​As I member I can say it’s got plenty going for it though. In this Guitar Tricks review I’m going to give you the most thorough and honest review of the platform on the web. We are affiliates for Guitar Tricks (which means we’ll get a small commission if you end up signing up) but our integrity is more important than that. We’ll tell you what’s good, and what’s not…

Who is Guitar Tricks Ideal for?

First up, who is the ideal candidate? Well, online guitar lessons aren’t for everyone. However online schools such as Guitar Tricks are perfect for people who are:

  • ​Self-directed learners. People who are self-disciplined enough to keep at it.
  • People who prefer a structured, organized learning solution.
  • Those starting out with guitar or returning after a long absence.
  • Beginners wanting to improve their chops.
  • People who want to learn from a number of different tutors.
  • People who want to learn a number of new genres and styles.
  • People who want to learn a load of songs.

I would avoid it if you are one of these people:

  • You lack self-discipline and need a face to face tutor to keep you on track.
  • You prefer to learn from just one instructor (Guitar Tricks has dozens of instructors)
  • You’re desperately short on money. Guitar Tricks costs money (not a lot, but it costs)
  • You still have a computer from the 1990s. Guitar Tricks is optimised for speed, but using a dinosaur of a machine isn’t going to cut it.

What Does Guitar Tricks Cost?

Ok assuming you are in the ‘YES’ camp! Let’s take a look at what Guitar Tricks is going to cost you…

There is a free basic membership with 24 free lessons which is well worth signing up to anyway. You’ll get a feel for what it’s all about, but it will leave you wanting more (it’s designed to do that, right!)

What does full access give you? For a start, access to over 11, 000 online guitar lessons and a whole lot more.

It’s going to cost you $19.95 dollars a month – see what that works out at in your currency here.

Guitar Tricks offer’s a few nice incentives too.

  • The first is a generous 60 day refund​ policy. Email them within 60 days of signing up, and you get your money wired back to you.
  • The second is they give you the first 14 days for free if you sign up via this link.
  • The third is a special treat for all Zingstrument readers. We’ve found a coupon code for the monthly subscription deal that takes a massive 60% off the first month! Pretty sweat hey. Just add the coupon code ‘60OFF‘ to where it says ‘enter your coupon code here’ when signing up for the monthly. Remember, once the first month of your membership is over, the price returns to the regular amount of $19.95.

So 60 days money back guarantee, and first 14 days for free, they’re making it pretty hard to justify not trying it out!

Guitar tricks costs

What Does Guitar Tricks Have to Offer?

Ok, let’s really get into the detail for this Guitar Tricks review.

The questions I would be asking are: Is it any good? Is it worth your time? Should you bother trying it?

​Guitar Tricks has these main features:

  • All the lessons are video based.
  • Each video is professionally recorded, with multiple camera angles to assist learning.
  • You can choose various streaming options to cater for low bandwidth users (still won’t help those using a relic from the 1990’s though – see reasons not to sign up above!).
  • The instructors seem to know their stuff. They’re not professional recording artists as far I can see, but they are very competent.

The main interface is divided up into four main sections.

The 4 main sections

Covers everything a beginner guitarist might need, including tuning the guitar, learning basic chords, simple melodies, power chords, scales, barre chords and more.

  • Experienced LessonsOnce you’re familiar with all the above, you ready to move into this section. The lessons are divided up into Blues, Country and Rock categories and have multiple lessons covering every element of the genre.
  • Learn to Play SongsDivided up by genre (e.g. Bluegrass, Rock, Classical) this section is packed full of song tutorials.
  • Learn Styles of GuitarDivided by genre, here you hone your skills in a particular style such as Blues or Jazz.

Here’s a screengrab of what it looks like:

4 main study areas guitar tricks


One of the added extras you get with Guitar Tricks is a load of apps in what’s called ‘the toolbox’. They are complementary to the lessons, and some of them look a bit of a gimmick, but you’re not paying extra for them, so no harm done. More on that later.

You also get a community style forum for asking the instructors stuff and conversing with other students.

  • Toolbox – A selection of six apps such as a chord finder and fret-board trainer. 
  • >Forum – A community forum where you can share with fellow students and ask the instructors questions.

Ok I told you this is the most thorough review of Guitar Tricks on the web! Let’s go a level deeper in our Guitar Tricks review. Let’s delve in the beginners section…
<h2″>Beginner Lessons DEEP DIVE

The beginners section is made up for two modules. Guitar Fundamentals 1 and 2 plus some additional lessons.

The basics​:

  • Guitar Fundamentals Level 1
  • Guitar Fundamentals Level 2

As part of the beginners section, you also get additional lessons…

  • Songs Made Easy
  • Practice For Beginners
  • Tuning & Guitar Maintenance


What happen’s when you click into one of the Guitar Fundamentals courses? Let’s take a look…

Guitar Fundamentals Level 1

First thing to note, both the Guitar Fundamentals courses are made up of a dozens of lessons divided into seven chapters.

When you click into one of the lessons, this is what you see…

Video Walkthrough

Here’s a video I recorded of me walking through the site. You’ll get a good idea from this of what to expect.

Experienced Lessons

Let’s take a look at the experienced section. Made up of three styles, Blues, Country and Rock.

Thi​s seems quite limiting I thought. Just three genres for the experienced section? Yes, Blues, Country and Rock cover a lot of material, but what about Jazz, Classical, etc?

  • Blues Level I
  • Blues Level II
  • Country Level I
  • Country Level II
  • ​Rock Level I
  • ​Rock Level II


As part of the experienced section, you also get additional lessons…

  • Styles
  • Techniques
  • Artists studies
  • Practice
  • Chords & Scales
  • Gear & Tone

Video Walkthrough

Here’s another video walk-through of me having a look around the experienced section. Check it out…

Learn to Play Songs

Many people just want to learn songs. Over my playing career I’m guilty too of focusing too much on technique (learning scales and arpeggios) and not focusing enough on learning songs. I try to mix up technique and songs these days. There is something more gratifying about learning songs – it’s a lot more pleasurable if you’re playing in front of people too. People tend to prefer hearing a song versus a mixolydian scale!

This is where Guitar Tricks comes into it’s own. It has a ton of songs, all neatly organised by genre. In fact, one of the biggest challenges with this platform is knowing where to start! There is just so much. ​Here are the genres to choose from…

    • Top Hits
    • Acoustic
    • Bluegrass
    • Blues
    • Classical
    • Country
    • Funk & Soul
    • Beginner Songs
    • Jazz
    • Metal
    • Rock
    • Rockabilly
    • Surf
    • World

And here’s how it looks on the site…

guitartricks songs

Each song itself is broken into its component parts and is very comprehensive. ​Here’s for example the song ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin. See on the right all the mini-lessons. Each one is a video in it’s own right!

guitartricks song intro

Learn Styles of Guitar

As well as songs, you can also focus on genres (or styles) in Guitar Tricks. This is great for the player that has always played a certain style but fancies trying their hand at a new genre. Let’s say your a metal head and wonder what Classical is all about, or your a Jazzer and want to try Surf. This is perfect for you.

​The genres you have to choose from are these…

  • Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Funk & Soul
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Surf
  • World

I clicked into the Bluegrass section, and this is what it looks like. What I like about this is you get a variety of instructors on the same topic too, which adds a nice bit of variety.

Each genre is grouped into licks (including pretty decent lick library, see below), rhythms​ (e.g. cross-picking) and ‘in the style of’ lessons (in this case there is one for Black Mountain Rag in the style of Chet Atkins)

guitar tricks bluegrass

Here’s a screenshot of the one of the lick libraries for the Bluegrass genre…

bluegrass detail

Guitar Toolbox

The Guitar Toolbox is a group of apps to help the guitarist tune the guitar and practice.

The apps are…

    • Scale Finder
    • Jam Station
    • Metronome
    • Chord Finder
    • Reference Tuner
    • Fretboard Trainer

guitartricks toolbox

Some of the apps such as the guitar tuner can be found online by a simple google search, so i’m not that excited.

One of my favourites is the Fretboard Trainer, shown below. I had a play with this and loved it. ​

guitartricks fretboardtrainer


You’ll find most online guitar lesson websites have forums, so this isn’t anything particularly mind-blowing. One good thing though is the instructors appear to be pretty active in the forum. I’d like to see a bit more engagement going on from student to student though – I’ve seen some forums WAY more active than this one.

I also like to see students sharing recordings of their playing for peer review. Not much evidence of that.

What We Like (and Don’t Like) about Guitar Tricks

OK, so you’ve seen what Guitar Tricks is all about. Overall, it’s pretty impressive isn’t it. It’s far from perfect though. Here are my Pros and Cons.


  • ​Sign up policy is very lenient. 60 day refund policy is particularly generous, as is the 14 day free entry sweetener
  • ​Amount of lessons – over 11, 000. Un-rivalled by any other online school
  • ​Design, speed and usability of the site is excellent. It’s been made even for muppets like me to use.
  • ​Lessons well structured. Multi-angle videos are great for learning the right left / right hand techniques.
  • ​Variety of instructors, competent, friendly.
  • ​Videos include a looping feature which is PERFECT for practicing a particularly hard passage of play (wish YouTube had this!)
  • ​Clearly labeled ‘difficulty’ levels makes it easy to find the right level for you.
  • ​History page tracks everything you’ve ever done! (All, In progress, completed)
  • ​The apps are pretty cool, especially the Fretboard Trainer.


  • Guitar Tricks is clearly catering for the beginner to intermediate player. This is fine, but the established player will run out of decent material eventually.
  • Guitar Tricks is very broad. It covers most genres to a satisfactory level, but if you want to truly deep-dive into a particular genre, there are better alternatives out there (see below).
  • Would be great to have featured artists teach lessons. On of its main rivals ‘Jamplay’ has artists like Kaki King teaching.
  • Its completely missing one of the most exciting and fastest growing genre, Gypsy Jazz. This needs to be addressed.
  • The forum is pretty quiet and doesn’t encourage sharing ‘user generated video’ for peer review.


So that’s it for our mega Guitar Tricks review. If you’re like me, staying consistent is my biggest challenge and joining an online school like Guitar Tricks is the best way to keep regularly playing. The sheer breadth of Guitar Tricks is impressive, and you’re almost guaranteed not to run out of stuff to learn for quite a while! For the beginner, there’s nothing quite like it. If I had this when I first picked up the guitar at the age of 13, it could have been an altogether different story!



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